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Carson vs. Kasich: Who Would Make the Best VP for Trump

Carson vs. Kasich: Who Would Make the Best VP for Trump

We have already declared Mr. Trump to be the winner of the Republican nomination, he will most likely win the nomination outright. However, we have seen indications by candidates that they might like to be Trump’s choice for Vice President.  

Clearly it is way early in the process and others will certainly be considered. Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown popped up as a potential VP a couple of months ago.

Several months ago we had thought, based on an apparent alliance at that point, Senator Ted Cruz might be the natural choice to be Trump’s running mate. But the more recent heated rhetoric makes this not very likely. Ted wants the whole prize and has perhaps burned a bridge with Trump.

Ben Carson

Rumor has it that Ben Carson’s Super PAC has become a lobbying effort for the Vice Presidency. Ben would be a good choice for Trump, he is a kind, gentle soul whom people really like. He would be a tremendous asset on the campaign trail in the general election, balancing the outspoken and blunt communication style of Mr. Trump.

Carson would be very good on the domestic social agenda, and could readily establish communications with black voters, while being fiscally conservative. His optimistic outlook and scientific ability could be inspiring to an ever more technological society.

John Kasich

Why would he still be in the race except to position for VP? According to Reince Priebus, if he stays in until the convention, he has control over his delegates.  He can’t win, but if Cruz and Trump are close in votes (which we do not believe will happen, but is still mathematically possible), Kasich could bargain his way in possible with either candidate.

But Kasich is a great choice anyway. First of all in the general election he would guarantee victory in Ohio, a very big deal. Kasich was in Congress during the Clinton Administration and responsible in part for the balanced budgets from that era. Imagine him working with Paul Ryan, we could actually make progress toward a Trump balanced budget.

Kasich is also a sitting governor of great accomplishment. If the worst happened to Mr. Trump he is well qualified to take over.

I think either of these gentlemen would be fine, but in my humble opinion the nod has to go to Governor Kasich.


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