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Captain Obvious Kamala Harris “Community Banks Are in the Community” 

Captain Obvious Kamala Harris “Community Banks Are in the Community” 

Vice President Kamala Harris, whose gaffes have recently become as prevalent and goofy as her bosses, is once again being mocked for saying that the benefit of community banks is “they are in the community.” Thank You, Captain Obvious. 

Harris’s tenure as President Biden’s vice president has made headlines numerous times for strangely worded and repetitive public statements some call “word salads,” and she has delivered multiple statements of that nature this week.

At the Sycamore & Oak retail village in D.C., she spoke about the Biden administration’s tenure overseeing the American economy. At one point, she brought up investment in community banks and put herself in the spotlight again with a repetitive statement.

“And so for years, we have worked to expand investment in community banks because, you see, community banks specialize in providing loans and financial assistance to small business owners, in particular those in overlooked and underserved communities, including rural communities. And as the name suggests, community banks are in the community,” the vice president proclaimed.

She was rightfully mocked by her political opponents.

“But do they also offer services as it relates to banking?” Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deputy spokesman Chad Gilmartin inquired.

Townhall columnist Derek Hunter appeared to reference a famous Homer quote from The Simpsons when he wrote, “She’s so smart!”

“She actually said this,” conservative communications specialist Steve Guest tweeted.

“Another pearl of wisdom from our fearless VP,” the Michigan GOP wrote next to a disheartened emoji.

Multiple commentators parodied Harris’s speaking style by offering their own redundant statements.

“As the name suggests, nail polish goes on the nails,” SubStack commentator David Blackmon tweeted. 

“Let’s see if she can figure this one out! Grocery stores sell GROCERIES,” former radio personality Ken Miles wrote next to a thinking emoji.

Earlier the same week, before speaking in circles about community banks, Harris made headlines for a redundant statement about “space cooperation” when speaking to the Mongolian Head of State.

 “…and certainly, strengthening our space cooperation would be a part of that agenda — including, of course, using our space cooperation to think about how we strengthen the economic prosperity and development of our nations through space cooperation,” Harris said.

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