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Carly Fiorina says Stock Market Crash is a Warranted 'Correction'

Carly Fiorina says Stock Market Crash is a Warranted 'Correction'

While analysts see the stock market crash as a precurssor to economic apocalypse and Christian leaders encourage followers to prepare for worldwide disaster, Carly Fiorina stays optimisitc. She isn’t worried about the stock market situation. In fact, she thinks it’s quite normal. 

“I actually have been expecting a correction for some time,” said Fiorina shortly after the stock market’s selloff last Friday. “The market has been way too high given the fundamentals. Our economy is not particularly strong, 2% growth is very lackluster.”

The no-nonsense businesswoman told Fox News that the market “has been way too high” due to the Federal Reserve policy and referred to the current crash as a “correction” that is “warranted.” 

“China’s economy has been slowing down for some time,” said Fiorina. “Europe’s economy is in trouble. I think the stock market has hit record highs over and over again because the Federal Reserve has ensured, through its easy money policy, that the stock market’s the only place you can earn a return. And now the Federal Reserve, finally, is going to back off of that easy money policy.”

While on the air, Fiorina took the opportunity to criticize Hillary Clinton. “The most effective thing a Republican candidate for office can do is to continue to throw punches at the other side,” said Fiorina, “because ultimately we’re going to face off against a Democratic nominee. Maybe it’s Hillary Clinton, maybe it’s Joe Biden, whoever it is, I’m going to continue to throw my punches at the Democrat Party and their nominee because that’s the fight we’re going to have to win in 2016.”

Fiorina complained about the lack of “common sense language” regarding her opponents’ campaigns and encouraged voters to take a close look at her successful history as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Fiorina ended the discussion by stressing the importance of small businesses. 


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