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Can a Futurist Save California?

Can a Futurist Save California?

As media induced cultural Marxism prevails as the dominant ideology in many of America’s major cities, we have seen a society develop around pandering to immigrants and luring naturally born citizens over to a lifetime of government dependence.  Perhaps nowhere in the country is the hatred of sovereignty stronger than in California.

Among the highest taxed population, many native Californians have become unable to survive as the tax rates continue to climb. Every year from 2000 through 2015, more people left California than moved in from other states. According to the Sacramento Bee review of U.S. Census Bureau data, about 2.5 million people living close to the Californian poverty rate were forced to flee the excessive taxes in favor of less exploitive states.

While many Californians have exited the state, they are being replaced with mostly third world immigrants – leading to even higher tax burdens amongst struggling residents. As of 2015, 10.7 million immigrants comprised 27.3 percent of California’s population.

California’s aggressively progressive model has opened the door for non-traditional politicians to gain power amongst the alienated electorate. As was the case with the gubernatorial election that saw actor Arnold Schwarzenegger take the state’s highest office, 2018’s election features candidates from all walks of life.

Among the most qualified and fascinating of the crop is the Libertarian candidate Zoltan Istvan. A self-described transhumanist, someone who believes we can improve the human condition using technology and science, the eclectic Mr. Istvan is an accomplished journalist, extreme sports inventor, author, and real-estate mogul.

Given California’s consistent shift towards progressive ideology, a significant task for the libertarian is to convince the constituents that they have been voting against their best interests. According to Istvan, “the best way is to remind Californians that 40% of them are at, near, or right above the poverty line of $24,000.” He continued, “Clearly, progressive policies haven’t been working for many in the state.”

Unlike many of his cohorts in the tech field,  Istvan’s embracing of libertarian ideology distinguished him amongst of a sea of progressives. However, unlike many conservatives, Istvan has a more nuanced, sympathetic opinion of the progressive movement than is party-mates. “Tech people are broadly highly educated, and education breeds empathy, success, and often riches. So tech people want to help their neighbors with progressive policies since they are the more fortunate. Unfortunately, while do-gooders may have their heart in the right places, history shows us that competition and independence are the best way to take care of society. “

Although some see futurist’s efforts to achieve immortality as a disqualifying eccentricity,  Istvan has no apologies for wanting to live forever. “Wanting to live forever and become more powerful via transhumanism is selfish. Like Ayn Rand, I believe being selfish is a virtue and what moves the species forward.”


Regardless of your thoughts on transhumanism, with so many politicians doing everything they can to destroy our country with new forms of theft and violence in the streets, Istvan’s desire to escape the ubiquitous death drive is refreshing. 

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