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Carly Fiorina Climbs into the Top 10

Carly Fiorina Climbs into the Top 10

Looks like Hillary has some female competition. According to two national polls, the only Republican female candidate has moved up into the top 10. Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Carly Fiorina with 4% of the vote, tied for sixth place with Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. 

According to an Economist YouGov poll, Fiorina has 3% of the vote, which lands her in seventh place tied with Chris Christie and Mick Huckabee. Both polls show Donald trump clearly in the lead. 

The former Hewlett Packard CEO must make it into the top 10 in an average of five national polls if she wants to be a part of the first nationally televised Republican presidential primary debate. The event will take place on August 6th in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Fiorina gave a successful speech on foreign policy yesterday, appealing to those of us who are sick of compromise and indecision: “As president, I will not wait until things have reached the crisis level,” she said. “And I will not shy away from the most important challenges facing our world today. Because without American leadership, we face two choices: regional hegemonies who challenge America or global chaos.”

Although she might not be a household name just yet, Fiorina is starting to build an audience. She plans to use her knowlege of technology to attract a young audience. And her blatant portrayal of Hillary Clinton as clueless and inept has gained her the admiration of many. Fiorina stands out from the 16 other GOP candidates for more reasons than her gender. For example, she prefers to be addressed as “Carly” and is refreshingly decisive:

“I am running for president because we have reached a pivotal point in our nation’s history, where the cost, complexity, power, ineptitude, corruption of the federal government, its sheer weight, is crushing the potential of this nation and preventing individual Americans from pursuing their God-given gifts.”


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