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Brexit Leader: Putin More Statesmanlike Than Obama

Brexit Leader: Putin More Statesmanlike Than Obama

Obama not only condemned Britain for deciding to leave the UN, but also plans to punish the country by no longer allowing the country to be a close ally to the US.

But, UKIP leader Nigel Farage defended the Brexit on Fox News arguing that it was time for the country to regain control of its own borders.

“People said enough. We want to govern our own country, we want to make our own laws, we want our own Supreme Court to be supreme, and we want to control our borders. And that now is what must happen,” said Farage.  

The British politician then criticized Obama for his unprofessional response to the matter and said that even Putin responded more appropriately than the US president.

“Vladimir Putin behaved in a more statesmanlike manner than President Obama did in this referendum campaign,” said Farage. “Obama came to Britain, and I think, behaved disgracefully, telling us we’d be at the back of the queue…treating us, America’s strongest, oldest ally, in this most extraordinary way. Vladimir Putin maintained his silence throughout the whole campaign. I’m not a fan of Vladimir Putin. But you know, the Ukrainian crisis actually was sparked by the European Union saying they wanted to extend their borders to take in the Ukraine, which Putin took as being a direct threat.”

Not to mention, Obama then blamed Trump for the anti-immigrant fear, which he cites as the motive for the Brexit.

“There’s a xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment that’s flashing up not just in Great Britain but throughout Europe that has some parallels with what Mr. Trump has been trying to stir up here,” said Obama to NPR Tuesday.  

He also faults the Republican candidate for seeking to “tap into a fear that people may have about losing control and to offer some sort of big, nostalgic feelings about how we’ll make Britain great again, or we’ll make America great again,” said Obama. “The subtext for that is somehow that a bunch of foreigners and funny-looking people are coming in here and changing the basic character of the nation.” 

Again, the president has made this into a social issue of racial and ethnic equality and his disapproval of Britain’s decision has only caused the relationship between the US and Britain to be strained. 

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