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Border Crisis Deepens in “Biden’s America”

Border Crisis Deepens in “Biden’s America”

President Joe Biden’s border policies have been a dismal failure putting the health and security of every American at risk! 

Last month alone, more than 212,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross the US-Mexico border were stopped by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a staggering number that is likely to put more pressure on the Biden administration amid the ongoing crisis.

The 212,672 stops in July represented a 12.6 percent increase over June when 188,934 stops were reported. The only month in the last 21 years with more encounters was March of 2000, when 220,063 stops were reported at the southwest frontier.

The number of attempts to cross the US-Mexico border has risen every month since President Joe Biden took office, defying the trend of previous years in which attempted crossings peaked in May but slowed down with the onset of the summer heat. The July figures mark a 171 percent increase over the 78,417 stops reported in January and a 160 percent increase over the 81,777 stops in July 2019.

Most alarmingly, CBP has already stopped more than 1.1 million illegal border-crossing attempts this calendar year.

Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas discussed the grim figures during a press conference in Brownsville, Texas Thursday, and described the southern border situation as “one of the toughest challenges we face.”

“It is complicated, changing, and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic,” he said.

Mayorkas claimed that 95,788 of the July encounters (45 percent of the total) resulted in expulsions under Title 42, a Trump-era order that permits the removal of single adults and some families in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. That number is down from June when 104,907 migrants (55.5 percent of those encountered) were removed under Title 42.

While Republicans have accused the White House of encouraging mass illegal immigration to the US by rolling back former President Donald Trump’s policies, the Biden administration, led by Vice President Kamala Harris, has insisted on focusing on so-called “root causes,” mainly violence, poverty, and corruption in Central America.

Mayorkas alleged that the Trump administration had “dismantled our asylum system” and cited “the end of the cruel policies of the past administration and the restoration of the rule of laws of this country … including our asylum laws” as a factor in why more people are attempting the risky journey to the US.

Republicans reacted fiercely to the new numbers, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who tweeted, “So much for the idea that there would be a ‘seasonal downturn’ in illegal immigrant crossings at our southern border!” before adding, “Between the crisis at the border and the debacle in Afghanistan, one could argue that President Biden is the most incompetent national security president in modern history.”

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  1. Hubert Cornwell

    We reap what we harvest, we elect COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS[?], so now we get the benefits of the COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS DISASTERS. GOD BLESS THE FREE USA

  2. Ben

    Interestingly enough, you cite apprehensions of immigrants. Isn’t that an indication of that immigrants are NOT getting into the Country?
    Of course it’s a tough situation. Our foreign policies have created unfathomable situations all over the world, no more so than Central and Southern America. Is it any wonder people are fleeing the messes we as Americans helped create ?
    Also, I love the Lindsey Graham quote, I’m shocked he has any spine left to stand up to people after trump had his way with him. Trump must have some serious blackmail info on him.

    • Dan Tyree

      Ben I hope that you assholes that support the fucking retard in the White House line up and kiss Muslim ass WHEN America is attacked again. We had a much safer country and better policy with Trump but all that you idiots know is pussy grabbing

    • Dan Tyree

      Immigrants welcome. Just come legally.

    • Mac

      Citizens militia should go and secure the borders And then kick every democrat out of the country

    • Nitpicker

      That is just completely wrong and you know it Ben. Immigrants are coming to America to get all the free stuff that the Biden administration has promised them. Unless, of course, they are in Afghanistan and then they are definitely fleeing the mess Joe made.

  3. frank stetson

    I wonder if people screaming here that Democrats are Communists are actual Communists themselves?

    I wonder how much of this right wind rhetoric is entered from outside the US network?

    Think about it, what American calls another American a Communist? Must be a Communist trying to stir the right up with lies and deceit.

    Pretty funny how those without the right to free speech use free speech to stop us from speaking freely to each other. Sowing their lies, using name calling to turn us against each other, and we let them. Like who the hell calls an American a Communist except another Communist? In America, we all know the Progressives they are talking about are Democratic Socialists, only a Communist would not know that.

    I mean like Hubert Cornwall – how Russian is that fake name? What a sickle joke.

    • Nitpicker

      Good grief Frank, more inane attempts at gaslighting. Give us a break!

    • Nitpicker

      For crying out loud frank stetson (that sounds like a real name all right) please stop “wondering” aloud.

  4. frank stetson

    Gaslighting? Do you even know what that means? I mean you’re the one without facts, hurling some inane names, this one I am pretty sure you don’t even understand since it doesn’t seem to apply.

    Is Hubert from the US? He keeps calling Joe Biden, a centrist Democrat and certainly not a Progressive, much less a Democratic Socialist. But a Communist? Really sounds like a Russian talking about Amerika, you know, kinda outa touch with modern times.

    Ben, I agree. What we know, based on the facts, is there are more apprehensions at the border. Therefore, we can be pretty sure that more people are attempting to come in. And that it’s beyond just being seasonal. That’s what the fuss is about, not the number of illegals getting through, because that is not known. While the surge is on, it is certainly higher based on the low numbers due to pandemic, not Trump, plus better conditions in Mexico, etc.

    Most of the apprehensions are immediately turned back under the Trump-initiated covid health order that Biden has retained so is that what you are frightened off, is that was scares you, is that the crisis keeping you up nights —- that we catch them and turn them back? Oh the horror of it all.

    So when Bill states: “President Joe Biden’s border policies have been a dismal failure putting the health and security of every American at risk!” he’s talking out of his ass given he doesn’t have a clue if one, one single person, has even made it past border patrol. He plays on your fears that more people stopped = more people getting in = more people with covid = one is sitting right next to you. All I can say is there are still open jobs at my pizzeria and you seem scared of us catching people and turning them back.

    Then Bill says “While Republicans have accused the White House of encouraging mass illegal immigration to the US by rolling back former President Donald Trump’s policies,” which is a clever journalistic spin ploy where you conveniently let someone else throw the mud, and you don’t check the facts, you could care less about context, you just stand back and let the shit fly.

    Bill, what policies that are turned back did this? Because as far as I can tell, Biden just reversed the cruel and unusual punishments we were metering out to asylum seekers in violation with the international agreement we signed. IOW this cruel and unusual punishment was in violation of what we said we would do. I am sure that plays well with other nations, anyone doing business with us, signing agreements and treaties. Sort like the Taliban going back on their word. Sure, this might increase asylum seekers and others to come, but hey — either we honor our international agreements, or we just say fuck you to the world after signing them. And again, as far as we know, we are catching them and turning them back. A lot of them. Maybe all of them.

    Then Bill links that out-of-context law reversal thing with our focus by saying we have announced that we are focusing on root causes. I am not sure in what world that is a bad thing to focus on root causes. Also, Bill clearly doesn’t say that we are not focusing on other issues at the border. He just sets it up so you can assume it, probably incorrectly. Don’t all these apprehensions indicate some level of focus? It isn’t a lack of focus that apprehends 100,000 in a month, is it? Think Bill needs to focus on the big picture, and being open and honest.

    His support for flinging shit, out of context conclusions, is a lovely Lyndsey quote, so pertinent cuz I remember Lyndsey as the one that Trump said this about: “I don’t think he could run for dog catcher in this state and win again. I really don’t. Other than that, I think he’s wonderful.”

    The number of apprehensions is up, yes. Think the mix is different, and the Mexican ratio is down. Number of illegal aliens is either level or down but most important, just not mentioned in context with Bill’s tirade. So, what’s the problem? Catching people as a lack of focus threatening all Americans, everywhere, with illegal alien covid?


    • Nitpicker

      If you think I’m going to read that dissertation you are severely mistaken. More words are more convincing. In fact, it’s an obvious attempt to baffle people with B.S. And yes I know what gaslighting is, do you?

  5. Frank stetsoN

    Yes, too many words means it’s BS. Brilliant.

    If you know what gaslighting means, then explain how I gaslighted you? Are you feeling manipulated? Too many words makes you groggy? Come on, prove it. Cuz you’re getting to “no, it’s you” level of debate.

    Instead of just calling names, broad-brushing via stereotypers, actually prove how I am gaslighting you. ,

    • Nitpicker

      Okay frank, but remember, you asked for it,

      “What are a gaslighter’s tactics?

      “A gaslighter will initially lie about simple things, but the volume of misinformation soon grows, and the gaslighter may accuse the victim of lying if he or she questions the narrative. They typically deploy occasional positive reinforcement to confuse the victim, but at the same time, they may attempt to turns others against the victim, even their own friends and family, by telling them that the victim is lying or delusional.

      “How do you know that you’re being gaslighted?

      A victim experiences increased self-doubt as the gaslighter insists that what he or she remembers, thinks, and feels is wrong. The manipulative individual will introduce lies in more sensitive arenas, aiming to disrupt and distort foundational aspects of the victim’s being, wearing them down, establishing confusion, and forcing them to rely on the gaslighter’s version of reality.”

      Manipulative people who engage in gaslighting do so to attain power over their victims, either because they simply derive warped enjoyment from the act or because they wish to emotionally, physically or financially control their victim.”
      ~Psychology Today

      Face it frank, you middle name should be “gasligtht.”

      • Nitpicker

        Oh, and it definitely is you frank.

  6. frank stetson

    Wow, that’s impressive that a whole psychology has been based on the 1938 Play “Gas Light,” later turned into a couple of movies where, amongst other physical manipulations, the gas lights are actually raised or lowered to drive someone insane. The term gaslighting was made up from the play’s name, and the definition has taken off from there, although let’s face it, you can just watch the movie to get the idea, and it certainly is not as deep as the Psyche Today rendition.

    While I am really impressed, that you can parrot Psyche Today, I asked if YOU understand the term. Clearly you don’t. According to your own definition, and using your stated understanding of said definition:

    – Where have I lied, show us. That seems to be the crux of the biscuit for your defintion. So, show us.
    – I have not “accused” people of lying as stated in your definition, I have straight out called them liars with factual support to my claims of any with sources or rationales/facts.
    – I realize that if I provide positive feedback that you might feel confused, that’s understandable for you, it’s OK.
    – When have I attempted to turn others against you? Your family, your friends. I mean on this board they are either in your rowboat or not: there’s no turning going on here. Just can’t imagine you backing up this definitional claim you stated.

    Hard to imagine you actually think I conform to your definition, but I guess you feel lied too, I guess you feel manipulated. So sorry.

    Your definition says: the perpetrator lies in order to manipulate. Really, name some lies, support your assertion of the lies and your being manipulated.

    I am all for the debate, let’s debate. If all you can do is call names, without substantiation, that is not a debate. That’s a one-sided street fight and I will not engage, will not lower myself to name calling. That’s just some heckler baying at the moon. So, feel free to call me a liar, a gaslighter (that’s a fancy liar), a manipulator (because you are easily manipulated), but if you can’t back it up, if you can’t support what appears to be my lame claims, sit down and shut up.

    I mean at one point you claim I am BS because there are too many words. That’s not exactly proof. Then you say I am gaslighting but you admit you don’t even read the posts. It’s all very confusing, did the light just dim?

    FYI — I like Boyer the best of the three versions of Gas Light although I hear Price’s Broadway rendition was priceless even if the Pearl Harbor attack two days after the open sort of killed it. But it came back and ran 1,300 opens. Price left after a year of having issues with management.

    Really look forward to an open, lively, discussion, or if you just want to continue calling names without even a scintilla of support, please excuse me for not responding to such drivel.

    • Nitpicker

      Frank my goal here is simple. I just want people to know the truth. Whenever and wherever I find people that try to use any technique obfuscate the truth in order to bully, intimidate, or manipulate people, I will call it out. And that is you my friend, all the way.

  7. frank stetson

    Like I said, no substantiation except your claim that too many words = bs. And I am not your friend, yet another lie. Sort of like you are trying to gaslight me :>) Hauling out those old trope’s “obfuscate, bully, intimidate” because you are not going to debate, just call names. And again, are you even American? Because that paragraph, while including some really nice 50-cent words, is not really good use of the English language. I mean “I find people that try to use any technique obfuscate the truth” seems to be missing a word or two, not?

    Show us where I have I have obfuscated the truth. Show us where I have lied.

    I am sorry you feel bullied, intimidated, and manipulated. If you can ever point out actual examples, perhaps I might change. But you don’t. You just keep hurling names hoping one will stick if you keep repeating it over and over and over.

    You say you want people to know the truth, but when you come up against it, all you got is names, branding, tropes.

    Continue not to read because they are too long while you still summarize what you haven’t read as bullying, etc. even though you don’t read those posts. Makes perfect sense for you I am sure.