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Boston Globe's Fake Front Page Stunt on the Future Trump Presidency Backfires

Boston Globe's Fake Front Page Stunt on the Future Trump Presidency Backfires

The Boston Globe dedicated the front page of Sunday’s paper to criticize Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The newspaper uses fake stories to describe what the editors see as the future presidency of the Republican candidate.

The headline reads “Deportations To Begin,” a made-up story about how President Trump demands that congress triple the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to manage the mass removal of illegal immigrants. The story “reports” that the cost of the endeavor to depart 11.3 million illegal immigrants would be $400 billion.  

Some of the other ridiculous details outlined on the front page include:

·        Kid Rock is an ambassador to Japan.

·        The implementation of LAME (Limiting American Media Entitlement,) an act that strengthens libel laws so members of the press (or “absolute scum” as Trump calls them,) can be sued more easily. Trump is described as celebrating this Act with Hulk Hogan (who recently won $140 million against Gawker Media in court in real life.)

·        Trump names his new pet dog after the Chinese first lady to improve diplomatic relations with China.

·        Yellowstone National Park has been renamed Trump National Park.

·        Trump’s new romance novel, “A Trumping to Remember” is discovered to be plagiarized from a previous Penthouse issue.

·        “U.S. soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families.”

The villainizing of Trump just continued with a more traditional editorial inside the paper. But, Trump isn’t the only candidate called out. Ted Cruz is called “equally extreme – and perhaps more dangerous.” Showing that the newspaper has dismissed both of the republican front-runners, although they have received almost all of the votes from voters and delegates across the country.

The stunt by the Boston Globe has backfired on the editors. The paper is now being highly criticized for crossing the line in journalism. This just shows that the once-prestigious newspaper now has low standards and isn’t reporting the news. Instead, the paper relies on sensationalized falsified news stories to desperately sell papers. Ultimately, the paper is perceived as a joke. The Boston Globe should leave the satirical satire to The Onion.

Donald Trump responded to the story on Sunday during a rally in Rochester, NY.

“How about that stupid Boston Globe? It’s worthless, sold for a dollar,” said Trump. “They wrote a totally dishonest story, totally dishonest.”

But, even non-Trump supporters are condemning the article.

“The Boston Globe — once a proud, profitable publication — is reaching the end of its rope…Most papers are struggling in a digital media age, that’s understood. But the Globe has won 23 Pulitzers since 1966, including in 2003 after its investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church that spawned 2015’s Best Picture winner in Spotlight. Most impressive about the movie? The professionalism and meticulous nature of its reporters and their allergy to all-things sensational and phony. The Globe should be doing better than losing $85 million annually.

And those two words serve as an appropriate transition to what the Globe has become as evidenced by its front page full of fake news this morning in its Ideas section in a pathetic effort to save a sinking ship (conveniently leaked to the Drudge Report yesterday to create buzz in advance). The sole focus, of course, is Donald Trump… and what would happen to the country in the eyes of the Globe editorial board if he somehow won the presidency,” said Joe Concho of Mediaite.

This pathetic attempt, to use Concho’s words, has evidently had a devastating effect on the paper’s reputation. Was it all worth it to sell some papers?

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