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Caravan of Honduran Migrants Overwhelms Mexican Border

Caravan of Honduran Migrants Overwhelms Mexican Border

A group of 3,000-4,000 Honduran migrants arrived Friday at the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

When the migrants were told that only 100-200 people would be allowed to enter each day, they tore down a border fence and attacked police with bottles and rocks. Pregnant woman and children were pushed to the front of the group.

The caravan is believed to have formed in San Pedro Sula (a violent city in northwest Honduras) earlier this month when a group of 200 people agreed on social media to travel to the US together. The group quickly grew in size as more and more people saw an opportunity to travel to the US without paying a smuggler.

“We just want to seek a better future,” says Dania López, 30, a single mother with three kids. “In Honduras, you work to survive and that’s not a worthy life.”

Last week, President Trump threatened to use military force if Mexico fails to stop the “onslaught” of migrants from reaching the border. He also threatened to abandon NAFTA 2.0, halt payments to Guatemala and El Salvador, and shut down the southern border.

“The assault on our country…including the criminal elements and DRUGS pouring in, is far more important to me, as president, than trade or the USMCA,” tweeted Trump.

Mexico responded by offering to grant asylum to the entire caravan and has appealed to the UN for help reviewing asylum claims.

Individuals deemed to have legitimate claims will be sent to a host country – which could be the US or any other country that has an agreement with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Individuals without a valid claim will be deported.

Migrants who evade authorities in Mexico and apply for asylum in the US will have to prove they are fleeing persecution to qualify for asylum. But as security analysts have pointed out, most of these migrants are not fleeing persecution; they are looking for a better life or trying to reconnect with family members living illegally in the US.

Trump’s harsh rhetoric about the caravan has infuriated Democrats and energized Republicans ahead of midterms. His words are expected to have the biggest impact on independent voters, who could side with either party on immigration.

On Thursday, Newt Gingrich predicted the election would come down to two words: Kavanaugh and caravan.

“This caravan brings into stark contrast and just really highlights some of the things Trump is fighting for when it comes to border security,” said Travis Korson, a Republican who works at Madison Strategies consulting firm.


Editor’s note: This is not about desperation. This is about opportunity. They are headed to the U.S. to get the equivalent of $200 per hour, compared to an $8 dollar minimum wage. Ironically, these are people who are willing to risk all to seek a better life and are likely the kind of immigrants we want to come into America. However, if we allow these immigrants to come into the U.S. it will open the floodgates for illegal immigrants who will pile against our border, and become a massive humanitarian crisis (which we will have to pay to solve).

By contrast, the folks moving from Venezuela to Colombia, were fleeing less horrific circumstances than can be found in the slums of Honduras, but they were more desperate.

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  1. Charles

    The people in the caravan probably are mostly decent hard working honest folks who would make good neighbors, BUT they must not cross the border into the US illegally!! No doubt some among them are terrible dishonest criminals and if any of the people cross the border illegally, weather they are good people, criminally minded people or anything in between, they will be criminals as soon as there feet touch US soil. It doesn’t màtter how many children are in their arms or how sad their story is, breaking the law can not be permitted! If you don’t like it change the law, let the whole damn world cross the border, but don’t come crying when half of San Francisco or New York City gets blown up or burned down. Or when you can’t afford to pay the higher taxes needed to support those who come here because they know our government will support them and their family just to get their votes. And illegal voters, I don’t want to even get started on that subject. A don’t bury your head in the sand claiming in doesn’t happen. Come on people, wake up, look at what is going on, open your eyes and ears and minds.


      You are 100% right sir.

    • Allan MILES

      Exactly Right: Waking up and actually analyzing what is happening to America from illegal entry is Long; Long Overdue. Our Forefathers never sat on the Laurels of their accomplishments and neither should we. Our Forefathers were always alert and QUICKLY. yes Quickly faced all challenges. Let’s show that we are also made of the Right Stuffing.

  2. Gianni Piazzo

    Kill them all. That will the Caravans.



  3. MJB

    “In Honduras, you work to survive and that’s not a worthy life.”
    Describes the feeling in my gut every January 31st.

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      But surviving is better than the alternative. And who are we to judge what is worthy?

    • Vesta

      We work to survivpe here also. THERE IS NO GRAVY TRAIN HERE.
      GET THE MILITARY TO THE BORDER.That many people together could over take their own govt and change it. THEY THINK WE GIVE ALL THINGS FREE HERE

  4. Denise Salas

    I’m sorry did you mention $200.00 an hour? If these people think the average American gets that well we all know that’s crazy talk!!
    I work sometimes 7 days a week to support our family. I’m sorry but average working Americans can not afford the burden taking in all kinds of people from other countries. What about our family’s?

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      The $200 hour allusion is relative. If someone is making $2-$5 per day and can work at McDonald’s for $70 per day, that’s the equivalent of an American looking at $200/hour versus a normal working wage.

    • DALE


  5. Rebecca Fisher

    It’s a militia invasion, not a caravan of migrants. They are coming here to change our country, our culture, our way of life. They are coming by invitation if the Democrats. Why? The Democrats needs new voters!
    Trump is right to place the military on the border to stop these people. While some maybe seeking a better life most are coming here to destroy ours.
    Democrats are inviting them for votes, but the militia has has other devious intentions.

    • Raymond

      If this group gets into this country, how many more “caravans” will come?

  6. Richard Cunningham

    That bunch of illegal alien trash seem to be very proud of their country. They carry their flag while on their way to invade the U.S. So that being the case why don’t they go back and do something about the crime where they’re from? Personally, I feel they’re being bankrolled by that ‘great’ Socialist piece of garbage, George Soros.

    • John Sotomayor, USAF Retried Veteran

      Well, all you Democrats supporting the party’s mantra of permitting illegals into our country can help stop all that by supporting the election of Republican veteran candidates and getting of the Sanctuary cities.

  7. Old Sarge

    If you bluff be prepared to have your bluff called. If we put armed troops on the border what will be their orders? What if those people keep coming and don’t stop? Will will force them to stop? Will that force be physical or will deadly force be ordered? It is one thing if they are armed and open fire on our forces. That isn’t how they seem to be acting on the southern Mexico border. They are putting children ahead of them to use as shields.

    Think of what will happen if an accidental shot is fired and wounds or kills a child. The United Nations, Democrats, the media, all other liberals and the countries that hate us will have a field day. It should be obvious that this migration was planned and organized well in advance.

    Perhaps we should let them all in the gates, load them into transports and ship them all off to the FEMA camps for processing. Then there will be plenty of time for screening and determine who will stay and who will be transported back to their homelands.

    • jAN cOX

      WHO PAYS THE BILL FOR THAT?????????????

    • fred v calderone


  8. Dianna

    these people are “refugees” when they try to enter into America “illegally”! they are CRIMINALS – LAW BREAKERS! people are waiting to come into America “legally” why should they be waiting & these “criminals” want to come into America wrong way! this has to stop! we have AMERICANS needing JOBS, HOUSING, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION! these people believe they can enter this country by breaking our laws & expect to receive everything FREE! send the US Military to defend AMERICAN borders! bring home US soldiers to protect our borders! stop all IMMIGRATION – LEGAL & ILLEGAL until this craziness stop! AMERICANS FIRST! Lord help us JESUS! America needs JESUS now more than ever before!

  9. Rowdy

    This is the reason that we need a strong border and strong immigration laws. maybe these people need to change what is happening in their country instead of looking for a free ride on the backs of the American people. We have enough problems trying to support the over paid elected officials and their buddies that they have placed in high paid government jobs. We need to weed out our problems instead of taking on a bunch of people with all of their problems. And we have to remember that we know nothing about these people that are on their way to our southern border and we sure don/t know what they might do to our people and our children if we let them in. The democraps know that they will use them for more illegal votes to regain power in our government and that is one thing that we can not afford to let happen. Democraps regain control and we will be just like Honduris, under a corrupt dictator ship.

  10. John Brongers

    If they are willing to risk everything why don’t they fight to get they’re own country back. Apparently their own homes and soil is not important enough. It’s easier to mooch of other people.
    Send them back.

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      Yes, very good point. The flip side of the argument that these are people we might want, is that it means their home countries are losing the very people who might bring them to prosperity.

    • tagteam

      Arm them with some old Moisin-Nagant rifles and 50 rounds of ammo, and then send them home. I bet those gangs back home are not used to getting return fire when they come into town. An armed population will clear up the gang problem faster than paid-off policemen. Read your history of New York City.

  11. John Brongers

    If these people are willing to give everything why don’t they fight for their rights in their own country and fight to take it back. It’s easier for them to mooch of others and then force their way of life on them. Stand up and fight cowards.
    Send them back.

  12. Joy

    I came to this country the legal way. I worked hard, got my citizenship, pay for my college which allowed me to get a good job.

    The president is right, we need to stop this mess. Come the legal way!
    Vote republican, I will do early voting tomorrow. MAGA.

  13. Jeanni

    If all these illegals are allowed to come into our country every state will become like California. Look at all the feces on the streets there, the used needles for drugs and the homeless camps on their streets, the high taxes in order to take care of the illegals that they already have there. People are leaving California because they can’t afford to live there anymore and because it has become to dangerous. We don’t have enough housing or jobs for all these people that means they will get welfare which will raise our taxes in order to support them, and it will be harder for US citizens to find jobs because illegals work cheaper. What about all the money they earn in our country that is then sent to relatives in their country? What about our schools being overloaded? How will we be able to take care of so many? What about our culture when they bring their culture with them? Our country will collapse under this kind of onslaught of illegals. We already take in one million immigrants legally every year. How can we ever take care of all the illegals who think it is their right to come here and demand the right to stay. I don’t understand why people haven’t thought about all of the problems this will bring to our country. We fight to keep our country safe and to be able to live the life we want. People in other countries need to stand up and do the same in their countries.

  14. Jim

    Mexico has solved their problem of seeking better lives. All these people have to do is be patient with Mexico. If they continue to advance toward our border, than it is an entirely different story. No President can allow our borders to be over run.

  15. willowa

    I feel for the people legitimately trying to better their life, BUT, we can’t take in everybody!! Some want to let in everyone who has it bad, that would be roughly half the world. 3.5 + billion people! I’ll say it again, we can’t take in everyone!!

  16. David Woodstein

    Send in the ARMY and do not let one person land one foot On AMERICAN soil have buses these to take them to plans that will be eating to take them back to there Country’s thay come from. We don’t need any more people taking away our jobs and killing and rapping our citizens. BUILD THAT WALL NOW TOHELL WITH THOES LIBERLS thay won’t stop us.

  17. Pam D

    Who is paying to feed all these illegal immigrants since they left their homeland?

  18. Pete Estrada

    I say close our borders until our fence comes up Hold Mexico accountable if they let them come up to our border close it only trucks with products to be let in or out. Keep our military there until the crowd goes away and our fence is up. Change our laws people fleeing war in their country need to stay and fight for their country. Our country people will fight to the death for their country. let them do likewise.

  19. Jack

    The southern border is damn near impossible to seal up but we sure could do a hell of a lot more than we are. Any politician that is against the sovereignty of our borders is only concerned with their vote tally in the next election. The military should be sent to the border and issued rubber bullets for use on anyone that attempts to break the law and cross illegally. I welcome anyone who comes in through legal channels, does not have a criminal record and has some useful skill that will insure they can obtain gainful employment. Our president may not be the most eloquent speaker to have graced the political scene but he sure as hell has the right idea. BUILD THE WALL AND DEFEND OUR BORDERS!

  20. Robert Zandanel

    The people seeking real asylum claims should have to go to the American councullet in Mexico after if approved admit them into America only true asylum reasons not gangs, crooked government officials because we have the same in America. If it was that bad here everyone would be leave America seeking asylum elsewhere. Trump should definitely stop American monetary help to these countries if they are not willing to make their own countries with better living conditions and stop government overspending.

  21. Rob Z.

    The people seeking real asylum claims should have to go to the American councullet in Mexico after if approved admit them into America only true asylum reasons not gangs, crooked government officials because we have the same in America. If it was that bad here everyone would be leave America seeking asylum elsewhere. Trump should definitely stop American monetary help to these countries if they are not willing to make their own countries with better living conditions and stop government overspending.if not true military action needs to be used.

  22. Rob

    We must make an example out of them, that example must be harsh, to be a deterrent for future invaders! I’m not against any of them trying to come to America, I am however against the way they are doing it! Also, I don’t appreciate the DNC, helping anyone break the laws of the United States! They must be held accountable!

  23. L. Ray Sharer


  24. Mary A Chavez

    I suggest this….let all the supporters protesters demonstrators or whatever they call themselves , show their true support. Let them sign in and register themselves and each take in an immigrant family into their household and be responsible for their up keep and accountable for their actions. For however long necessary. No government help so as the taxes dont go up fo the rest of the nation.