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Border Wall Construction Officially Stops

Border Wall Construction Officially Stops

President Biden forced hardworking Americans out of their jobs this week after he ordered a halt to all construction projects along the US-Mexico border. Workers have already abandoned most sites, leaving behind portable toilets, earth-moving machinery, mesh fencing, and stanchions.

“I received notification that in accordance with President Biden’s executive order, all CPB contractors have now been formally notified by CBP Procurement to pause construction activities on CPB self-executed projects,” reports Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

Per an executive order Biden signed just hours after his inauguration, all border wall projects must stop by January 27th. However, a handful of workers will stay behind to close open trenches and wrap up other potential safety hazards.

“This is a promising step in our work to halt construction of the ineffective and wasteful border wall and undo the damage that borderlands have experienced these past four years,” continued Cuellar. “However, our work continues. I remain steadfast in my commitment to working with the new administration until every border wall contract is terminated and all construction crews leave our border communities.”

The effort to terminate border wall contracts is not as easy as it sounds.

President Trump continued to award contracts up until the end of his presidency – including privately owned lands. Negotiating settlements with these contractors will in fact be a lengthy process that could cost billions of dollars.

Ironically, the government could use money they shifted from other projects for the wall to settle the contracts. Additional funds that were once for building the wall will now go towards virtual security tech, infrared cameras, and floodlights. They will also go towards the construction of all-weather roads for Border Patrol agents.

“It shall be the policy of my Administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall,” announced President Biden on Wednesday. “I am directing a careful review of all resources appropriated or redirected to construct a southern border wall.”

In total, workers replaced, fortified, or constructed roughly 450 miles of border wall during Trump’s presidency. Money for the wall came from the declaration of a national emergency after efforts by Congressional Democrats to block funding.

Still, Trump and supporters insist the wall is necessary to keep the United States safe from illegal immigration and drugs.

“The wall, while sometimes not as appealing as it should be, is a necessity,” argues Adolpho Telles, former El Paso County Republican Chairman. “Just like you lock your doors at night in your house, we need to lock the doors to our country.”


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