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CA Gov. Finally Does Something Right, Vetos Supervised Drug Use 

CA Gov. Finally Does Something Right, Vetos Supervised Drug Use 

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) surprised his supporters last week when he vetoed a proposal to allow supervised drug use in three of the state’s largest cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland

In all three cities, the widespread use of illicit drugs has significantly exacerbated homelessness and property crime. Statewide, more than 5,500 residents have died of opioid-related overdoses since 2020. The current rate of overdose death in San Francisco alone is roughly 2 residents per day.

“It is possible that these sites would help improve the safety and health of our urban areas, but if done without a strong plan, they could work against this purpose,” warned Newsom. “These unintended consequences…cannot be taken lightly. Worsening drug consumption challenges in these areas is not a risk we can take.”

Senate Bill 57, approved by the California State Assembly, outlined a five-year pilot program in which the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland could establish “supervised consumption sites” for addicts to use illicit drugs under medical supervision. Though the bill’s text called on city councils to hold meetings with the public and with law enforcement before establishing any programs, Newsom feared the consequences if such programs were operated without “strong, engaged local leadership and well-documented, vetted, and thoughtful operational and sustainability plans.”

The proposal was authored by California State Senator (D-San Francisco) Scott Wiener, who described Newsom’s veto as “tragic” and claimed the bill was based on a “proven and extensively studied strategy to save lives and get people into treatment.”

Though designed to prevent overdose among current users, history shows us that supervised consumption sites exacerbate drug use and  encourage more people to try illegal drugs. If passed, the bill would have been America’s largest experiment with legal injection sites as well as a major embarrassment for the nation. 

Unfortunately, it looks like San Francisco is moving forward with plans to open supervised consumption sites despite the veto through nonprofit organizations, as has been done in New York. And Governor Newsom, who has expressed support for safe injection sites in the past, says he remains open to the idea of a “truly limited pilot program.” He awaits a secondary proposal from lawmakers.

Author’s Note: As my colleague Joe Gilbertson likes to say, “Whatever you subsidize, you get more of.” In this case we’re talking about illicit drug use, addiction, and possible death. If San Francisco moves forwards with plans to open supervised consumption sites, we can expect to see massive increases in crime and drug use.

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  1. Frank stetson

    It was the great Tom Leher who said: “ Plagiarize, that’s what I majorize, plagiarize majorize, plagerize.”

    • Micala

      Again! My birth state has fallen off the edge of sanity! On this one, I’m with Newsom about NOT HAVING INJECTION SITES FOR DRUGEES…period!

      CALI HAS FALLEN INTO A HUGE HOLE OF CRAZY! Between only selling electric cars by 2035 and their poor electrical infrastructure, someone needs to wake up that state fast! It is so sad, because my visions for Cali in the future is back to the desert and people living in caves! With no electricity for those electric monsters, the rich elite will run out of Cali and all that will be left are electric car skeletons, lizards and coyotes!

      But be careful of the hypodermic needles left by the majority of the Cali population! They are rusty and as lethal as when they shoved illicit drugs in to the druggees that eventually took over the desert burned out state!

      Yep! That’s what you get when a dem is in charge — pure unadulterated CHAOS!!

      • frank stetson

        Aha, so you’re part of the blame.

        Somehow, I don’t see you boardwalk blading at Venice Beach. I’m guessing Orange County.

  2. Jimmy Falcon

    Yes, Governor Newsom realized the cold hard reality of angering voters beyond their limits. He knows his days would have been shortened tremendously if he had allowed this insane policy to become law. He carefully worded his statement to appeal to both sides, and I applaud his handlers for getting him to agree with them that it would be political suicide to even consider this policy for another minute. Go Gavin. You done good, for once. Now pony up enough money to help the homeless by building low cost housing for them. It actually has worked in many places where homelessness was an issue.