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Can Black Voters be Coaxed Out of the Democratic Party?

Can Black Voters be Coaxed Out of the Democratic Party?

Trump’s approval ratings among Black voters made a sharp, but temporary upturn when he criticized the Congressman Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore for its slums and misnmanagement. Has the Trump team found a crack in the armor of the Democratic machine with regard to African Americans?

Speaking on Fox News about Republicans’ efforts to win the black vote in 2020, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk predicted Trump would “over-perform in the black community” next year. “In fact, I believe that’s going to be one of the keys to his re-election bid,” he said.

“We’re starting to see more and more people defect from these leftist monoliths,” added Kirk. “There’s a movement here away from the idea that you have to be a Democrat, that you have to be on the left.”

This month, black actor Isaiah Washington told Fox News he was ready to walk away from the Democratic Party: “You got a lot of conservative-, centric-, libertarian-minded people, they are terrified to come out of the closet and say anything that is not in line with the Democratic Party,” said Washington, adding that the policy is always more important than the person. “Walking away…is a sacrifice, it’s a risk, and there’s a penalty for it. But I will only walk away when it matters.”

Kirk has also encouraged black voters to focus on Trump’s policies rather than what he says (or tweets). Under Trump’s leadership, we have seen the black poverty rate and black unemployment rate reach historic lows.

“Do I think some of his verbal formulations are inartful? Yeah,” says former Cincinnati mayor Ken Blackwell. “But for me…it has been all about the agenda, a set of results and tomorrow. You have to believe his policy agenda flies in the face of the false narrative of the racist in charge.”

Hundreds of young black leaders will have the opportunity to visit the White House next month during Turning Point USA’s black leadership summit. Attendees will hear from conservative leaders and have the opportunity to participate in professional development and leadership training.

Turning Point is also affiliated with “Blexit” – a campaign that encourages African Americans to abandon the Democratic Party.

“Black Americans are going to wake up and realize that we have been lied to, used and abused by the Democratic Party,” says Blexit founder Candace Owens. “Democrats have taken everything from you…and they have the audacity to tell us to look to the border and look to Mexico and that we should be caring about illegals before black America!”

All the GOP needs to do is move the black vote by 5% and the Democratic Party is finished, says Owens.

President Trump won 8% of the black vote in 2016. That year, he predicted he would win 95% of the black vote in 2020 if he won a first term and ran for re-election. Black approval for Trump increased to the mid-20’s last month after he criticized Democratic leadership of major cities.

Editor’s note: I believe the pundits are acting as feelers for a potentially intense attack on the Democratic flank. Trump has made a practice of appearing and supporting national Republican candidates.  If he starts appearing with Republican mayor and city council members in Democratic run cities, he could very well shift the balance of black support enough for a substantial advantage. He has the ammuniction – a) he has increased black employment substantially, and b) he can reasonably say the Democrats appear to have a vested interest in maintaining black poverty in their cities.

Can he do it?

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  1. John Lemanski jr

    why would blacks go to trump? the trump base is clearly racists towards anyone who isn’t white. and what trump tweets is his policies. your not fooling anyone who has their eyes open. yes maybe the dems haven’t done the best job, but remember the dems has passed over a hundred bills since regaining the house and Moscow mitch has brought not 1 bill to the floor for a vote. can’t make change when Moscow mitch won’t even let them vote. he’s afraid a lot of the bills would pass and make him look bad. unfortunately Moscow mitch does that all by himself.

    • Frank S.

      John, with all due respect, please look at what the Democrat Party has put Black America through for the past 50+ years. Do some research and gather facts and evidence. And DO NOT listen to the MSM, as all they are able to do is deliver an incredibly twisted and false narrative. I would suggest you start by reading anything by Thomas Sowell, one of the most intelligent men I know of. Then go back in history (a bit over 100 years) to some of the writings and debates of two prominent black Americans at the time, WEB Dubois and Booker T. Washington. One preached a culture victimization while the other preached a culture of empowerment. Unfortunately, Dubois had the last word as he was far younger than Washington, and lived to a ripe old age (but not before becoming a Communist and renouncing his American citizenship and moving to Africa, dying a bitter old man), while Washington died at a relatively young age. Washington was a true American hero.

      • D Greer

        Amen ,
        Frank, Jules, Shelba, Denise, Knock Knock(spot on), Irene..Amen.
        I will give John Credit for at least looking at the other side.
        This is my biggest concern about most (the young especially)liberals, they only believe the visual/ noisy leaders,
        that do not even verify their facts. It would be amazing if these haters would look at facts.
        This is what a tariff does…..more jobs at home, less on welfare, only the unemployable are left(guess what they are up to??) Trump had nothing to do with this right?? This the result of a Racist??-

        Record 157,878,000 Employed in August

        “The number of people employed in the United States hit a record 157,878,000 in August, the 21st record set under President Donald Trump, according to the employment report released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” Susan Jones reports for CNS News.

        “The unemployment rate held steady at 3.7 percent. For blacks, the unemployment rate dropped to a record low of 5.5 percent last month. And for Hispanics, the unemployment rate was 4.2 percent in August, which ties the record low set earlier this year.”

    • Irene

      The Dem. Party has done nothing for the black community. They have turned their backs on black Americans in favor of illegal aliens. Trump”s policies have improved the lives of black citizens because he cares. There is. no evidence that Trump is in any way racist. You need to check out the “Walk Away Movement”. These are people who found out that they were being lied to by the Dems. and their propaganda machine media. You need to wake up Lemanski and quit being addicted to the Kool-aid.

    • Grizz Mann

      The Black unemployment rat is a good reason to oppose Trump. Imagine Trump actually helping Americans to almost full employment.

    • Knock Knock

      Oh John, what hyperbolic nonsense. Trump supporters aren’t racist, that’s just your liberal media talking point and you’re sucking it up, probably because you want it to be true. And that 100 bill thing? Really? That’s like saying my hamster went around his wheel 100 times, look how productive he is. Those bills are just trash made only to fool people like you. Take another good look man, seriously… come to the light.

    • Pat

      John Lemanski, you need to get off your drugs & face reality! Trump is our only hope to save this country & you know it ! He is for the people & this country & fights for it everyday.He doesn’t take a paycheck & has taken crap from the demonrats even before he took office. Stop being a sheep being led to slaughter ! Learn to think for yourself @ If you vote for any democrat, you are voting to loose your freedom & I don’t think you want to go down that road !
      I’ll pray for you !

  2. Jack Schiht

    The kommiecrats know that as soon as the black folks get rich from their own efforts they will turn Republican.
    The kommiecrats have to keep the blacks poor and hungry and needy so they can throw them a scrap in return for their vote.
    Malcolm X called his people Chumps for voting for the Democrats.

  3. Jules Kunofsky

    Frank S., excellent response to John. I support Trump and what he has done and will do in the future. My friends who also support Trump are the base and we don’t have a racist bone in our bodies. In fact, we take pride that Black Americans are doing much better because of Trump’s inclusion policies. You know why? Because when Black Americans do better America does better. Donald Trump before he went into politics was never a racist. He hired people of all races and backgrounds. All of a sudden, he is called a racist….NO. Idiots like John still believe there are ties with Russia even though the most thorough investigation in our history could not find it. People who hold on to a lie, that is proven to be a lie, are not stable people.

    • Frank S.

      Jules, thanks for the feedback, and back at you. Your comments are spot on. Only disagreement would be to call John an “idiot,” as at this point as I do not know the man. His comments are certainly ignorant. Is John misinformed? Absolutely. Is John drinking the illiberal Kool-Aid? That’s for sure. Now John needs to seek the full truth. If he fails to do so after reading our comments, then I would probably agree he’s an idiot. And unfortunately he would have a lot of company. If only John and others like him would wake up and realize how the Dems use every demographic to their advantage. The Dems motto should be “Let us divide and conquer,” because they are truly the best at that. And they know if they are unsuccessful pushing their Racist narrative, they are done for.

  4. Kurt Walker

    African American voters do not have to be coaxed anywhere. Most families, voters, be they African American or others have seen what the democrats are about and this socialistic propaganda doesn’t fly with anybody. For years the democratic party has played a game of appeasement with the African American community. President Lyndon Johnson once said of the African Americans, ” throw some money at them and they will shut up”. Well those days are over. The African American can be BOUGHT’ NO MORE.

  5. Denise H Johnson

    President Trump can do anything he sets his mind to do. He’ll take the punches while finding a way. He doesn’t give up; he doesn’t accept defeat. He has helped individuals in need since he was a young man, without prejudice. He has a love for this country and it’s people that many cannot perceive.
    Black Americans can see for the first time a president with integrity and making every effort to improve the life of all of Americans, and of America. Many blacks have Walked Away (an actual movement.) They are communicating with each other, and opening eyes. They have looked at the land of promise and realized they can be successful in America, although the Left says not, better with President Trump in charge.
    We are all blessed.

  6. Grizz Mann

    Since the LBJ promises, no action by Democrats. Then comes Trump with his employment plan.

  7. Shelba

    Blacks in America has been lied to by the democRATS for years, always before they did not get an adequate education so they believed what the democRATS told them to believe, now more and more are seeing the need for learning every thing they can to better themselves just like whites and other races have done for years, these people are not ignorant they have just never had a chance with the democRATS leading them down the garden path of lies like the one if you vote for me I promise to make things better for you yet when the democRATS are elected they simply forget all their promises, after all a promise is like a pie crust easy to break, so no the blacks don’t have to be coaxed the smart ones are walking away in droves, besides blacks are not African Americans they are AMERICANS, their ancestors may have come from Africa but they are Americans just like the white, yellow and other colors are not listed as Chinese Americans, Irish Americans, French, English, Spanish or German American so lets get it right people they are AMERICANS

  8. Patrick Howell

    All this coming from a man who was sued by our government for not renting to blacks! Some how the question and answer Cohen gave about how many blacks hold executive positions in Trump’s businesses was was also glossed over. Incidentally, Cohen said there were 0. Trump was accused Cohen as being a liar( that could have easily been disputed but wasn’t). How quickly the fact that Trump would not rent his apartments to blacks has been glossed over too! And now we blacks are supposed to believe this man and his party are fighting for justice for all? It’s landlords like Trump who help perputate slum neighborhoods by limiting those who have the means to live in a better environment. White flight has also made it impossible for blacks living in slum places to move to better places. The rents are so high in the “burbs”, many have little choice but to remain in rat infested neighborhoods with folks who could care less about the keeping their dwelling places clean. Blacks stick with the Democratic party for one reason: Civil Rights! Used to be that if blacks were discriminated against in housing, police and other civil matter, the courts would see justice done. Look how the courts forced Trump to open up his properties to minorities! Now that Candy Barr and the GOP have taken over the judicial system, justice has been lost. It’s now justice for whites and this pains me. How can so many police get away with shooting unarmed blacks but people like Dylan Ruth is brought in without being shot? How can a cop get off for applying an illegal choke hold on a black suspect and the only penalty he faces is being being fired? And you would think that black suspect was a mass murdered like Ruth. No, all Garner was doing was selling cigarettes on the streets illegally! So no amount of prosperity Trump may seem to offer is worth the loss of our civil rights. White nationalism is what Trump sells and we are seeing it prevail more and in our justice system( or injustice system). An now the Trump Administrationis touting its work in Prison reform! Not allowing those who have paid their debt to society to vote mean is a bigger tragedy than remaining in jail. Job prospects are not good for ex felons either! Honestly ,It seems that the only reason the GOP supports prison reform is to save the state money since it will cut down on the number of folks it has to feed and house if they are in custody. No amount of money or limited freedom the GOP promises is worth living if you don’t have the right to vote! Even the Supreme Court has allowed states to gut the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
    As for those claiming blacks have been lied to or duped by the Dems, l am here to say you don’t know what you are talking about! It’s is because of the anti discrimination laws or my civil right laws that l am able to rent in better neighborhoods if l have the money. It’s because of civil rights legislation, l can go to better schools if l can afford them. It’s because of civil rights legislation, l am able to pursue the Americam dream and join clubs and organizations that once barred me because of my race. We now have Trump appointees in our courts that don’t give a damn about what is just or right–including the two new appointees on the Supreme Court. How can a court uphold a business refusing to bake a cake for a couple based on that couple’s sexual preference? How long will it be before I am refused service because my race Iffends their religious beliefs?! And now look how Brian Kemp who was running for governor in 2020, while serving as the Secretary of State at the same time, was able to decided who stayed on the voter rolls during that election. Now it has come to light that there are many votes missing from that same election. He purged many from the voting rolls before the upcoming election and then stepped as as Attorney General of GA. Will Barr as US attorney general look into the conflict of interest by Kemp or start an investigation over the missing votes? How is it that the GOP candidate was charged with voter fraud during an important House race in North Carolina, not be in jail? No, you can keep your low paying, back busting service jobs Trump seems to be so proud of having created. I will take my rights to better myself everytime and if anyone tries to take those rights from me, l expect my judicial system to protect me and my rights as outlined in the Constitution. Having a government who respects and upholds the Constitution is what I expect from my givernment–not just a party. Incidentally, l am not willing to give up my rights as a citizen to support an openly corrupt government.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Don’t agree with much of this, might be better expressed with paragraph breaks…

    • Frank S.

      Sorry Patrick, but you appear to be a lost cause–I sure hope that’s not the case. You find so much fault with certain people/groups, but ignore the obvious. You lack any objective credibility. Also, don’t confuse Civil Rights (a REALLY good thing) with LBJ’s War on Poverty that has enslaved Black America. The Congressional Black Caucus are today’s Uncle Toms…they are absolutely deplorable. Don’t believe me? Just check out their positions on school choice (and I could go on and on but I haven’t the time or inclination). All of us can find anecdotal “evidence” to support our arguments and positions, but what you really need to do is some homework and get all the truth and actual empirical evidence. It is there, but it takes actual effort to find it and appreciate it. You sure as hell will fine NONE from the MSM. How I would love to have a face-to-face with you. As mentioned in my earlier post above, read Thomas Sowell and you may find yourself beginning to be enlightened.