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Blinken’s Confession: 90% of Ukraine Aid Never Sent to Ukraine

Blinken’s Confession: 90% of Ukraine Aid Never Sent to Ukraine

Only 10 percent of the billions of dollars secured by the Biden administration as aid for Ukraine were actually sent to Ukraine while the rest was spent in the United States. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken blatantly revealed this to reporters in a press briefing held last week at the State Department.  

In a joint press conference with United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Thursday (December 7), hosted by Blinken, a BBC reporter asked about the Russia-Ukraine war slipping away from Ukraine while the Biden administration is asking the Congress for another $61 billion of taxpayer money for Ukraine. After David Cameron answered the question, Blinken claimed that Ukraine has achieved “extraordinary success,” before stating:

If you look at the investments that we’ve made in Ukraine’s defense to deal with this aggression, 90 percent of the security assistance we’ve provided has actually been spent here in the United States with our manufacturers, with our production, and that’s produced more American jobs, more growth in our own economy.

Blinken went on to say that Ukraine aid has been a win-win for America and that it needs to continue. The State Department posted the video of the briefing to its YouTube channel.

At the press conference, select reporters were handpicked in advance to ask the two officials questions about foreign policy in the current times of war. Those who got to ask the questions work with The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Reuters, and ITV.

Blinken’s revelation about spending Ukraine aid within the US was categorically ignored by media. But it didn’t go unnoticed by voices on social media critical of the Biden administration.

Repeating the urgency of further aid for Ukraine in comments on CNN, Blinken stated without any evidence that Ukraine has made remarkable progress against Russia in the ongoing war over the past year. He claimed that Ukraine has recaptured more than 50% of the Ukrainian territory held by Russia since February 2022. However, he did not provide any details to back up his claim. He did reiterate spending 90 percent of the Ukraine aid in the United States.

The Biden administration’s push for getting Congressional approval for over $60 billion in further assistance to Ukraine comes on top of the recent news of Pentagon’s failed audit for the 6th year in a row. Last month, the Pentagon failed its 6th annual financial audit, failing to account for nearly $4 trillion of its funds.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Hunter Biden has it

    • frank Stetson

      And then he gave it to Joe who then made a deal with China to pay off Hunter’s truck……

      • Dan tyree

        Or pay off hunters dope debts

        • doug

          What are the chances that the entire Ukraine war originated with Humper’s dope and hooker debt?

    • Roger

      So there are those who think that because the money for arms is spent here the purpose is alright or neutralized and as if it were not still foreign aid.

      So if country A invaded B and B did not have a defense pact with us and say A bought a lot of their munitions from us (not our tax payers so all the better) then there is no policy issue over the propriety of what we are doing as long as our economy is being fed? We are supposed to lighten up.

      Expropriating our tax dollars to buy armaments made here is still denuding our taxpayers not to mention alternative uses for the money (border security) and the impact on the value of the dollar because it is all deficit spending. The economic “benefit” Blinken tries to plant is similar to the argument that “Uncle Sam” can take 10 billion and buy 200,000 people in England a car made here because, well it helps US industry and the Brits are putatively our friend. What taxpayer dollar cannot be absconded with by that argument? Blinken is a clown.

      The lobbyists pushing this are depending on the “law of concentrated gain and diffuse pain”. An industry gets welfare and the people are taxed to do so. The industry can afford lobbyists and campaign donations from all they have to gain while the individual taxpayer only feels a relatively little pain compared to the ecstasy the lobbyist clients feel.

      But that law only works for so long, until it is realized important competing uses exist. Now the concentrated gainers will scream the sky is falling even though our own defense needs ought to keep them happy.

    • doug


      Up your nose.

      Or, more accurately, probably up HUMPER’S nose.

    • doug

      Leave this site for and indefinite time and when you return, you’ll find he same BS being shoved by the same not-see(s) that you left behind earlier, flatulating the same feces they (or he/she/it) have been doing for months and probably years.

      There is one person who pretty much spends his/her/its entire day, in and out, soiling this otherwise clean site. A fleeting examination of the posts makes clear that one single poster — the Third Reich revivalist/Jew-envying/black loathing TomFrankincest, who compensate for his loneliness and well-deserved microscopic self-esteem by conversing with himself on-line here. It’s an action that psychiatrists label as personality multiplication syndrome (PMS). It’s been scientifically designated as “duelling pisss-ants.”

      The fifth-grade literacy level displayed by the waddling katzenjammers provides a model of targeting. Targetting of Asians, native Americans, blacks, Jews, BaHa’i and other ethnic, racial and religious minorities.

      Over the past several months they’ve often been challenged over their pinkish hued KKKlan attire and Swastika tats, and their only response has been — well, bawling and swishing out the door.

      They’ve been asked repeatedly to specify the worst racists in U.S. history. Answering would obviously blow their cover, so they button up and don’t reply. Besides, queens don’t’ appreciate commoners talking to them, let alone exposing them.

      They haven’t answered in the past and they won’t here, the poor widdle twinkels. So they’ll feel the heat again next time.


      Readers of this and related comment boards will find themselves barraged by a fusillade of buttt-headed explosions of flatulence by one exceedingly dimtwit who has multiple posting accounts so he can pretend to have a conversion with another poster.

      Whether he/she/it has purposely created the duelling dumbassses or whether they’re an expression of his personality multiplication syndrome (PMS) remains unknown and probably unknowable.

      But the fifth-grade literacy level displayed by the shrieking katzenjammers provides a model of targeting. The author/authoresses of the posts as easy to nail as the synagogues that they/it/she/he loves to hurl rocks at, as a kind of reverse Goliath and David.

      They deserve discussion in only one subject, and that’s their repeatedly admitted hate for Asians, native Americans, blacks, Jews, BaHa’i and other ethnic, racial and religious minorities.

      Over the past several months they’ve often been challenged over their KKKlan attire and Swastika tattoos, and their only response has been — well, bawling and swishing out the door.

      They’ve been asked to specify the worst racists in U.S. history. Of course, they/it entirely rejects the notion that their hate for minorities represents anything other than valor like that of their tranny Third Reich revival leaders, such as Quid Pro Groper Joe Bidet.

      They won’t offer any further information here, or elsewhere

  2. frank Stetson

    Eh, you were on a roll…… But on one hand, you say Hunter made billions, and on the other, he’s got dope debts. Dude, I don’t think anyone with a dope debt lasts very long in this world.

    Don’t quit the day job, but the first one was funny. I M O.

    Almost as funny as hearing Jordan and Comer explain Biden’s impeachable crime. Oh yeah, Trump got impeached twice, that’s Biden’s crime……. Still waiting for those DOZENS of whistleblowers to come out of Jordan’s office and show us the money. DOZENS he said. On the record. Transcripts. Massive weaponization of government. Oh my.

    It’s McCarthyism all over again and that’s the biggest joke in DC.

    • Jim wampler

      It’s your commie party that uses the government against their opponents. The polls have retard joe coming in at in the 30’s according to polls. And that probably won’t change much. So God help your crowd if he’s declared winner. As for Trump being impeached twice I’m damned proud of him. He pissed off the commiecrats. Good job.!!!! The commiecrats have succeeded in causing trouble for a good man. And your guy is a pussy grabbing pervert that gets too touchy feely with kids. And he can’t remember to wipe his ass. But just wait until trump gets re-elected. You people should get together and pull a Jim jones I’ll help mix the koolaid.

    • Charles Covington

      You want to look at a joke, find any mirror, and get in front of it, dude to defend biden, the joker is there,

    • Q

      frank Stetson is still a lady cleansing tool!! We laugh at you, commie!

    • stop spending

      hunter has/had huge debt problem – might be drug dept might be hooker/exesses problem – BUT he has told us, the IRS has told us, FBI has told us, everyone has told us he spent huge amounts of money and was/is in debt. A dem contributor, Kevin Morris, paid off 4.8 milllion $ along with the millions that he was being paid by Russian olagards, Ukraine energy company, etc. The bank records clearly show the money flow. You can ignore it all you want and try to say “we” are crazy but the FACTS are there. Remember, Trump was investigated for three years to prove the “Russian collusion” and all the investigation showed was that Hillary colluded with other countries to try and destroy Trump. Glad this Biden admin is working so well for you but now it might be time to pass that good success to the millions that are suffering under the Biden administration

  3. Frank stetson

    Jim, Biden has never been held liable or convicted of sexual abuse or digital rape. That’s your hero: Trump. Trump was bonking a porn star while his communist wife, Melanoma, was birthing barron. That trial is ongonig but his lawyer already guilty.
    Ej. Carrol got $5m from Trump for his finger fucking where he got her alone, slammed her up against the wall, put his hand under her dress, into her panties and then penetrated her vagina with his fingers.

    His business is liable for cheating and fraud. His cfo is in jail. His personal fixer went to jail. His lawyers have pled guilty of trying to rig the 2020 election in GA .

    That’s what you call a good guy as you shrug and say it’s the democrats.


    • Jim lucas

      Nobody proved that Trump did anything. A judge chose to believe the accusations. Just like you. Sure, Trump might be guilty. But it’s never been proven. So you’re the deplorable you low life piece of shit. People like you are the reason that the system can’t be trusted. If your daughter said that you did those things to her should we believe her?

      • doug

        His daughter? He’s as capable of procreating as a tree stump is.

        The closest family he has is his gerbils.

    • Q

      frank Stetson, Donkey!!

  4. Frank stetson

    Lukas. You have a strange fascination with my imaginary daughter that you made up for your fantasies. Give it up short dick, even my fake daughter wouldn’t you notice.

    Trump was held liable by a jury of his peers for sexual abuse by a jury of peers. It is proven in a court of law although fascists don’t believe in the rule of law.

    Stormy Daniels testified to his sexcapades with her while the communist Melanoma birthed barron.

    He made seven trips on the lolita express to Espstein’s fantasy island.

    When the idiot appealed the rape allegation from the trial, the judge said, give it a break, you digitally raped her and only ny law that requires penis penetration got you off the hook. But you stuck your fingers into her vagina according to the evidence and everywhere else but ny, that’s RAPE. .

    It’s not like Trump didn’t tell you himself that he grabs em by the pussy. Just like he said he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and no one would care. Can you say: Babbit? Got her killed and walked. She never would’ve been there except for Trump.

    He did it. Upon hearing the evidence the jury agreed. How many 1.6 guilties blame Trump, on the record. Under oath.

    His cfo in jail. His business guilty of tax fraud and other misconducts .His personal lawyer eent to jail. Now his White House personal lawyer fined for $148m. A gaggle of his lawyers pled guilty in
    GA implicating him in prep for his day in court. And in a few weeks, his business may be put into receivership for crooked practices. Probably acyuge portion of it.

    His goose is cooked and he’s stringing you along for a few more donations. He has always deferred and delayed his way to a better outcome. Not this time.

    • Jim lucas

      Just saying that Trump might be innocent. So what if he fucked stormy Daniels. He would have to stand in line. But do we believe a porn cunt? Who knows. Her pussy is probably so big that she wears suspenders to keep from shitting in it. As for sexual assault, the deep pockets of the left will buy a lot of liars. But they sure circled the wagons around bill Clinton. And he raped women. Yes, I believe the women. And about your daughter. I was being hypothetical

      • Frank stetson

        Mr Lucas: and now we cone to the crux of the biscuit, the heart of the matter. What do you believe.

        In this case, I believe in the American concept of the rule of law where you can be judged by a jury of your peers based on the evidence presented.

        You believe in Donald J Trump.

        I like believing in an idea. You like believing in a man.

        I believe in our institutions. Not that they are without flaw, but that they serve the Constitution.

        You believe in Donald J Trump.

        As far as I’m concerned, go get Clinton for any wrong doing

        But Trump is liable for sexual abuse and defamation. The judge declared him a digital rapist for forced fingering of EJ Carroll as adjudicated in a court of law.

        His business is liable for tax fraud, whatever, in court. His personal lawyer went to jail in a court case where Trump is his conspirator with Trump’s case ongoing. He is presumed innocent but looks very guilty since Cohen was nailed. His White House personal lawyer got fined for $148m for telling his lies. His other lawyers, a few of them, pled guilty for trying to rig the 2020 election and will testify against him. They were in the room.

        I believe the people, the courts, and the rule of law on this one. The evidence is compelling. You believe in Donald J Trump, a man who lies a lot..

        You do know he lies, right? A lot.

        And unlike you, I do not compare based on looks or vagina size. Nor based on your opinion that Clinton is worse. I think sex abuse of a digital rape variety is bad, no matter what you allege Bill Clinton did 100 years ago. The fact he did while the communist Melanoma was giving birth to a barron really shows his character.

        Place your vote proudly. I will.

        Your momma. Hypothetically of course.

        • Jim lucas

          Up your mama’s ass. Hypothetically of course. Why didn’t this witch hunt come up before he announced another run for president? Don’t know? I do. I know that we had a better country on his watch. Yes, he didn’t handle the money well. Trump wasn’t perfect. But I damned sure would welcome him back to the White House. Other than your opinion on alleged wrongdoing, you don’t seem to give a reason to reelect Biden. He sexually assaulted Tara Reade but the me too movement didn’t work for her. And these Trump allegations were judged by what they chose to believe. Not actual proof. But the scotus might straighten this shit out. And they might not. We will see. But Trump has every right to express his beliefs that the election was stolen. But leftists assholes hate freedom of speech. Have you ever heard of the cancel culture? Lol. And yes, you have a daughter. But I don’t care. And I hope that she has a great life and turns into a right wing extremist.

          • frank Stetson

            Mr. Lucas: why would you say that about my mother? Do you really think that is funny OR are you just trying to hurt someone who disagrees with you? Some man you are.

            The people heard the evidence, they believed EJ Carroll and the other witnesses who confirm Trump is that kind of guy. Trump has told you similar. I only wish Stormy would take the stand and explain what happened to her. I honestly find it hard to believe he hired a hooker for normal hooker stuff. For one thing, he’s kind of a germaphobe.

            The people listened to the evidence, found him liable. You should read the transcripts, they are compelling. Here’s just the transcript of the verdict


            The judge added the digital rape charge when Trump stupidly tried to countersue Carroll on the rape charge: “Ex-president claimed that writer defamed him when saying he raped her, but judge said term is commonly ‘used and understood’ in context.” **

            Here’s the summary judgement transcript finding Trump guilty of fraud in his businesses. At Trump’s stupid request, it was a bench ruling: “A judge ruled Tuesday that Donald Trump committed fraud for years while building the real estate empire that catapulted him to fame and the White House, and he ordered some of the former president’s companies removed from his control and dissolved.”

            Finally, here’s the transcript for the CRIMINAL case of tax fraud where Trumpco is found guilty and his CFO goes to jail based on actions Mr. Trump did, “on a whim” according to his attorneys. The jury found he did it consistently over time, a lot. **

            So liable for sex abuse, rape not erased as judge confirms it. Liable of cheating in business, on his taxes, CFO goes to jail from two different trials so far. Juries found him guilty. Judges from the bench found him guilty. The evidence shows he’s guilty. And the people believed the evidence.

            And yet you still believe the man over the rule of law. Course then again, you believe in daughters that don’t exist either. In either case, you have no proof beyond your beliefs.

          • Jim lucas

            You hypothetically involved my mother.

    • Q

      frank Stetson =’s ASSHOLE!

  5. Rick

    Well, at least 10 percent went to the Big Guy of course.

    • Mike f

      Urnst-Are you really as stupid as your title implies you are? Do you really not understand what Blinken was saying? Because if you are, windbag post has made a serious error in allowing you to write for their rubbish-you belong in an institution…. The fact that 90% of the aid was spent in the US obviously is referring to the fact that we are buying goods (mainly military hardware) here in the US and shipping them to Ukraine. I realize that most of your readers fail to realize this, and think for some reason that this aid money is being squandered, but that is due to their ignorance in taking your words at face value..

      • Tom

        Well said. And the answer to your question is, yes, they really are that stupid, including Urnst. But it is a voluntary stupid. They are as I told Frank, unrepentant 1.6’ers that are hard right isolationists. Logic, truth, and comprehension do not reside with them.

      • doug

        Talk about drowning in one’s own BS.

        Quid Pro Groper Joe Bidet and his mammoth administration has been challenged for well over a year to lay out a breakdown of where and how U.S. aid to Ukraine has been spent. They’ve even been warned that Congress might reduce or stop the humungous outflow of aid if that information is not released to Congress and the public. They continue to refuse to allow any sunshine into that dark cavern.

        This is nothing that you damned well don’t know — no matter how much you stumble and bumble and flatulate.

        All the evidence is that Blinken and his boss are flat-out lying about any benefit to the U.S. from the European war that’s brought us closer to a WW III than any other military confrontation since WW II — even closer than the Cuban missile crisis or the Korean and Vietnam wars.

        There’s probably not a cluster of people anywhere in the United States whose members, if guaranteed absolute confidentiality, wouldn’t admit that they are convinced that Groper Joe, Humper and other members of the Bidet Crime family aren’t making out royally in siphoning money from the federal gummint.

        Everything about the Ukraine war has been thrown into deep suspicion by the commander in chief’s determination to engage completely and dishonestly in totally dishonest fabulism about the economy and the federal budget. To put it another way, if Bidet & Co. were telling the truth, there would be no reason for them to hide and shade the truth. When someone takes the Fifth, like Groper Joe, they’re doing so only to disguise their own wrongdoing. Jump around like a court jester all you want. It’s case closed.

  6. frank Stetson

    Yes, Ukraine spends 90% of it’s money on arms. What do you want —- they should buy them from Iran? Russia? North Korea? worse yet —- France? NO — they buy American and so the money comes back to our economy.

    Must be working, my Defense Mutual is over 25% profit. I know I should sell and have a merry Christmas but it just keeps going and growing and…..

    Thank God that the Dumpster goes to X for the truth.

    • Q

      frank Stetson is nothing more than a dick wad filled w/ bad genes!

    • Tom

      Frank, I agree with you on Trump. The issue is you are debating with people (and in some cases I am using the word people loosely) that have no intention of listening to the truth, even when it is documented by court of law rulings (that they profess to believe in) if said truth is different from their MAGA truth as issued by Trump. That is why I do not bother with them. They are unrepentant 1.6’ers. All they want is another pound of flesh to gnaw on, because flesh is all that will satisfy their emptiness. Ideas, ideals, morals, documented legal evidence, all have nothing to do with them because the truth has fled from them.. You have been doing some good research lately and your answers are quite sensible. Keep up the good comments, ignore the fools.

      This article makes it sound like the Biden admin is doing something wrong but they are not. We supplied them many of our weapons systems. So naturally, we will make and supply them with the consumable products needed to use the weapon as intended. They do not seem to understand this concept. 1) I know of a 155 mm shell manufacturer in Scranton PA that has ramped up production because of this funding, and that means jobs to that community. And there is another factory like it in Iowa. 2) Also, if you read US history on the period just before WWII you will find we were horribly unprepared for any war due to our isolationist policy. 3) With the world becoming more dangerous due to authoritarian leaders, now is not the time to relax on our defense obligations and production! 4) Biden administration has accomplished building the domestic economy while stopping international thugs.

      Hip hip hooray for that defense mutual fund of yours! By the way, can you tell me the ticker symbol of that mutual. I would like to look it up in Vanguard.

      • frank Stetson

        tom, fsdax —- if you follow the chart, this time I bought in 22 just before the war. i like fidelity mutuals. took a dip this year, but we are off to the races now. i have been going in and out for years, defense never dies no matter who rules, but does quiver now and then. you should see my guns and chlorine stock —- oh my. but I missed that one this go round. Usually good just before an election. obama wins, they buy guns. trump wins, they buy guns. think it’s the same they. did make a covid killing on the chlorine though……

        • Tom

          I have shied away from Fidelity because they mishandled me years ago. FXDAX is up 14.1% year to date, and 11.23% since inception. What is interesting is that it’s performance rarely meets its benchmarks, but the benchmarks keep going up and up – which is good for dividends because they keep making more and more money. I am going to try to find time to read about it more later. I should have bought into defense back in 2021 like I was thinking of doing.

    • Jim wampler

      I’ve spent quite a lot on arms and ammo over time.

      • Tom

        That’s great. And I am sure Frank thanks you since some of your spending went to fund his dividends! You see, this is a great case of mutual dependency! You need arms from companies in his portfolio, and he needs you to buy this stuff so he can get juicy returns. I think its great! We just found some common ground!!!

        • Frank stetson

          Tom, Hmm, I find Fidelity excellent except it’s always an expert, but always a different person. I do have a personal consultant but they operate on a scholarly basis’ for education not recommendation. No picks and generic strategies. But they helped with my tax/tax free strategy and now I pay far less. They also chase down my money like no tomorrow and since I spent 40 years buying crap, being spiffed with crap, and then mergers/aquisitions, I was lost. My att aka lucent aka nokia left me 35 shares in finland. I said screw it and every few years get a 1099div for $3.35. Could not kill it. After 4 years and two tries they nailed it. Now I need to exchange $3.35 in euros….. I was using Raymond James where it’s personal to the point you need your guy to make a move. Very safe but not timely so kong term buys only. But my guy sidejobbed and they dumped him for I dumped them. We made a lot but he went pre ipo and that’s a bridge too far for me. Funny, hiscfirst puck was a loser but we reached financial kismet and then made a bundle.

          Who do you use? I am always looking, toss em a small.portfolio and test em. Morgan Stanley failed. Chase failed.

          Fsdax is not popguns, it’s defense. For popguns, try oln but they also do chems like chlorine so jump all ovet. Winchester is the gun. You just missed the dip as profits and the ceo fell. They do a lot of dips. So good for, not day tracing, but maybe a few months to profit or get stuck and have to wait awhile. Hard to find other gun stocks that are publicly traded. Fyi – fsdax div’s suck.

          But this year, it’s brokered cd’s; never did those before. Hopefully next year, I will move back to more equities as Biden buys votes…. Kidding.

          • Tom

            Right now I am self managing. Fisher has been bugging me a lot but right now I do not see them in my future, but maybe later.

          • Frank stetson

            Yeah, given Fidelity, I am self managed with some to ask technical questions to, but like their tools. I have tried managed accounts but hate to give up control. Morgan was managed, he got fired and I fired them. Maybe etrade is next.

            I like Columbia Threadneedle too. Just saying it is cool. But my fund there goes up whenever others goes down. Still have funds at a few companies but keep sending fidelity to consolidate them. While I moved to many jobs in one company, my wife bounced a number of companies.

  7. Katydid

    Stetson is just another left wing commie with TDS so bad he can’t see truth when it is right before his eyes.

  8. Darren

    The Money went to the Creators of Military Planes, Bombs, Guns, ect.
    If you check Government documents, you will find the Makers of the F35 was running out of funds
    and could not stay in business unless they had an influx of money!

    Biden is a Democrat, did you think for one moment the money was actually going
    to do any good for those it was intended for, or for those who needed it?