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Brussels Attacked! 34 killed 198 wounded

Brussels Attacked! 34 killed 198 wounded

Two simultaneous terrorist attacks took place in Brussel, killing 34 and wounding 198 (count so far).  Explosions shattered the peace in the airport and a subway train station, this on the heels of  the arrest in the city last week of terrorist leader Salah Abdeslam, who plotted November’s Paris attacks, busted in the notorious Molenbeek suburb of Brussels. An unexploded suicide belt was found at near the airport scene.

According to reports, a suicide bomber struck first near the American Airlines desk at Brussels airport at about 8 am local time, with local media reporting that shots were fired amid shouting in Arabic.  The explosion at the train station was near the European Union buildings and the US embassy about an hour later.

Borders have slammed shut once again and the city of Brussels is on lockdown.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel condemned the attacks as blind, violent and cowardly. 

Some have tried to link the attack to British discussions of exiting the EU, since the targeted train station was near the EU building, this is speculation.  The more likely reason is the capture of Abdislam, the last of the Paris conspirators.

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