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California: Drug Traffickers with 150,000 Fentanyl Pills Released After Just 3 Days in Jail

California: Drug Traffickers with 150,000 Fentanyl Pills Released After Just 3 Days in Jail

Jose Zendejas, 25, and Benito Madrigal, 19, were released from the Tulare County Pre-Trial Facility just days after they were charged with possession, transportation, and selling of illegal drugs.

The men were arrested last Friday after police at a routine traffic stop found them in possession of 150,000 fentanyl pills.

The street value of the deadly pills is estimated at $750,000.

As reported by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, all inmates booked at the pre-trial facility are sent through a risk assessment program. The results of that assessment are reviewed by a judge, who determines whether the individual is released or held on bail. In this case, the judge determined to release Zendejas and Madrigal (with no bail) despite them having been found in possession of enough fentanyl to kill millions of people. 

Local Sheriff Mike Boudreaux disagreed with the judge’s decision, but says his department is forced to comply.

In the words of YouTube star “Modern Renaissance Man,” ‘What California needs is a system in place that will hold judges and other officials accountable for decisions that lead to other humans being harmed.’ 

In this case, we can assume Zendejas and Madrigal will continue their illicit activities. And the headlines regarding their release are sure to make other criminals in California feel less threatened by the law.

‘If doctors can be sued for malpractice, then why can’t judges be sued for decisions like this?’ continues Modern Renaissance Man. ‘Maybe these two drug dealers knew someone behind the scenes, but whatever the reason for the release, it almost looks like California is intentionally keeping these drugs flowing.’


Drug traffickers arrested in California with 150,000 fentanyl pills released after just days in jail 

Breaking! Drug traffickers arrested in CA with 150K fentanyl pills released after just days in jail!

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  1. Wade murphy

    California was once called the golden state. Now it’s a shithole

  2. Angelika

    Because they LEGALIZED Marijuana…??? Has nothing to do with the real HARD Drugs or like this stuff “PURE POISON”……Now they will be back bringing in the next load of 150,000 POISON Pills………

    • Larry kuhn

      That’s how they get stupid people voting for them. Dope em’ up. Keep the freebies coming And when the druggies get desperate and violent we are all in danger. So lock and load

      • frank stetson

        Uh….Larry K…..Tulare County is heavily Hispanic, heavily Republican and I am pretty sure the players in this tragedy are Republican also. Judges, commissioners, sheriffs, everyone. While the process is probably the problem, and the process is outlined by the State, managed by the County, also features county-selected third-party tools for monitoring and control. Obviously a breakdown here, but is it the Democratic State process issue, or the County implementation issue, or the County people issue. I agree, all might be improved via a vote, but in this case, the “stupid people” you are referencing on a County level are Republicans. Probably like you.

        Most investigation needed, but there’s, at minimum, a process breakdown here, and maybe a people problem. This commissioner makes over $180K a year to manage this, I am sure the judge makes more. I don’t think money for staff is the issue.

        • Larry kuhn

          Not so. It’s sanctioned by the commie state government

          • frank stetson

            I said it’s a State process. But it’s managed by the county. I do not think the State manages the implementation where all of the players are Republican.

            The problem may be at the State level in the process itself, you may be right. But I doubt it only in that FOX would have come up with a million of these by now.

            The problem may still be the States, but evidenced at the county —- same answer as above though.

            Chances are this commissioner, this judge, etc. fucked up the process somehow.

            Just my guess, need more investigation for either of us to know what’s what.

            One thing is sure: you don’t know what a communist is. That’s a first sign of someone being a neo Nazi which is just about as stupid as you calling California, and all Democrats — communists. A really ignorant thought you have there that you can never back up. Ever.

  3. Robert berger

    I don’t understand why people choose to do drugs. I live life to the fullest and I don’t get high or drunk. People like that are losers and end up dying prematurely or becoming a burden on society. Referring also to the shit piles in Nancy peloci’s home town streets. But now we have a crowd of liberal idiots in charge and want to coddle them.

  4. Jim

    This judge belongs in jail and then needs to learn the laws.