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California Just Brought Back the Worst Part of Obamacare

California Just Brought Back the Worst Part of Obamacare

California lawmakers on Monday voted to bring back Obamacare’s “individual mandate,” a rule that requires all Americans to buy health insurance and penalizes those who don’t. 

All Democrats in California’s State Assembly except one (Rudy Salas Jr.) voted in favor of the bill. Every single Republican voted against it.

The individual mandate is designed to attract more participants in order to lower costs; but as we saw with Obamacare, all it did was impose further financial difficulty on people who couldn’t afford monthly premiums.

A handful of states have decided to reinstate the mandate since it was overturned by Congress in 2017, but but California is the only one that plans to use revenue from the policy to provide subsidies for middle-class residents who earn too much to qualify for financial help through Obamacare.

“These new subsidies will impact almost 1 million Californians and help them get the healthcare access that they deserve,” says California lawmaker Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).

What Democrats fail to understand is that the people who aren’t buying health insurance probably can’t afford it. In 2014, more than 80% of Californians who paid the individual mandate penalty had taxable incomes of $50,000 or less.

“This trailer bill will take money away from people making $30,000 to $50,000 a year and give it to people making between $75,000 and $130,000 a year,” argues California lawmaker Jay Oberolte (R-LA).

The penalty is expected to generate $295 million this year and up to $380 million in 2022.

California lawmakers this week also approved a measure to expand government-funded healthcare to some undocumented immigrants even though the mandate penalty won’t apply to illegal residents.

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  1. gerald

    Dem’s have shit for brains cal dumb ass

  2. Kiss rules

    Please fall into the ocean California and give yourself a good bath

  3. Michael M.

    Wow, you can almost forgive the Demcrats for Obamacare because they didn’t know what was in it until they passed it. No excuses this time however.

  4. Michael

    This should’ve of been put to a vote by the people not by the carpetbaggers who sit up in our capital. They think they’re deciding what’s good for the people, when they are willing to spend our tax dollars on illegal immigrants and give them free medical with our tax dollars, And now you want us to pay for health insurance which a lot of people can’t afford to do and if we don’t pay for it you’re going to penalize us,we have high taxes ,we’re losing jobs to other states you’re destroying the state that l grew up in.The people California need to stand up and get petitions going to recall these people in the capital that are passing these laws without putting it to the people first!!!!! Starting with the governor and the legislatures. START RECALL PETITIONS NOW!!!!!!!!!

  5. TheMadMan

    This goes to show how little these California Democrat Politicians care about the people of California. ObamaCare was one of the worst things to happen to the Healthcare System as well as one of the Biggest Lie from the Obama Administration and Obama himself. Barack Obama himself was a very big lie. Why? Well, his name is not Barack Obama but Barry Satoro and was never born in The United States but in Kenya Africa and the So-Called Birth Certificate was a fake. A proven Fact.

  6. J. W,

    I thought gooks were supposed to be SMART! I forgot; he’s from the People’s Demokratik Socialist Republik of Kalifornikate! Mea Culpa!

  7. DAV

    Lie-beral DEMONocrats are on the Stupid Train and they can’t get off ! Poor Callousfornia…and getting poorer by the day. Stupid people vote for stupid politicians.

  8. Richard Hennessy

    Of course, California would bring back the worst part of Obamacare. California and New York are hopeless. Reasonable people should abandon these sinking ships with great haste.

  9. RWS

    Good! The republican healthcare plan, written by healthcare and insurance lobbyists, is horseshit! Medications are unaffordable!
    Medical procedures cost 2-3 times more than anywhere in the industrialized world with worse outcomes! Anyone who says America has the best healthcare is either delusional or flat out lying! The only healthcare category that America leads the world in is cost!

    • Robert

      I think it was written by the dopeacrats.

    • Jason Casteel

      Obama care was written by insurance companies and lobbyists.

  10. richard rosier

    Californians wake up get out of that state . Sorry to say I was born in Gilroy Calif. But don’t vote democrat or the state you move into will go to hell in a hand basket like california is going

  11. Michael Hughes

    Unfortunately, a good portion of the cost of healthcare goes for the liability insurance that doctors must buy in order to protect themselves from greedy patients who sue them for all manner of supposed infractions. Whether the doctor is found guilty or not, the cost of lawyers is enough to bankrupt any doctor. But, of course, liberals won’t hear of any excuses. Can’t pay the high cost of sub-standard Obamacare? Foreclose on their homes, that out to teach them, eh?

  12. Joseph Carter

    California is without doubt the land of morons, crooked politicians, drug cartels and illegals! Time to end their statehood!

  13. mspidge

    Just when you think it cannot get any worse…………..IT DOES……..SMH!!!

  14. Rich

    What’s the problem? The people voted the baboso into office, this is the kind of gov they want… isn’t it?

  15. marlies

    This is total f job by liberals ,, this money is not going to help the middle class, they already said they will impose the TAX on anyone who doesn’t have ins. except the illegals who this money is what they plan to provide health care for with this money, And no not everyone in Ca is as crazy as this, i have never voted Dem, my county is one of few red counties, i’m just wondering who they think is going to pay for all their other crap once there are not enough middle class to pay for all thee illegals. The mayor of of L.A. is patting himself on the back for putting up a tent for only a hundred homeless but god forbid they put up tents w a/c units for the illegal aliens sneaking thru the back door w help from our so called friends the Mexicans, friends don’t give ppl rides knowing they will be breaking our laws, so Mex is not a friend as C. & S America are not our friends either they supported Germany during WW2 and that was not friendly

  16. Jason Casteel

    Well, I am so glad I left California. Too bad people. That’s what you get when you vote Democrat. Are you idiots starting to get it now? I see a tremendous wave of conservatives being elected in 2020. To all the Socialistic mooches who want the free healthcare and, it’s a little different when it’s YOUR money paying for other people’s crap, isn’t it? So WAKE UP morons and get them out of office. It truly is your only hope. LMAO.

  17. wayne clark

    Our stupid govern, who is Pelosi nephew, is giving the illegals free medical care, but now wants to charge the citizens of this state for medical coverage. What a bunch of horse sh*t. If he would have taken that same amount of money, to the tune of hundreds of Millions, and applied it to the care of citizens, costs here would go down. But, he is giving them free medical and a $500 check for each and every one of the illegals. They are also paying an extra $600 a week on top of what a person gets on unemployment. Why would anyone want to work when they can earn more staying at home. This is so WRONG. We need to vote out every demigod here in California from Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, so on and so forth.