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California ‘Accidentally’ Leaks Gun Owners’ Personal Data

California ‘Accidentally’ Leaks Gun Owners’ Personal Data

 The National Rifle Association (NRA) is threatening to sue the state of California after an “accidental” data leak exposed the names and addresses of thousands of residents who were either issued or denied a concealed carry permit between 2011 and 2021.

This information hit the Internet Monday when California’s Department of Justice launched its 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal and was available to download for nearly 24 hours though the site’s mapping feature. 

As confirmed by DOJ officials on Wednesday, the leak also exposed gun owners’ gender, race, DOB, DLN, and criminal history. Included in the leak was personal data belonging to 420 reserve officers and 244 judges. 

“It is infuriating that people who have been complying with the law have been put at risk by this breach,” argues Butte County Sheriff and President of California State Sheriffs’ Association Kory Honea. “California’s sheriffs are very concerned about this data breach and the risk it poses to California’s CCW permit holders.”

Indeed, the leak is a veritable treasure map for anyone seeking to steal a firearm or harm a police officer and is particularly concerning for individuals who obtained a weapon for protection after suffering abuse.

“The actions by the California DOJ are completely despicable and unacceptable,” said NRA exec. Dan Reid. “They have placed lives at risk including vulnerable individuals with abusive exes and stalkers.”

The NRA sought legal action against California last year when the state enacted a nonsensical law that gave personal information about gun owners to researchers. “Rest assured, the NRA will be taking further legal action in light of the recent leak to ensure accountability whether the actions by [the] DOJ were the result of malice or extreme negligence,” vowed Reid.

The data leak prompted Gun Owners of California chief Sam Paredes to demand the resignation of Attorney General Rob Bonta, who he describes as “massively incompetent, incredibly negligent, or willing to criminally leak information that he does not have the authority to leak.”

Bonta himself said the leak was “unacceptable,” but fell short of a full apology. His office launched an investigation to find out how the leak occurred and Bonta has promised to take strong corrective action if necessary. 

“The California Department of Justice is entrusted to protect Californians and their data,” said Bonta. “We acknowledge the stress this may cause those individuals whose information was exposed. I am deeply disturbed and angered.”

Bonta and the DOJ may also face legal action from the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA), whose president Chuck Michel accused ‘vindictive sore loser bureaucrats of endangering lives and inviting violence by illegally releasing confidential information.’ 

California’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal was designed to provide users with information on gun sales, safety certifications, concealed carry permits, restraining orders linked to gun violence, and other information. The leak was discovered by two sheriffs who were using the site.


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  1. Ted

    Accidentally? Bull shit!!!!

  2. frank stetson

    So their “concealed carry” became “open carry,” so what?

    A terrible thing but has anyone really been affected by it? Any casualties?

    Over a decade ago, I wrote the NRA and my representatives on how to end this once and for all in a manner than would satisfy gunnies and anti-gunnies alike. And make the NRA some $$$$ too. And improve crime gun traces by many times over. Crickets. They didn’t even respond. There is a way to protect gun owners and citizens alike in this, the current method sucks many times over. Gun owners feel unprotected, under attack, and citizens feel assaulted.

    • tom

      I agree Frank!

    • Lewis

      What’s terrible about it? And what is a gun is? You might be referring to the people who respect and believe in the 2nd amendment

  3. IMPedie

    Timing is everything

  4. Jon

    These are Marxist in political positions and the people either can’t or won’t get rid of them.

  5. Ron

    Just one of many reasons government should not be entitled to collect such data! They are SOOOOOO interested in the law… except when it pertains to them.

  6. Carolyn

    Why was the information unavailable except as encrypted files to only cleared receivers? It should not have been a readable file open to just anyone–even when purposefully shared.

  7. Robert a

    Maybe everyone should have your personal info Frankie

  8. Rat Wrangler

    When I got a driver’s license, it was logged in some government database that I was legally permitted to drive a car on public roads. They had no knowledge of what car I had, if any. The same rules should apply to gun permits, showing a citizen is qualified to own and use a firearm, but not show what gun he owns, if any. As it is, a citizen cannot undergo a background check for firearms without actually purchasing one and telling a government agency which gun he bought. I know, I checked on this with the ATF and the FBI. Laws should be changed so that the government knows who can and cannot own guns, but cannot know what guns, if any, they actually possess. Perhaps a firearm qualification endorsement could be added to a standard state driver’s license, just as motorcycle endorsements are.

    • frank stetson

      While FFLs must do background checks, aren’t there unlicensed sellers and gifters to be able to avoid background checks?

      If you are afraid the government taking your guns, why would the model be important? You think they would adjust seizure tactics based on models?

      Seems like some shaky logic driven by fear here.

      I think CA residents are not scared of government control, it’s all those other people having access to your name that really scares them. And even if the Sherriff says it was less than one day, once on the net……it’s global.

      The issues here are many fold on two levels: State and Federal. But one is potential federal government seizure so the NRA, and others, have lobbied to retain data in it’s lowest form — paper. It is held at the FFL which is a problem given how often they go out of business, natural disasters, etc. There’s an ATF warehouse(s) in DC full of soggy Katrina-era 4473’s, better wear a mask. There’s over 800,000,000 records from failed FFLs in a digital database at the ATF, but don’t be scared, it’s not really data, but instead, scans of the 4473’s. Dinosaur databasing. This is just sick stupid. We spend millions filing paper to compensate for FFLs going out of business, a complete waste of taxpayer dollars brought to you by the paranoid NRA who can’t see the forest for the trees.

      Then there’s the potential for federal government takedown which, given FFL databasing, would be one store at a time.

      And the system reduces a crime-gun trace to a crawl dependent on email and paper to commence, no digital data. First, the gun maybe traced to a manufacturer who identifies the wholesaler. Then you contact the wholesaler to find the FFL. Then you contact the FFL who has 24 hours to respond. A positive response can be a fax.

      ““Under current law and under current regulations, I mean, you can’t automate the process of how these records are kept and again, you know, the vast, the overwhelming majority of these are all still kept hard copy and handwritten,” sometimes on a napkin.

      Bottom line is 7 to 10 days for a crime gun trace meaning anyone running will be long gone. That’s the downside cost of protecting your guns from government seizure. You let criminals have freedom for longer.

      This is just stupid. There is a better way if gunnies could just step up and control their own business.

      But that’s not this story, this one is the CA State database for a CCP. Therefore, the good news is that it is not all gun owners. For the guy wanting to hide the models, wouldn’t really matter here, we all know it’s a handgun. Surprising that the NRA allows these databases to exist, they pretty much put the kibosh on a decent Federal database. So it’s only CA. It’s only CCP’s. Not the entire gunnie world out there, but still a terrible breach.

      Government plot? They sure got a short list if that’s the case, not a very good plot.

    • Ben

      Gee, you don’t think the govt can match license to registration? Don’t you watch law and order?

      • Ted

        Love the ghosts