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Blaming Trump for street violence is left-wing lunacy

Blaming Trump for street violence is left-wing lunacy

One of the more recent narratives that has surfaced simultaneously among Democrats and the left-wing media is that the violence in the streets is the fault of President Trump.  It happened on his watch, they say … over and over.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind.  This sort of rioting, looting, arson, vandalism and physical – occasionally deadly – violence has been the tactic and characteristic of the radical left that aligns with the Democratic Party for decades.  These are not Trump or Republican supporters rioting.  No.   No.  No.

Oh, the Democrats occasionally weep crocodile tears over the violence, but those weak condemnations and refusing to call them out as riots – preferring to describe obvious violent and criminal actions as “peaceful protests” – are tantamount to endorsement.   The left both condones and engages in street violence. They praise with faint condemnation.

This violence may be on Trump’s watch, but it is easy to know who is responsible.  Consider the primary cause of the violence.  It is due to the oppression of masses of Black folks in those segregated cities controlled by Democrats for generations.  Wherever you find the sort of human misery and frustration that fuels these periodic outbursts of urban unrest, you find Democrats in charge.  Wherever you find racist policing – and unjustified harassment, arrests and shootings – you find Democrats in charge.

They say that there is violence on both sides.  Perhaps, but it is incredibly dishonest to equate one incident in Charlottesville with the destruction, injury and deaths being seen in scores of cities over long periods of time.

It is in Democrat-run cities that thousands of innocent Black citizens are murdered every year.  For generations, these were Black lives that did NOT matter.  Not to the Democrat political bosses in city hall, not to the police they hired, and not to left wing media that routinely ignored them.

Not only has Democratic Party governance produced the tinderbox conditions that flair up all too often, but when there are outbreaks, it is Democrat governors and mayors who allow the destruction and carnage to continue by withholding effective enforcement – destruction and carnage that more often than not impacts on the ghetto community itself.

How many times have we seen fully capable police departments ordered to “stand down” in the face of criminal violence – passively watching the looting, arson and personal injury?  We saw it in Minneapolis where police were not only restrained, but the Democrat governor called on the National Guard only to refuse to deploy them as the city burned.  In Portland, the Democrat Mayor and Democrat Governor demanded federal law enforcement officers – whose duty it is to protect federal property – to get out of town.

As city after city suffered from the rampage of street mobs, Trump offered to send in the National Guard.  But that requires a request from the governors.  Not only did those requests never come, the very offer was rejected out of hand.

Not sure where all this “blame Trump” started.  Was it strategically planned by Democrats or did it arise organically out of a mutual desire by the elitist press to defeat Trump?   I first heard it from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.  He took a snippet from a Trump speech — out of context, of course.

Referring to the riots and street violence in certain cities, Trump said “we cannot have going on what we have today.”  To Scarborough’s malignant mind, Trump was complaining about events happening “on his watch.”  If Scarborough’s disconnected logic has you scratching your head, you are not alone.  I immediately viewed it as one of the most ignorant and unhinged accusations I had ever heard – and there are many.

Who would even give that spin any consideration at all?  Apparently, virtually every Democrat and every left-wing talking-head on television – from those biased anchors to their pet parroting pundits.  The phrase “on his watch” had suddenly become the radical left mantra of the day.

The specious logic of the left is that Trump got the folks on the left so angry that they were forced to do bad things.  Ergo, the arsonists and looters are somehow the victims.  That is like saying a guy is justified in attacking his neighbor because the neighbor expressed opinions that angered him.  You know … like what happened to Senator Rand Paul, who was injured in an unprovoked attack by a neighbor.

Long ago comedian Flip Wilson used to absolve himself for doing something wrong by saying “the devil made me do it.”  Apparently, Democrats forget that his excuse was a joke – not a strategy.

But that is left-wing logic – and on that nutty notion, they say Trump is the fault of the violence by the left.  The left’s proclivity for violence is well documented in recent history.  What is new is this effort to blame the target of the violence for … the violence.

The dichotomy is quite simple.  We have on one side a person (Trump) who supports the law enforcement community in their role to serve and protect; who supports law and order; who understands the distinction between protesters and rioters.

On the other side, we have a guy (Biden) who leads a party that governs over urban systemic racism.  A party that runs the police departments that have exhibited the worst racial abuses –triggering violent outbursts.  A party that attacks law enforcement — and wants to defund police and keep out the National Guard.  A Party that refers to deadly rioters as “peaceful protesters.”

Well … the bad guys usually try to blame someone else.  Maybe the devil does make them do it – but it is not Trump.

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  1. Dan Tyree

    The entire commiecrat party is made up of morons

  2. RedBull

    Much of what you say was my option, and still is predominantly, but there is a curious caveat in that there does appear to be a difference between the protesters and the rioters. Sure protesters can become rioters and in the frenzied air of the situation might likely run in for a little looting and destruction or property defacing; but the real bad guys seem to come from everywhere only to use the protests as a smokescreen, and are widely funded – funded even by the prominent members of the democratic party as Tucker was explaining last night. But where you are absolutely right is that the Democrat leadership in these burning towns are not at all standing up for their citizens or putting down the unlawful violence. And that, my friend, is just plain wrong. And there’s no blaming that specific action on anybody else.

  3. Eli

    Obama promoted the actions as a “revolution is how they get things done.” Maxine Waters spoke at a Los Angeles Rally saying, “stormtroop the Republicans in the streets,……and if you see anybody from the cabinet out anywhere, tell them they’re not welcome.” Nancy Pelosi, also, spoke to the radical left for a “summer of resistance against Trump.” So this is the results of the radical left, funded by Socialists/ Communists and more extreme radicals, while placing the blame on President Trump, who has steadfastly spoke and acted against the riots.