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CA Law to Punish Stores for Not Having Gender-Neutral Toy Section

CA Law to Punish Stores for Not Having Gender-Neutral Toy Section

Gavin Newsom’s California is set to start the New Year by intimidating retailers with fines for not complying with the state’s law on availability of gender-neutral toys in the children’s section. Those found to violate the law can face a fine of $500.

The Assembly Bill AB-1084 was signed into law by California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in October 2021 and it takes effect early next month. The law mandates a separate toy section for children at all major department stores in the state that sell children’s toys. On the official California Legislative Information website, the bill’s draft justifies the law as:

Keeping similar items that are traditionally marketed either for girls or for boys separated makes it more difficult for the consumer to compare the products and incorrectly implies that their use by one gender is inappropriate.

Reporting on the issue, The New York Post cited Jonathan Keller, president of the conservative California Family Law Council, criticizing the law. He said:

“Activists and state legislators have no right to force retailers to espouse government-approved messages about gender. It’s a violation of free speech, and it’s just plain wrong.”

Liberals have largely supported the new law for breaking through what they consider gender stereotypes in children. Conservatives, on the contrary, see it as a political move to confuse children about their gender. Many conservatives, including some celebrities in the entertainment industry, have moved out of California owing to Newsom’s far-left policies. One conservative ex-resident of California, Joey Frank, responded to the news of Newsom’s law on gender-neutral toys by writing on Twitter/X that he left California because of “idiots like Newsom.”

Conservatives from outside California are also expressing concern over the government overreach into the affairs of businesses and the state’s assault on traditional values.

Sexualizing children under the banner of transgenderism has become a political mission of the liberals in recent years and California is one of the blue states aggressively pursuing this agenda. Conservative parents who oppose liberal school policies on exposure to LGBTQ material find themselves up in a fight for parental say in their children’s education. This conflict boiled up to become physical earlier this year when parents opposed to kids’ exposure to LGBTQ issues in schools clashed with liberal parents outside a school in North Hollywood where a Pride event was being held.

A similar clash at a Glendale school made headlines in May this year.

Conservative parents in California, and around the country, sum up their fight in one short line: “Leave Our Kids Alone!”

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  1. frank Stetson

    One more pile of journalistic crap for Dumpster who states re ca-1084: “Liberals have largely supported the new law for breaking through what they consider gender stereotypes in children.” I’m a liberal and I don’t have a clue what the failed journalist Ernie Dumpy is even talking about….. I don’t know of any liberals outside of CA even thinking about this. As an evolved liberal thinking about a Darwinian upgrade to fiery Independent, I find this law to be as silly as what I just claimed and that the law should be rescinded asap or vote the jerks out. Frankly, let the market decide what they want and don’t burden business with one more silly regulation that just adds unnecessary cost. And how gay is that pose picture of the Dumpster? Lucas can join in, he knows gay……

    CA is crazy, but this is almost crazier than Dempsey. It’s stupid, but not as stupid as Dempsey. This guy lies and cheats for a living and worse yet, he is really bad at it. Try as he might, just does not have that Trumpian flair for fabrication. He can’t get it right for love nor money of which, for this story, he deserves none. For example:

    “Those found to violate the law can face a fine of $500.” The fine is $250 for the first offense and $500 for repeated offenses. Idiot. Everyone else got this one right. No one is as stupid as the Dumpster. BUSTED

    Dempsey dumb shit keeps saying retailers (BUSTED) when the truth says: retailers with 500 or more employees in the State. There are over 4 million small businesses in CA; there are 164,200 retail stores. There are 5,700 ORGANIZATIONS in CA with over 500 employees. Sure, this will affect the Walmart’s, Target’s etc. but won’t touch any mid-size or small business as Dempsey would mislead you to believe. And gosh knows what it means for online retailers operating there. Oh Amazon…. He’s got an ax to grind apparently being a wizened old Horist in a young Pakistani body.

    He acts like children’s toys will not be the same. BUSTED. The law calls for a new special non-gender specific section —- THERE IS NO CHANGE TO EXISTING GENDER SPECIFIC SECTIONS. None at all, but Dumpster conveniently left it out. What he really wants is to ban anyone non-gender from access to anything non-gender basically because he’s a closet case, scared to come out, so he gets all passive-aggressive to anyone who does. Then for support, sourcing and insights —- he goes once again to X. Brilliant. Got to love a guy who believes X hook, line, and suck me. What an idiot. Probably gets his financial advice from facebook. His love advice from TruthSocial.

    Dumpy Ernie has to beat his drum at anything under the rainbow. On this law, he states: “Sexualizing children under the banner of transgenderism has become a political mission of the liberals in recent years and California is one of the blue states aggressively pursuing this agenda.” Bwhattta? How did gender neutral morph into transgenderism? It’s a fucking optional toy section that you can CHOOSE to USE or just keep shopping in the boys n girls sections like you always have you sexually confused, probably abused little POS.

    In summary Dimwit says: “Conservative parents in California, and around the country, sum up their fight in one short line: “Leave Our Kids Alone!” Oh my. What other part of the country is fighting CA-1084 you bore? Optional store section. The original sections can remain UNTOUCHED. Walk on by. Walk around. No one wants your magarat redneck sexually confused kids. Please, please, keep them.

    Bottom line: the only thing dumber than this law is Ernest Dempsey, which isn’t even his real Pakistani name. He’s hiding under the US rainbow as an unwanted alien.

    Hey Dumpy, wanna bust a gut —– there’s a rainbow section in Northern Wisconsin that will rock your world.

    • Jim lucas

      When you identify as a liberal you confess your stupidity to the world. Good job. You confirm what we know. And yes, California is pushing to groom children into a sickening lifestyle.

      • frank Stetson

        Lucas: you have nothing to fear. NO ONE will groom your kids. Ever.

        As far as to the world —- it’s PBP dude. Not quite the world, except for you maybe.

        You seen so afraid of everything. So defensive. So worried.

        It’s an optional section, walk on by. It’s 500 employees, shop small. I do think it’s a silly stupid law, but then again —- there’s you and your fears.

        • Jim lucas

          Don’t need queers around my kids

          • frank Stetson

            That’s not what your kids say. Other kids call them “lickass.”

    • Tom

      Frank, I enjoyed your summary more than Ernie’s article. I do think Ernie’s pose is ok, but it lacks pizazz! He needs that shirt to have a big “S” on it. Of course, S can be interpreted to mean Superman or Shithead, depending on your point of view. I wholly endorse your statement, “As an evolved liberal thinking about a Darwinian upgrade to fiery Independent”! I think you would be great!

      I think much like you on this one. This is a free market being mandated by government to do something that if they really wanted to do it, they would have already done it, i.e. Target example. The whole law seems kind of stupid to me. As far as me personally, I am not bothered by such sections. I just walk past them and look for the Lincoln Logs, Hotwheels, Tyco race tracks, trains, Shoots and Ladders and other lollypop kid games, educational games, beginner chemistry sets, etc. Seems like I have been buying non-gender toys for years! Now they call them “gender neutral”. LOL Ok, the name changed but the concept is still the same. This seems like a political stunt to satisfy Newsom’es base and nothing more.

      I do think it is a bit comical that the conservative right has their knickers in a wad over something that really hasn’t changed anything!

      • frank Stetson

        Funny, I wrote the “evolved” part BEFORE I read your post to Horist which made me laugh when I did read it.

        For the poor stores that follow the law, chances are their fate with be: ** These people just live in fear. Even CA has magarats once you exit the cities so can’t wait to see the next round of display destruction.

        • Tom

          Yeah there is a lot of undeserved hype around this. Glad you were able to get a laugh. Laughing is a necessary coping skill these days.

    • ElenaMar

      Owners of businesses pay their taxes. What would gruesome Newsome if every business closed their doors, left the state and taking their tax money with them? I think he would get a rude awakening with only illegals living in his state, with no money to pay the taxes. He runs the state of California horribly and he wants to run the country? Anybody who votes for him should be run out of the state, but where would you want to send him?

  2. Jim lucas

    I’ve never heard about that. But my kids are trained to deal with bullying. And it always comes from lefties Just like you stay on this site for long hours every day bullying people. Don’t you work? Or does mamma throw a tray to you in her basement?

    • doug

      The bigger question isn’t why the poster who alternatively calls himself Frankincest and Tomgirl try so comically to throw his/her/its ponderous physical weight around but why they write only while wearing a pink pusssyhat on their enormously misshapen elephant head.

  3. frank Stetson

    So your kids are hiding things from you. Figures. I am on my PC for long hours, PBP for breaks.

    I retired at 56 to be a stay-at-home Dad to enjoy my kids final years in High School.

    Bullying people? Only those who name call. The rest is “just the facts, Ma’am.” But apparently, ‘you can’t handle the truth.”

    • Jim lucas

      I haven’t read the truth from you. Just commie propaganda. So gladly go vote for retard joe. Stupid people like you can’t find your ass.

  4. frank Stetson

    Yes Jim —- court transcripts are commie propaganda. Every news report is commie propaganda. Scholarly peer-reviewed papers —- propaganda. It’s everywhere and everything.

    You can believe in Trump. It apparently is all you got. He is your one truth. Perhaps your only truth. And your name calling to demean others. You really like that one.

  5. MSGLeo

    Another stupid law from the people’s republic of Kalifornia that will cause even more people to evacuate to a sane state.

  6. Darren

    As a Business person, I have to wonder about the lost revenue of what could have been in that spot the
    Natural Gender Toy was in? Grocery Stores bias their decisions on Capital per Squair foot of income.
    Because Certain Genders like a specific food or more likely to purchase it, does that mean in the future all
    food stores must give up shelve space? In many of the Grocery chains that space has been paid for?
    What about Hobby stores, Video Game Stores?
    Anyone who agrees with this law is going down a slippery slope.
    What happens when Transgenders only want Electric Cars or Foreign Cars, do all car lots have to carry those?
    This law is CRAP. Crap to the public, the owners of businesses, and can create problems unimaginable in the future.
    If you think this topic is short sighted, You my friend are a FOOL!!!!!!!

    • doug

      Virtue signaling at its worst.

      You have to bear in mind that it’s not intended to encourage change. It’s a step toward unifying every aspect of the economy and the culture. The far left disparages normality even as it strives to establish a Borg-like template that all of us must adhere to. It’s comical to hear/see the left pretend it supports diversity.

  7. doug

    Readers of this and related comment boards will find themselves barraged by a fusillade of buttt-headed explosions of flatulence by one exceedingly dimtwit who has multiple posting accounts so he can pretend to have a conversion with another poster.

    Whether he/she/it has purposely created the duelling dumbassses or whether they’re an expression of his personality multiplication syndrome (PMS) remains unknown and probably unknowable.

    But the fifth-grade literacy level displayed by the shrieking katzenjammers provides a model of targeting. The author/authoresses of the posts as easy to nail as the synagogues that they/it/she/he loves to hurl rocks at, as a kind of reverse Goliath and David.

    They deserve discussion in only one subject, and that’s their repeatedly admitted hate for Asians, native Americans, blacks, Jews, BaHa’i and other ethnic, racial and religious minorities.

    Over the past several months they’ve often been challenged over their KKKlan attire and Swastika tattoos, and their only response has been — well, bawling and swishing out the door.

    They’ve been asked to specify the worst racists in U.S. history. Of course, they/it entirely rejects the notion that their hate for minorities represents anything other than valor like that of their tranny Third Reich revival leaders, such as Quid Pro Groper Joe Bidet.

    They won’t offer any further information here, or elsewhere


    • Doug

      Apologies for omitting the word “dense” after “exceedingly.”

      Third paragraph: insert “is” before “as easy.”

    • Frank stetson

      Can you actually prove any of your utterance? Try proving any of the anti’s for example like antisemitism, anti asian, and the like.

      I’m getting ready for thecsound of crickets.

      Does it matter?

      Pretty funny from the guy who has a certain style of communication, a hatred of bad spelling/grammar, and multiple names whereas Tom and I do not. I am also guessing that Tom is not virtual whereas I most certainly am.

      • doug

        The usual deflection to be expected from Goebbelsian vermin — Jew-envying, black-loathing, anti-Asian dung beetles.

        Every time I drive the one above — regardless of which moniker he or she is using at that moment — to shed tears, he/she flies into a rage and deflects from the subject. Been going on for maybe a half-year, and he still doesn’t grasp that he loses face every time, ROFL.

        Well, I’d better get to the point, because this oversized, misshapen goober reads so slowly that he’s apt to fall asleep right on his stool and damage the floor when his head hits the commode.

        The first question remains: Identify some or all of the worst racists ever in the United States? Could there be an easier question EXCEPT for their abject followers?

        I’ve had so many National Socialists like this doofus respond to questions with the rote response, “prove what you say!” that I long ago discerned that the dumbassses were reading from a script prepared by their not-see trainers.

        LOL: “I demand you prove your question!” LLLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL.

  1. Frank I can’t understand what’s wrong with MAGA. You idiots on the left are satanic bastards out to destroy patriots.…

  2. Don’t tell me nout proof. I’m too Young to need proof. I don’t need no stinkin proof. We all know…