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Carly Fiorina to Obama: 'Death to Jews' is not a political slogan

Carly Fiorina to Obama: 'Death to Jews' is not a political slogan

The pending controversial treaty with Iran meant to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons continues to be subject to criticism and speculation. One of the most alarming aspects of the situation is while the political leaders negotiated and eventually agreed to the terms of the contract, the more powerful religious leaders continue to make threats and denigrate the U.S. and Israel, clearly not in accord with the agreement.  

Obama’s response to this thus far is “Supreme Leader is a politician, and I guess that’s how politicians operate.”

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has perhaps the best response, she recently tweeted: “‘Death to Jews’ is not a political slogan.”

Ms. Fiorina is a businesswoman, she analyzes this from a business perspective.  If you were in business, would you enter into an agreement where:

a)   The other party has a history of not keeping their agreements

b)   Most of the division chiefs of that company (in Iran’s case several hundred mullahs) are vowing to take your company down

c)   The chairman of the board, who can fire (or in Iran’s case, execute) the very people with whom you have negotiated, has also vowed to take your company down.

One would have to be pretty desperate to make such an agreement.  Indeed, as Fiorina says it, “Obama ‘Broke Every Rule of Negotiation.'”

And as more of the details of the agreement come to light, desperate is exactly what it is. It has become clear, we would be paying Iran millions of dollars to do THEIR OWN inspections, despite the fact they would be receiving over $100 billion in oil funds and despite the fact every other nuclear non-proliferation agreement used U.N. or other neutral inspectors. 

At this point, despite some notable Democratic defections, the Republican dominated Congress may not be able to reject the agreement with a sufficient number of votes to override a Presidential veto.  



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