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California Medical Students Taught Border Crisis is “Imaginary”

California Medical Students Taught Border Crisis is “Imaginary”

Imagine that you are a freshman who has just started medical school at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Among your first assignments is to read a paper describing the crisis at the southern US border as “imaginary.” 

That’s right, students taking the required course Structural Racism & Health Equity were asked to read a paper that blames migrants’ poor health on border enforcement and suggests the abolition of all borders as a solution. 

“Rather than acquiesce to the idea of borders as fixed and thus focus interventions on mitigating their harms, we must think about the medical necessity for abolition,” reads the paper.

This “woke” curriculum was brought to the attention of medical watchdog Do No Harm, whose Chairman, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, criticized as ill-informed: “It is clear that medical educators know nothing about the social and economic cost of the current border crisis. For them to instruct medical students in far-left social concepts only further dilutes the quality of medical education and inevitably leads to more social divisions and lower quality of healthcare.”

This week, House lawmakers are holding a second vote on whether to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his failure to address a border crisis that is anything but imaginary. Migrant apprehensions soared late last year, reaching 302,000 in December following 242,416 in November and 240,998 in October. The surge prompted high-level talks between Mexico and the US and forced the temporary closure of railroads and entry ports along the border. 

Though apprehensions dropped to roughly 3,000 per day in January, tensions remain high as the Texas Military Department clashes with US Border Patrol. 

“The only thing that we’re not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border, because of course, the Biden Administraiton would charge us with murder,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R).

In mid-January, a mother and two children drowned in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, TX. As I wrote a few weeks ago, the Biden Administration tried to force Texas law enforcement to remove razor wire fences that were erected in that area to prevent migrants from trying to cross the river. Click here to read the full story.

Another required reading for first-year medical students at UCLA features a 2021 interview with Harsha Walia, a Canadian immigration activist who helped found the nonprofit organization No One is Illegal. Walia insists mass migration is caused by factors like colonialism, US imperialism, neoliberalism, border militarization, and climate change and claims border crises do not exist in the US or anywhere else.

The very term “border crisis,” is racist, says Walia, because it “invokes a flood of Black and brown people taking over a so-called White man’s country.”

Unfortunately wokeism’s infiltration of academia is not limited to the United Sates. As I wrote in December, top physicians in Canada have suggested medical students spend more time studying “anti-oppression, anti-racism, and social justice” and less time studying medicine. Click here to read the full story. 


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  1. Dan tyree

    The commiefornia students will believe that bullshit


    Interesting story, the bottom line is the school needs to offer an explanation, rebuttal, both, and next steps. It’s an allegation with supposed documentation at this point.

    The group, Do No Harm (DNH), alleging the stupidity is funded by Joseph Edelman who is one weird dude with a weird track record. Not that there’s anything wrong with weird. Look at Horist for example. Edelman and his wife started this group with a one million dollar donation. The year it started was 2022, brandy new. They started as one thing, gender-alteration-bashing, but now can best be described as concerned about ideology influencing the medical profession. Sounds pretty good, but when they started in 2022, I think after a Bud Lite ad, they created the language against gender-affirming care to create bans in several states. So much for States rights as these guys covered the country with that crap. His donation was the total funding for DNH in 2022 and his foundation said it was “to provide support to protect healthcare from a radical, divisive and discriminatory ideology.” And so they expanded from trans-hate to gay-bashing to woke-crashing to now, immigation expertise. IE they now cover the waterfront.

    As for supporting elections: he has a handful of personal contributions of $50,000 or less to Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016 and 2017. Weird. But for foundation, he has given big money to CATO, who I see as conservative, but fair. But then he started giving to things like the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression and Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, a hateful anti CRT gang and Prager University that pushes deceitful right-wing fake-knowledge videos as teaching material. Worse yet, he does UATX, an anti-cancel culture university. Basically, a lot of hard-right training camps for activists. Sort of like the mirror image of Portand’s “social groups.” Bad training grounds at the extremes of conservative and progressives is never good for the rest of us.

    In 2021, he stopped funding the Center for Reproductive Rights where he had been a big time donor for years. I guess he was beginning to come out of his closet. Apparently, something in woke and the left ticked him off. Big time. But, like I said, a weird guy,

    DNH started in trans, but now covers gay, woke, and now immigration in education, starting with medical education. They have played fair so far, one may not agree, one may question their “paid testimonies” from doctors, or their spin on the facts, but, truthfully, they have done no harm except to express opinions, often supported by facts. Again, you may disagree, but DNH has played fair so far, IMO. Amongst the right wing muckrakers, that’s weird too.

    So, we wait for the school to respond and I hope the author follows up on this interesting story. For, if it is true and valid, those doing it should be fired based on the DNH allegation and evidence.