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Calls for Boycott of Colorado over Banning Trump from 2024 Ballot

Calls for Boycott of Colorado over Banning Trump from 2024 Ballot

In a historic assault on voter rights and political abuse of the American constitution, the Democrat-affiliated Supreme Court of Colorado ruled to remove Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot. The ruling has sparked outrage among millions of conservatives, some of whom are asking for boycotting the state of Colorado altogether.

Prominent conservatives across the country reacted to the Colorado Supreme Court ruling with different suggestions and proposed strategies while sharing condemnation of the ruling. Tucker Carlson posted a video statement reminding that January 6 was not an insurrection and many unanswered questions remain about the incident. Calling the ruling “the actual end of democracy,” Tucker commented that this move shows what the media’s narrative of Trump-led insurrection was actually about.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick suggested on the Laura Ingraham show on Fox News that Joe Biden should be removed from the ballot in Texas for allowing an invasion of the country’s southern border. He added, however, that in Texas “we believe in Democracy.”

Many conservatives even called for boycotting the entire state of Colorado. The hashtag #BoycottColorado trended on Twitter/X on December 20.

MAGA conservative Sonja K posted a meme on Twitter calling for boycotting Colorado with the message: “No Trump? No Tourism.”

Another MAGA conservative Tara Jones wrote that she spent good money on her last two trips to Colorado but never again.

Jones’s sentiments about boycotting Colorado by cutting travel and tourism to the state were reflected in several postings on the right-wing social media site Gettr.

The controversial ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court also worked as a reminder of Joe Biden’s tell-tale press conference comments in November last year when he said he wants to make sure Trump never becomes president again even if he runs for the presidential office in 2024.

Segments of conservative media are also highlighting the fact that the Democratic Party is interfering with the 2024 election within the Democratic primary by not allowing Democrat challengers to Joe Biden. On Thursday (December 21), The Gateway Pundit reported that Democrats have tossed Marianne Williamson, Biden’s Democrat challenger, from the ballot in Massachusetts for the primary. On her Twitter/X page, Williamson condemned the move and called it a “flagrant violation of DNC rules and process.”

The Democratic Party is also not allowing any challengers to Biden in other states including Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Especially avoid the slopes this Spring….

    Ty for your support of shorter lift lines.

    But what about the Coors? Goin back to Bud?

  2. Jim lucas



      And some Christmas cheer for careful Jim whose gaydar and transdar operate at military grade. Cept for his beloved Miller he missed: “In the same March release, it was announced that purchases of Miller Lite products supported a $60,000 donation to the “Pink Boots Society,” which “aims to assist, inspire and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry to advance their careers through education,” according to its website.”

      I will let folks read, but ought to give a chuckle. Remember Lucas, they are everywhere. On TV, in the street, may even be in your family but certainly would NEVER let you know what they have to hide from the likes of you.


  3. andy

    Only the right would think up such nonsense!

  4. ahem tonto

    With the election of Barrack Obama for two consecutive terms and now a third term with his absolute control of Biden and the demoncrat party we were subjected to Marxist communism in federal and some state governments. They must be voted out of all power for America to recover from the slums of humanity imposed upon us. That requires an honest election which we did not have in 2020 or in the two BHO elections. We the people must ensure election integrity in 2024.


      Ahem, Mr. Tonto (means Fool): There is no proof that Obama controls Joe Biden. Come on Man, is it China, Ukraine, or Obama that controls Joe? Or maybe all together they form The Biden Board. You guys can’t tell your ass from your elbow it appears.

      What even is our Marxist communism in federal and some state governments? I mean do you have even one policy example or are you snorting crack like Hunter?

      And what the Hell is “slums of humanity imposed upon us” even mean? Is it English?

      Prove that we had a dishonest 2020 election outside of Team Trump’s actions where:
      1) All of his lawyers in the Georgia voting scam have pled guilty and plan on providing testimony on Trump, Eastman, and others. They were in the rooms when Trump made his fateful decisions to try to rig the 2020 election via fake elector slates.
      2) Guiliani is on the hook for $146M for talking the same trash you are. He’s liable for defamation over these lies.
      3) You failed in over 65 court cases to prove voter fraud.
      4) You failed in multiple State recounts — your guys were doing the counting too.
      5) You failed in your insurrection at the Capitol to get Mike Pence to stop the count. And you failed to get Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi. But you succeeded in getting over 100 years in Prison for Seditious Conspiracy over your attempts to overthrow the election results and therefore, the peaceful transition of power.

      What exactly do you mean by: “We the people must ensure election integrity in 2024.” Gonna watch, wait, and listen? Based on 2020, I would say: MISSION ACCOMPLISED. Good job and seasons best.
      Can’t wait for your answers. I know they are not coming, so not waiting……

  5. American

    If any state removes a candidate from their ballot, it is a rigged election and invalid. All candidates must have the opportunity to run and the voters decide who to elect.

  6. Mike

    The Democratic Party of today, and I used to be one, is the most corrupt people that has ever been in power over the United States of America.
    I have never seen such corruption in my 79 years on this earth. They are the sorriest, low down people that has ever been in Politics. Wake up
    people. The Democrats are trying to become a dictatorship over the USA. We are getting deeper in trouble every single day. They don’t obey the
    law but change it for their own gain and there are Rino Republicans that are in bed with them. Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell are two of them.


    Mr Machine, on talking bout the Colorado decision boldly states: “the fact that half the country doesn’t agree with what is happening here .” You just know that he had to pull that out of his ass and never checked twice…..

    1. Turnip has yet to win a popular majority —- what do you think the chance that Democrats and Indy’s jumped ship on this one?
    2. The only POLL out there that I can find, four – six days ago, was one of those internet polls, very uncertain, but it shows:
    a. Fifty-four percent of voters either strongly or somewhat approve of the decision
    b. 35% strongly or somewhat disapprove
    c. 12% said they were unsure

    Results, of course, were split along partisan lines, with 84% of Democrats in favor and 66% of Republicans in opposition. Also, 62% of voters said they believe the Supreme Court would take up the case with only 16% believing they would not accept the case.

    BUSTED for assuming Trump OWNS over half the country. Not yet Jimmy Olson. Not ever.

    • Jim lucas

      The one and only reason that the left wants trump to be removed from the ballots is to incite violence. Stealing the election wasn’t enough. Yes, I said stealing. My freedom of speech is alive and well.

      • frank Stetson

        Cool; Jim’s enlisted and being shipped to Colorado for the war effort. Cool, he’s locked, loaded, and looney.

        And yes Jim, you have the freedom of speech, fallacy of facts, leaning towards looney to say the election was stolen.

        over 65 failed court cases
        multiple failed state recounts done by TRUMPLICANTS

        Jenna Ellis, Trump’s lawyer, pled guilty of trying to overturn the election, saying on the record: ” ‘Well, the boss,’ meaning President Trump and everyone understood ‘the boss,’ that’s what we all called him, he said, ‘the boss is not going to leave under any circumstance,’” she said, according to the video.” That’s gotta hurt.

        Sydney Powell, Trump’s crazy-assed lawyer pled guilty of trying to rig the election. Admitting her guilt is not going to save her from the Dominion suit that netted them $787M from FOX for spreading The Big Lie, just a little louder than little lock and load Lucas. She was in the room with Trump although crazy does not make for a great witness.

        Kenneth Chesebro, Trump’s lawyer, pled guilty of trying to rig the election. He was in the room with Eastman and has told Willis all.

        One other guy for 4 on the floor, 15 to go, June is the drop dead date for pleas so a busy Spring of more proof about who rigged what. Don’t look good for your beliefs Lucus, but I bet that dont’ stop you.

        Point is you got nothing after all the time, all those efforts, all that money for nothing. We got FOUR more and it really looks like Trump will be toast on this one. Even becoming President grants him no super powers to stop it. Only Georgia can stop it and so far, all have failed. And why should looking for the truth be stopped? Certainly not because Lucas has crazy, extreme, and dangerous beliefs. It’s beliefs like this that brought 20,000 Trumplicants to the Capitol, beliefs like this that drove 2,000 on them to violently break into the Capitol looking to overturn the election, find Pence, find Pelosi, and there were gallows outside. One died, over 1,000 arrested —- so far. A half dozen went down for seditious conspiracy getting over 100 years in prison where over 400 Trumplicants, and growing, who believe ever more fervently than Lucas currently, and growing, will spend some time for acting upon their Lucas’ beliefs in The Big Lie.

        So do it Jim L, save The Big Lie, stand up for your guy, stand against the law, the Constitution, and your country. Come on, be incited, go for it. You can see you conclusion based on our history. And don’t worry, Trump will pardon you. Believe him. Trust him. Fuck the truth. Love live the Trump truth. Go for it. Bring it on.

        • Jim lucas

          I didn’t say I was going to do anything you moron. But yes, I believe that the election was stolen. And that pisses you off You commie bastards are the big lie. Don’t try it again.


    Lucas, is that the best you can do? Whine about being incited but too big a pussy to do anything about it?

    You did call me a name and my anonymous self is shivering. Oh the horror.

    If you still believe The Big Lie, you are delusional. You can’t prove shit, just barking at the moon like a DOG, and are impotent to find it, correct it, or do anything but cry about it.

    Cry, cry, cry me a river.

    I hope that your New Year is better.

    • Jim lucas

      Just don’t try it again. Then we’ll see who’s a pussy.


    I told you…..since we did nothing, of course we’re going to try it again. And so far, you’re the pussy. A big bloviating blustering do nothing blabbermouth.

    And stupid enough to engage in taunts, threats, and name calling with an anonymous troll. You all doug, dog.

    And we’re done. You have nothing to offer.

    • Jim lucas

      Just wait and see dickhead. Don’t start shit and there will be none.