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Bongino: Where was Kamala Harris on January 6?

Bongino: Where was Kamala Harris on January 6?

There was a pipe bomb near the Democratic National Headquarters, placed just before January 6, 2020. Apparently, it was found by Kamala Harris’ security team. Dan Bongino discusses this in his Rumble video below.

It raises a whole lot of questions, because despite its proximity to the January 6 protests and the indications that is it domestic terrorism, media coverage and Democratic Party squawking were surprisingly low. In fact, the incident seems to have fallen into obscurity.

A few observations.

The pipe bomb was crude and malfunctioning. It should have gone off earlier and apparently by the time Harris’ security team found it, it was inert. Weird.

The authorities actually found video from local security cams of the person (appears to be female) who placed the pipe bomb. She placed the pipe bomb and shortly thereafter made a phone call (huh? stupidest thing you can do in an op). So they know the start and end times of the phone call. Hmmm, we know the FBI has access to the phone logs from the neighboring cell towers. Did they not recover the phone numbers from both parties? And even it if was a burner phone they could go to where it was bought, and check security cameras and credit card receipts, right?

Do you find it strange that the FBI did manage to track down a great many January 6th protesters, but did not exert the effort to track down an ACTUAL TERRORIST?

It was also interesting that no DNA was recovered from the scene (an element of professionalism, but yet the call…?) , or bombmaking forensic evidence. But professional? No, who stops to make a phone call while in the “escape and evasion” phase of an op, the time when you should be getting as far away as possible as cleanly as possible.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might be thinking that this was a setup, and it was designed such that Kamala Harris would be able to say she was almost killed by a pipe bomb. If you have seen the movie “Wag the Dog” you will know the strategy I refere to.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might think that this was abandoned because the Democrats thought the January 6th protests were just a better opportunity. Plus the risk of an honest investigation backfiring on the Democrats was substantial.

Naturally there is no proof of any such conspiracy, because the investigation does not seem to have been completed.

Bongino will be following up on this soon. Let’s see what he comes up with.

Of course, Hillary may already have his suicide scheduled…

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  1. Micala

    The Democrats truly think the American people are just plain stupid. Everything about that supposed pipe bomb event is contrived — too many holes in the report to give it credence!

    Who knows, maybe THAT WAS KAMALA HARRIS IN DISGUISE, not thinking about the consequences of her act, but just had to call her “Bestie” to brag about her plan to blame “someone” for trying to blow her up with a dud bomb! Come on now Harris! IT WAS A DUD BOMB BIMBO!
    Next time someone needs to tell Biden to remember to put the dynamite inside the pipe bomb and not leave it in his basement!

    Who knows? Most of those leftist people are 100% least brilliant and a 100% a whole lot DENSE!

    • Frank stetson

      And yet they pulled off The Big Lie and after over a year, you still can’t prove it.

      Might have been The Gatczapoco Police did it.

  2. Don

    Do you find it strange that the FBI did manage to track down a great many January 6th protesters, but did not exert the effort to track down an ACTUAL TERRORIST?


  3. Frank stetson

    Yeah, hundreds of people, many armed, some screaming kill Mike Pence, other screaming kill Nancy Pelosi, damaging the capitol and even pissing on the walls, shouldn’t be considered terrorists? Can we go with insurrectionist? Is that close enough?

    My conspiracy is why did Joe and PBP leave out the fact that a similar bomb was left at the RNC headquarters? Since it appears to be the same maker, would it be the same conspiracy? And why would Joe only tell 1/2 of the story, the part that allows him to include Kamala Harris? What is he hiding? I mean there must be someone important at the RNC headquarters. Or maybe not.

    Bottom line, it’s obviously Professor Plum in the dining room with a candle stick. Or an ongoing investigation that has not completed. In the case of the insurrectionist, oh my God, how could you not catch them?

    In the case of the capital riot, the perpetrators thought they were doing nothing wrong. And they were stupid. I am pretty sure the bomb maker had a different point of view of whether they were doing right or wrong. Thus, catching the insurrectionist is like picking low hanging fruit. Especially when you have thousands of Internet detectives helping the FBI to hunt them down. Just don’t have that with the DNC or RNC headquarters.

    • Howard mccloud

      Screaming thugs attacking the police and burning homes and businesses. Shouldn’t they be called terrorists? A small percentage of them got prosecuted and those who did were only slapped on the wrist. And the wrath of the government is being thrown at the January 6 folks. And yes the election was stolen. The courts stepped away and refused to look at the proof because the net of justice would have taken down a lot of people in high places. It’s already established that election laws were not only broken but shattered. But never again!!!

      • Frank stetson

        Sounds like you have some really good statistics on this.

        What’s that percentage and what was the average sentence? I only ask because one of the criticisms of the 1/6 court cases is that the sentences are far too light.

        • Perry

          They deserve a pardon. Trump will take care of that. If the parties were reversed you would be whining about letting them go

          • Frank stetson

            Nope. Break the law, pay the price.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      “Kill Mike Pence”? What color is the sky in the world you live in.

      • Frank stetson

        Ate you serious Joe?

        I live in the real world, not in your Trumpian universe where do you believe the big lie is truth.

        I may have misspoken and the chant was hang Mike Pence. Sorry if I equated being lynched with being dead. You can google. not worth my time.

      • Larry kuhn

        Pay the price? That’s only if you aren’t blm.

  4. Ben

    You’re saying that the right wing comservatives that dominate the ranks of LEO know all of this, but for some reason haven’t done anything about it? Come on man, this is too much, even for a rag like PBP. I thought PBP hit peak absurdity when Larry wrote about a rumored fart, but this takes the cake. You referenced Rumble, that should be enough to indicate to any reader that this was going to be a partisan hit piece… oh… now I get it. Lol