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Bye Bye Andrew Cuomo

Bye Bye Andrew Cuomo

I do not see how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo can survive the State Attorney General Letitia James’ report that outlines a loooong series of allegations of sexual misconduct.  Members of the Democrat leadership in the Empire State are calling for his resignation. And if he does not, impeachment may be in the offing.  Perhaps the biggest blow was the call for him to step down from one of his closest and longest political friends, President Biden.

It is possible that Andrew Cuomo can hunker down for the remainder of his term – which ends in 2022.  Earlier, he announced his intention to run for re-election to a fourth term – even as the accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior began to surface.  But this investigative report by the State’s top law officer is a whole ‘nother matter.  It seems virtually impossible for him to run for re-election even if he hangs in for the remainder of his term.

His additional problem is the press – especially the folks in the New York media bubble.  They have been in the front row of the Cuomo cheerleaders.  Early in the Covid-19 Pandemic, the coverage was akin to beatification.  But oh, how fast they flipped.  In the wake of the AG’s report, CNN and MSNBC both assembled panels that excoriated Cuomo.  They shredded his well-prepared and well-crafted public statement.  Actually, I thought it was a much better defense than one could have expected from someone in a totally indefensible position.

The media mavens gave Andrew Cuomo a poor grade on his explanation for touching the one accuser’s face and indiscriminately planting kisses on foreheads and cheeks (the facial variety) of others.  As he explained his habit, there appeared on the screen images of him touching faces and kissing cheeks of lots of people … women, men, children, voters, powerful leaders. 

I thought he made a good point.  After all he is Italian.  And to his credit, none of the folks he kissed wound up at the bottom of the East River.

One thing struck me odd about the AG’s announcement, however.  The conference was not about an indictment.  It was not even the launch of a criminal investigation.  It was just a report.  Just a bunch of accusations.  This despite the fact that Cuomo is potentially guilty of several state and federal crimes.  Apparently, James — who undertook and announced the results of the investigation — does not plan to pursue criminal charges.

That makes the investigation and its findings nothing more than a political document, media fodder and something to serve up to the court-of-public-opinion.  Andrew Cuomo has political enemies, and one of them is … James.  Rumors abound that she wants to move into the Governor’s Mansion – a path blocked, or at least delayed, if Cuomo continues to run successfully.

I know I should be ashamed of myself for offering up such dark speculation.  But then again, it is New York where the politics traditionally run pretty rough.  As President Harry Truman wisely noted, “If you want a friend in politics, get a dog.”

Andrew Cuomo is not entirely out of legal danger.  Based on the allegations in the report, other law enforcement agencies could take up the case – the local States’ Attorney in Albany, for one.  It has been reported that they are “looking into the matter.”  The claims in the report might also fuel a number of civil suits filed on behalf of alleged victims. 

I probably should not have called the victims “alleged” since the #MeToo Movement has declared that women are to be believed in such cases.  The necessity of proving one’s case in a court-of-law – or assuming a person’s innocence until proven guilty – are outdated concepts in the radical feminist world.

By my own evaluation, I see the accusations as a mixed bag.  Two or three seem to be the most serious and have the most supportive evidence and corroborative testimony.  Others … not so much.  Unless there is more to be told, I found the face patting accusation to be a stretch.

There is another aspect of the situation that is not being bandied about the newsrooms. But it did make me wonder.  How does this affect CNN’s superstar primetime commentator, Chris Cuomo – the younger brother of Governor Andrew Cuomo?

What you say?  Why should the sins of the Cuomo family patriarch have anything to do with the younger sibling?  I am not dragging Chris in scandal over the accusations of sexual misconduct by his brother.  Rather, I am looking at how the family scandal might influence his reporting.

When the initial accusations became public, Chris explained to his CNN audience that “for obvious reasons” he could not report on or discuss his brother’s situation.  This meant that a major news story could not be covered by the network during its primetime slot.  The daytime CNN crew were exceptionally hard on the Governor. But it will be interesting to see how Chris’ bosom buddy, Don Lemon, will opine on the sex scandal.

Because of the obvious conflict of interest and the appearance of partiality, CNN should do the right thing – and that is to assign Chris to field reporting and temporarily have a fill-in take over the evening spot.

However this all shakes out, it is not likely to be good for Governor Andrew Cuomo.  His political career is kaput.

So, there ‘tis.

AUTHOR NOTE: Since the writing of this commentary, there have been two new developments.

  1. The District Attorney in Albany has announced that the office will commence a criminal investigation.
  2. CNN’s Chris Cuomo reportedly assisted his brother with his defense statement, and even drafted portions.  This creates a more serious potential conflict-of-interest.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Ben

    If he really wanted to stay in office, he should just switch parties and become a Republican. When you are a Republican, “they let you do it”

    • Dan Tyree

      Such bullshit from a brain dead asshole. Ask retard joe about playing stink finger with Tara Reid. And bill Clinton raped women, and probably little boys on the island with Epstein

      • Anonymous

        You are so right, so TRUE……And then there are the chinese SPIES, Swalwell messed around with and Feinstein had her chinese SPY driver = and it was all OKAY…..

        • Ben

          I think the imperative point that you are missing out on is, unlike the Republican Party , recently when a Democrat commits these act, or is alleged to have committed inappropriate sexual acts, they are universally condemned by the Democratic Party and run out of office.
          Unlike the Republican Party that elected a President with 22 counts of sexual assault against him and now Larry has his Congressman running around pretending he isn’t being accused of sexual trafficking and pedophilia.
          Cast your stones, but when you’re a Republican, they let you do it.

      • Angelika

        And, also Swalwell messed arounds with a chinese SPY, and Feinstein had a chinese SPY driver = ALL OKAY…..Just think a Republican would have done THAT…….

        • Joe S Bruder

          Well, Trump invited the Russians right into the White House… Had multiple meetings with Putin, then had the translator’s notes destroyed… don’t forget Trump’s “pee tapes”, not made public yet, but they will eventually…. had a “love affair” (Trump’s words, sounds pretty disgusting) with North Korean leader Kim, and met with the Chinese premier a couple of times… and his daughter had business dealings with the Chinese while the US was negotiating trade deals (and sanctions)… and, oh, his son-in-law had many meetings with the Saudi Prince who had a critical member of the press tortured and cut into pieces while he was still alive… and, let’s see, Trump met with the far-right Hungarian Premier… and uh, Trump met with the President of the Philipines who sent out death squads under the guise of a drug war that just happened to take out most of his political enemies… Am I forgetting anyone? Oh, don’t forget the whole gaggle of Republicans that visited Putin in Russia on the 4th of July (Johnson, Kennedy, Shelby, Moran, Daines, Hoeven, Thune, Granger) that called the Russians “bullies”, but “we made our point”, and then came home and advocated lifting sanctions against the Russians… and then there’s Dana Rohrabacher, who even other Republicans think is a Russian asset…and don’t forget Moscow Mitch, who is married to the Chinese daughter of rich Chinese shipping magnates (who Trump appointed as Secretary of Transportation, no conflicts there!) and who earned his moniker by taking campaign contributions from the Russians and then letting them build an aluminum smelting plant in Kentucky… Are there any Republicans I forgot to mention? Are there any left who aren’t tainted by scandal?

      • Ben

        Dan, I always know when I have a good post, by how you lash out. When you go full blown racist I know I did good.

        • Dan Tyree

          Ben I didn’t reply with anything racist. And you’ve never posted anything but commie propaganda. You’re posts are all about hating republicans. Do you think that any of your commie crowd are racist? I’m proud of my posts. We aren’t allowed to speak out against thugs and criminals? I bear the title of a racist with pride if that’s what you think. You idiots see a klansman behind every tree and your party gave us the klan. So stfu moron.

          • Ben

            Quit calling me a commie, I just got an email from trump saying “I was one of the most patriotic Americans he knows”… well, that and asking me for more money.
            Which reminds me of a joke; how do you milk sheep? A; tell them the election was stolen and ask for donations. -ha, that makes me laugh every time.

            I didn’t say you posted anything racist … this time… I said, I know I touch a nerve with you when you start spouting your racist BS.

      • Joe S Bruder

        And Epstein also had the Trump family on his party list too… and then don’t forget “Gym” Jordan who stood by and watched while the team doctor molested dozens of boys… or Matt Gaetz who slept with underage girls and had score cards and betting on who could get in bed with staffers first… Roy Moore, Pat Meehan, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, even George Bush (Sr)… There’s a pretty long list of Republicans, for all the stones being hurled in their glass houses…

        Yes, Cuomo should resign… but Republicans tend to let them stay in office…

        • larry Horist

          Read my reply to Ben below. He is plagiarizing you comments, but my answer also applies to you, too.

    • Maryann

      You really are brainless. Educate yourself.

      • Dan Tyree

        Ben you asked how to milk sheep. You probably know how to stumpbreak a cow. I’ve also gotten emails and texts from your commie party. And I responded letting them know how that I really feel.

    • Rod Jenks

      Easy does it snowflake. Typical liberal moral relativity comment where anything goes because “someone else is doing it.”

    • Florida Phil

      Mr. Dover – As of late your comments have become more blatant and illogical in your overtly biased rants. They now resemble the far more pedestrian ones generally found on Yahoo!”News” One could say that your objectivity, though always in question, no longer exists. It’s as if you personally have lost your touch with your own reality.

      • Ben

        What part of my statement wasn’t accurate ?
        Gaetz, the pedo sex trafficker, trump w 29 complaints of sexual misconduct ( including rape), Roy Moore, Herman Cain ,and of course Newt. Lest we forget the enablers, such as Lauren Boebert , whose husband exposed himself to underage girls. The list goes on and on.

        I bring this up because , the majority of Democratic voters and lawmakers quickly call for the resignation of democrats that are accused of sexual impropriety. In the case of Al Franken, before all relevant facts came out.

        In another post, I quickly condemned Cuomo, asked for his removal, and wondered why this blog hasn’t mentioned Matt Geatz legal issues concerning child sex trafficking?

        Cuomo is a scum bag, and should resign and be held criminally liable if so warranted. I just wish Republicans took ALL sexual assaults seriously, and not just those committed by Democrats in order to score political points.

        • larry Horist

          Ben … Are you maliciously spinning or are you truly that ignorant? You are also including rumors and unsubstantiated accusations with more established cases. Both parties have had their examples of folks acting badly. You seem to have overlooked two comparable cases. GOP Congressman Dan Crane had sex with an underage female page and was booted. About the same time Dem Congressman Gerry Studds was caught having sex with an underage male page and he went on to be among the more admired by Dem leaders. GOP Senator Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting a male officer in a men’s room and had to resign. Dem Congressman Barnie Frank was pimping his live-in male lover on government payroll and the Dems continued to hold him in high esteem. One of the worst sexual predators was Senator Ted Kennedy and he was honored as the “lion of the Senate” by Dems – and he even killed on of the ladies. You also omitted President Clinton who seduced a young intern and Dems protected him. Oh … and you even missed President Biden, who is still blocking the files that address his alleged sexual assault. Making sexual misconduct a partisan issue is only a game for fools. Ergo …

  2. frank stetson

    Yeah Private Dick Dan has it all sussed out. If Cuomo then Joe then Bill then little boys then Q ho!!!! Errrr….wait….it’s Reade, not Reid, that’s American Pie…. Nice sleuthing, get it right next time. Amazing how the only common, or should I say commie thread is they are all Democrats. Because everyone knows that Epstein only attracted Democrats. I think we know where the bs is from.

    Larry, think the AG was firing the opening shot hoping the sound would scare Cuomo into retreat. Might be one of those privilege things like the one that protects Individual-1 from his final demise on that case. Cuomo is done, the rest is process. Not even sure he ever comes back from this one given his defense. The Chris C. thing is shameful, not sure you have legality problem, certainly a credibility one. Not as if we haven’t seen the same from Faux talking heads, but this one will probably sink him. He’s not Brian Williams….. Frankly another non-story, hopefully this one just turns the crank toward impeachment into resignation into oblivion. Too bad, could a been a hero of the pandemic for awhile, even with the issues there.

    As most of the time, Dan is wrong, it’s not just one party, it’s all parties, and all of the guilty should face the full penalty of the law starting with the ex Groper in Chief cuz “grab em by the pussy.” never gets old. Or “I did try and fxxx her. She was married.” Those were the days. When we could just look, laugh, and let it become part of it all. Throw the book at all of them.

    Back to Epstein, yes he probably donated more to Democrats than Republicans, however when the shat came down, look at his legal team hired during Trump’s reign: Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, Jay Lefkowitz, Roy Black and Jack Goldberger. Sound familiar. Like Fox and Friends…. Then there’s the tie between Acosta, the guy who let him off the hook in 2008, under Bush, and Acosta’s ties with Trump who made him Secretary of Labor…. So not exactly just Democrats in bed with Epstein. As Trump noted, apparenlty: “He’s a lot a fun to be with.” Guess you can just tee off that one Dan….. What, crickets?

    • Dan Tyree

      Frankie both parties have bad people. But we don’t circle the wagons around perverts. So I pissed you off. Good. Better pissed off than on The interesting thing is that women didn’t file charges and allegations against Trump for pussy grabbing. I hear that killery Clinton has done some pussy grabbing and likes to sip from the furry cup

    • Nitpicker

      Guilt by association — you must be kidding. And please, if you are going to write a book, at least make it coherent.

  3. Hatman1793

    Has New Yorkers had enough of Cuomo to eject him? A couple million voters in California certified a recall of Gruesome-Newsome, but like California, New York under Cuomo achieved a Super Majority at the State level that is hard to beat. Just ask any Upstate voter.

    Attorney General Letitia James goes over-the-top to prosecute Trump with no evidence, but her report suggests Mario-the-Pius will skate. It’s all very dismal.

  4. Anonymous

    I lived through the era of older men hugging and wolf whistles. I learned to handle it. It would only happen once or twice until I slapped them. Do I think Governor Cuomo was wrong to do what he did…yes . But we have had a person who was impeached (twice) and did much worse things and he was allowed to stay working in his job. I can’t honestly say Governor Cuomo should lose his job or be punished until that person is punished.

    • Nitpicker

      Yeah so, just like “that person”, Cuomo should also be impeached and a verdict render.. By the way, President Trump was found “Not Guilty” twice.

      • Joe S Bruder

        … by the same Republicans who enabled his illegal behavior… and by the way, he wasn’t found “not guilty” of any criminal charges, they just declined to remove him from office. Criminal charges can and probably will still come for 2016 and 2020 campaign violations and for the Ukraine extortion.

  5. John J

    Thank God and Greyhound he’s gone; if he really is gone~

    • Dan Tyree

      Hang in there John. Trump shall return

      • Joe S Bruder


  6. tom

    I agree with you Larry. Why just a report? I always thought that any investigation at the AG level where criminal conduct was found almost automatically meant charges would be forthcoming. Seems like this is not the case here which leads me to believe there has been a lot of talking and planning behind the scenes so that the AG will have local DA’s doing the charges and dirty work – which makes sense in view of a run for the governorship by the AG. She would not want to be accused of using the system to expunge her most lethal opponent.

    • larry Horist

      I am also troubled that the accusers seem to be anonymous. Only listed as “person” in the report and no names in the news. One of the basic rights of an American is to face the accuser. They cannot be anonymous. Of course this was not a trial, but still … We are told we should believe the women even if we do not know who that are. In our system of justice, accusers must stand the test of credibility and motive. That is why I see the document as a political hit job — even though I am inclined to think some accusation’s my hold up and a criminal process will follow. What service did this document perform other than to convict Cuomo in the court-of-public-opinion and prejudice the jury pool. Any subsequent legal actions could have taken place without the AG report.

      • Joe S Bruder

        Who says they’re anonymous? I’ve heard of at least two named in news reports so far.

        And many of Trump’s accusers weren’t anonymous either. Nor were Kavanaugh’s… And look how viciously the women were attacked by Fox News and other right-winged news outlets. It’s not a surprise that they would want to remain anonymous.

        It’s bad enough that they get assaulted, groped, or raped by men in power. They then have to run the gauntlet of fans of the perpetrators. And men like Trump turn on the PR machine and slander and attack, rather than defend their actions or (god forbid) admit wrongdoing and/or resign.

        Women can still testify privately to a court and to judges without exposing their names to the public.

        • larry Horist

          Tell us the names. I have not heard them in the media .. and the picture of one of them with Cuomo is blurred to protect her identity.

  7. frank stetson

    “But we don’t circle the wagons around perverts.” You just gots to be kiddin on that one…..not only a racist trope harkening back to the days when it was OK to target Native Americans as the bad guys, but also blatantly untrue.

    First, I haven’t noticed any wagons, just one guy hanging on by his finger tips. Second, seems like Democrats are coming out of the woodwork screaming “resign,” which, to Larry’s point, seems a tad early given jurisprudence, rights of the accused, etc.

    I think he is done for, don’t think there will ever be a second chance, think his bro is in the same boat for aiding, a far lesser offense, and let the wheels turn, it’s yesterday’s news about another male scumbag with a twisted power problem. Point is there are plenty of court cases filed, plenty of allegations of sexual abuse, I have not really looked to see if any noted “pussy grabbing.”

    “The interesting thing is that women didn’t file charges and allegations against Trump for pussy grabbing.” Again with the jokes… What, just because there is not a specific allegation, against a specific action, that Trump admitted, stupidly of course, on tape that he does all the time it somehow makes it OK. Let’s try specific allegations.

    Filed in Court, against Donald J. Trump, twice impeached by the House, twice not removed by the Senate, doubling Bill Clinton’s record, by these individuals: Ivana Trump in1989, Jill Harth three years later, E. Jean Carroll around 1995, Summer Zervos in 2007, and Alva Johnson after Trump’s takes the throne, filed in 2019.

    Then there’s the public allegations from over a baker’s dozen against Donald J. Trump starting around 2015 we have Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Lisa Boyne, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Amy Dorris, Karena Virginia, Karen Johnson, Mindy McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Juliet Huddy, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, and Cassandra Searles,

    And, of course, the famous dressing room visits undertaken by Donald J. Trump, surprised he didn’t organize a tour, now that’s a business. But these allegations came from: Mariah Billado, Victoria Hughes, and many other participants in 1997 Miss Teen USA. Other individuals through the years include: Bridget Sullivan, Tasha Dixon, and Samantha Holvey.

    I would list the myriad “unnamed sources” for sexual abuse by Donald J. Trump but there’s been pushback on thread length :>(

    I totally agree with Larry that all of this ultimately could be resolved in court, accusers would have to come forward, and where’s there’s smoke, there ain’t necessarily fire until one goes to court. However, Larry, you also realize that same bar is not there for impeachment where smoke, or even a hint of smoke, may be enough to seal the deal. In Trump’s impeachment case, it got political in both the House and the Senate, thus the outcome. But between Trump and Clinton, there is a difference. One — Clinton spoke under oath. Trump chickened out. Two — look at the “crimes” alleged: Clinton’s were of a personal, sexual nature — he lied about a blow job and asked others to join him in his lie about a blow job. Trump’s were incitement of insurrection at the Capitol and abuse of power, obstruction of Congress over foreign influence in our election.

    Bottom line is throw the book at all these fine fellows, let the chips fall where they may, and the final outcome, process, etc. may be different in all three arenas: court, impeachment, and the court of public opinion where smoke is often, good enough. Cuomo and Donald J. Trump are very, very smoky. Bill Clinton is a California wildfire. We should no longer tolerate any of this, time to set an example.

  8. Dan Tyree

    Ben’s mother must have gotten drunk while the special olympics was in town