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Bobby Jindal Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Bobby Jindal Announces 2016 Presidential Run

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has tossed his hat into the 2016 Republican Presidential race.   He cast himself as an outsider but pledges to pursue a conservative agenda, including smaller government, protecting the unborn, getting rid of common core.  

In his announcement speech, he chided Jeb Bush for suggesting we “we need to hide our conservative ideals.”  

He attacked Hillary Clinton on religious freedom saying “I’m going to say this slowly so that even Hillary Clinton can understand it. America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created the United States of America.”

Attacks have already started, the Washington Post has accused Jindal of “not being Indian enough” and running away from his roots.  The Federalist describes his candidacy as “problematic” since his transition from Indian ethnicity to American is unusual.

Jindal is generally noted as a highly intelligent conservative and a motivating speaker.  We at the Punching Bag Post anticipate the more he speaks, the higher he will rise in the polls.

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