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BLM Co-Founder Charles Wade was a Pimp, Alleged Child Sex Trafficker

BLM Co-Founder Charles Wade was a Pimp, Alleged Child Sex Trafficker

Black Lives Matter co-founder Charles Wade was arrested in April 2016 after an undercover cop responded to this ad: “Holla at me. Quick stay tonight and tomorrow. Independent. Fun and sexy. Text me to set up an appointment??????”

Police records suggest Wade posted the ad on (a site commonly used by pimps and prostitutes). The ad listed the poster’s age as 23. 

The undercover cop was directed to visit a hotel room at a Howard Johnson Inn in College Park, Maryland. When he arrived, he was greeted by a 17-year-old girl wearing nothing but a towel. That’s when more police arrived and arrested Wade, who was found at the hotel carrying three cell phones. He was charged with seven counts of human trafficking. 

Wade told police that he had been asked to provide temporary housing for the 17-year-old girl through Operation Hush (an organization Wade founded in 2015 to help feed and house activists in Ferguson, MO following the shooting of Mike Brown). He said he believed the girl was 20 years old.  

The girl described Wade as her “manager” and said that all the money she earned was given to him. She also said that Wade knew she was a minor but “wasn’t worried.” According to the police report, Wade would leave the hotel room each time the girl had a “client.”

Wade posted a $25,000 bail two days after his arrest. His trial was set for June 2016, but it is unclear if he was convicted or sentenced. Court records show the case was closed later in 2016.

At the time, Wade claimed his arrest should not affect the Black Lives Matter movement:

“This situation in no way should reflect on the movement or anyone else in the movement other than myself,” tweeted Wade. “Ultimately, I had the final decision on moving forward with housing her and putting my name on the line. And ultimately, the embarrassment now caused and whatever consequences there may be are solely mine.”

Criminal records show that Wade was arrested and charged with third degree grand left in Miami in January 2016. He was also arrested in 2014 in Texas and charged with making false statements.

Black Lives Matter has chosen not to comment on Wade’s dark past, but this is something that cannot be ignored. Black Lives Matter is a massive organization that wants to defund the police and leave our cities and streets vulnerable. It is clear from BLM protests that the group embraces civil disobedience, rioting, looting, and violence. If they are successful, perpetrators like Wade will be able to operate their illegal businesses without repercussions. 

Author’s Note: It’s ironic that a BLM activist was arrested for modern-day slave trading. Can you imagine the liberals’ reaction if these crimes were attributed to a white activist or GOP politician??

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  1. kim

    Not surprised.

  2. Michelle

    Most dems have a shady past!!!!

  3. Michelle

    Most dems have a shady past…..

  4. Chef Boy "RT"

    Trouble makers working off peoples emotions and quick judgement.
    Check statistics percentages etc..
    The organization is fueling civil unrest we can not afford.

  5. Steven Leo Harvey

    Stooping pretty low here. Whatever his past, BLM has certainly redeemed him.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      BLM is, at least in part, a terrorist organization. The fact that was co-founded by such an immoral person shows that there was never anything noble about the organization. Thugs led by thugs.

  6. MBurkett

    I had my suspicions, Black Lives Matter should be called Black Criminal Lives Matter since, that seems to be the only Black Lives they represent by raping, pillaging and plundering (see Lori ‘Lighthead’ Lightfoot’s/Chicago or De Blasio’s/New York City incompetent response to indiscriminate Black-on-Black drive-by shootings killing innocent blacks.

  7. Gary Schelvan

    Heck, now we know why he fits with BLM so well! A match made in Hell.

  8. Pat

    This tid bit of info sure is under the radar. The other 3 women founders admitted they aren’t Marxist.

  9. art

    that’s some resume He must be a CEO

  10. Jane Roots

    As always when it comes to blacks and Their organizations to do good the one percenters always finds things to discredit these organizations when they have and still are doing bad things to people thought the use of others….. just like the did with the black panthers, Martin Luther, Malcolm X and many more….. F….. white supremacy, everyone is tired of the bull shit

  11. Bob Green

    Let’s see, one BLM founder is an averred Marxist with trained Marxists as members, and this other founder was caught in the act of attempting to pimp a minor girl to a cop. Seriously,, Mr. Wade, none of this should cast any “shade” on the BLM movement? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Lloyd

    You sound as if you are surprised at the knowing of a criminal forming a criminal enterprise such enterprise known as BLM which under the shield of concern for certain lives are actually criminals themselves. If anyone in his right mind believes killing, mugging, robbing and burning are signs of a peaceful protest than I must be out of my mind. As far back as I can remember murdering someone is against the law, Arson I believe is also against the law, stealing someone’s property is also against the law. So if that activity is what BLM is doing why then are these criminals not in jail?

    Are there any law abiding politicians left to give the arrest, hold without bail, and prosecute orders?