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Canadian President Mocks Trump at NATO

Canadian President Mocks Trump at NATO

President Trump decided to leave this week’s NATO summit early after Canadian President Justin Trudeau mocked him a conversation that was caught on tape.

The video, published by the Canadian Broadcasting Company, shows Trudeau speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and others.

“He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top,” said Trudeau about an impromptu press conference held by Trump earlier that day.

“You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” he added, referring to Trump’s unexpected announcement about next year’s G7 summit being held at Camp David in Maryland.

When asked about Trudeau’s comments, Trump called the Canadian President “two-faced” and said, “I find him to be a very nice guy, but the truth is, I called him out on the fact that he’s not paying 2% and I guess he’s not very happy about it.”

Trump has long demanded all NATO members spend 2% of their GDP on defense.

“When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington,” tweeted Trump on Wednesday. “We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days.”

Despite Trudeau’s negative attitude, the 70th anniversary NATO meeting ended with the approval of a defense plan for the Baltics and Poland.

The defense plan is a “huge achievement not only for our country, but for the whole region,” said Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda. The plan was approved despite resistance from Turkey, which had asked other NATO members to designate Kurdish fighters in Syria as terrorists.

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom Macron accused of allying with ISIS to further his agenda in Syria, spoke with Trump on Wednesday but did not speak publicly during the summit. NATO members did not discuss the Kurdish YPG militia.

Overall, NATO members’ defense spending has increased by $130 billion since 2016. By the end of 2024, total defense spending is expected to reach $400 billion.

“This is unprecedented,” said NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. “And it’s making NATO stronger.”

Author’s Note: We can always expect some name-calling at these events, but the big picture here is that Trump has succeeded in forcing NATO members to start paying their fair share.

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  1. Jan Cubbage

    Go Trump 2020!
    Proud of how you stand up for our country & it’s people. You are not traveling around the world like Obama did apologizing for our country & giving arms and billions to countries that hate us!

  2. Robert Carroll

    We should make Canada pay dearly for his disrespect. Canada needs us, we don’t need them.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Probably better just to piss on him and make him lose the next election. Its not the people’s fault they elected an asshole.

  3. Beach

    Look at the Headline—guess the fake news media is now supportive of a foreign president who has constantly wore black face!!!
    All those dead beat countries need to pay up. They are all PO because this is the first time any US President has put the US first instead of putting the interest of foreign countries first. Guess they have less money to put in their own pockets.
    Trudeau must be a democrat–Obama actually made rounds in Canada campaigning for him (whats up there-)
    TRUMP 2020!!

  4. Wayne

    So much for the good relations , Canadian Prsident just threw that out the window !!!

  5. Desert Fox

    In spite of the Demoncrats………. WHO ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO DESTROY OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT…..AND AMERICA…he continues to hard work to keep his campaign promises. Think of what America’s image would be world wide if these demented dimwit obstructionist immoral anti-America bass turd seditionists were off of the face of the earth. We will not let them destroy our country. TRUMP IN 2020!

  6. Louie

    They can’t impeach trump soon enough. The guy is a totally embarrassment to the US. I’m a A combat veteran and I used to be proud of being an American now I’m really embarrassed because of the moron in the White House

    • Knock Knock

      You were proud, Louis, when Obama was making the rounds to apologize for the country you were defending? Why were you defending it if it sucked so bad that your president had to apologize for it. Bereft of any common sense here.

    • Terry

      Louie if you are not proud of being and American because of President Trump there’s planes leaving every day going around the world if you know what I mean!!

    • Frank D.

      Thank you for your service. Obviously you are not understanding the serious effort being put forth by the democrats and the media to overthrow this government. You and so many others are buying into the BS and are unknowingly going to be part of the coup that will put us under communist rule. Think real hard about who is telling the truth.

  7. Kinue Kleinschmidt

    He was not duly elected. Hillary had 4 million more votes and Russia interfered as shown by Mueller report and Moscow Mitch is not signing to make to make elections safer. Trump favors Saudi Arabia who bought floor at his hotel even though there is proof of his involvement in murder of Kashoggi and 9/11. He makes money on his properties and corrupt congress does not do their job and allow corruption by Moscow Trump

    • ssilv48

      Not nearly what the illegal Kenyan born muslime did to
      America, President Trump will stand up for the American people that have been taken advantage of for a long long time. My wish is that President Trump give’s the go ahead to truly vett barry soetoro

    • Frank D.

      KK: You have drank wayyyy too much democrat & MSM kool aid. He was legally elected by the electoral college. Russia was working to get the witch elected, If there was proof he was complicit to murder, the dems would have already burned him for that. What’s your next BS argument for which you have NO PROOF. Quit spreading lies or go to work at CNN or MSNBC and get paid for lying. Wake up JACKAS# and smell the roses. Air is a lot fresher if you get your head out your a##.

    • Knock Knock

      Good grief – there was no found, he followed the rules and got elected so yes he’s duly elected. Why do you think the democrats want to change the rules, so it will be good for the country? No, because they will enjoy an advantage that our forefathers saw to be bad for the country. Power is what they want when they should be asking how to serve. And what’s all this nonsense about Trump renting a room in his hotel – do you really believe the emoluments clause was to somehow stop a businessman from doing what he’s always done. So what if he makes a few bucks at his hotel, there’s no harm in that. The emoluments clause is to stop a president from using his office to secure powerful under-the-table deals using his office which are harmful to the country. Renting a room is in no way harmful to the country. Step back, open your eyes and think about this stuff, really man – see the light.

      • James Armstrong

        He doesn’t need to make backroom deals he’s already used his office to give himself multi million dollar tax cuts no deals needed.amd run up the deficit .the great business man at work.what a clown.couple dollars on motel rooms someone sais.he cares about him period and anybody brain washed enough to support him is a foolt

    • RC

      Kleinshit, you’re full of what your name suggests. PRESIDENT Trump was duly elected and if the fraudulent votes in places like Mexifornia (Used to be California,) New York and a few other states PRESIDENT Trump would have won the popular vote by a landslide. Communists like you are what this country could do very well without.

  8. RC

    Perhaps that Kanuk should try moving back to France. Canada doesn’t like us and never has. That country has been taking advantage of us for years and should have to start paying it’s fair share.