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Black Students Assault and Terrorize White Students in OH School

Black Students Assault and Terrorize White Students in OH School

Last Friday, the Democrats scored a win with the release of a video showing black students assaulting their fellow white students on an Ohio school campus in act of racial violence. The incident comes as evidence that their movement cultivating racial hatred via CRT is producing fruit, albeit in bad taste.

Conservative commentator and former Republican congressional candidate Chuck Callesto posted the video of the February 10 incident at the Kenwood Elementary School in Springfield, Ohio.

The footage shows a group of black students forcing two white students walk across the playground to a spot where they drag and hit the white students held hostage by them.

Cox Media channel WHIO TV 7 reported on the incident and showed the video that was released by the Springfield Police Department.

The channel’s correspondent John Bedell interviewed the parents of one of the victims, a 6th grader terrorized by the black students who were forcing the white students on the ground and making them say “Black Lives Matter” against their will. Bedell also reported that the school refused to show him the video footage so he filed a formal public records request with the district.

The school also didn’t report the incident until Monday, February 13, 2023. The video of the incident was not released by the authorities until February 28.

While the leftist media didn’t highlight the racial assault on white students and the headlines of their stories steered clear of the words “black” and “white,” the assault and subsequent efforts to downplay it evoked local reactions as well as condemnation on social media.

A group known as White Lives Matter Ohio demonstrated in Springfield on Friday, February 25, against the assaults on white people.

The protests called out “sacrificing white children” at the “altar of diversity” and demanded that white people stand up for protecting their kids.

“There has been no word whether the department has filed or will file charges,” reported WHIO on March 2.  American Wire News wrote the next day that the police is reportedly pursuing charges against the group of black students under investigation, but the Springfield City School District officials continue to refuse taking any clear and effective measure against the students inflicting violence on others.

Conservatives have repeatedly pointed to the role of Critical Race Theory (CRT) used by the left to build an anti-white narrative in spreading racial hatred. In a 2021 article, Dave Hodges called CRT “anti-white racism” that demonizes and dehumanizes the white race for political exploits.

You can fantasize about murdering whites and be applauded at Yale University, but can find yourself jailed and forever unemployable if you place an “It’s OK to Be White” sticker anywhere on Yale’s campus.

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  1. MSGLeo

    They should be charged with a hate crime.

    • G

      This is what the dems have done to our country

  2. Renee

    This is a disgrace how dear the black kids act like they’re better than anyone else ALL LIVES MATTER…I hope they get arrested for attacking these two white children.”….It doesn’t surprise me how this school DIDN’t handle the attack

  3. frank stetson

    Not being earnest has another piece of partisan puffery trying to incite more violence against BLM, CRT, and any other acronym that crosses his desk.

    “Last Friday, the Democrats scored a win with the release of a video showing black students assaulting their fellow white students on an Ohio school campus in act of racial violence. “

    Democrats? Win? Racial violence? These are elementary schoolers.

    He boldly concludes without a shred of evidence provided: “their movement cultivating racial hatred via CRT is producing fruit, albeit in bad taste.” As if there is a Democratic movement that cultivates CRT-based hatred which directly culminates in this act. In elementary school. Targeting elementary schoolers. Wow.

    At the end of his second paragraph, he finally admits this is an elementary school. Gee, he left out the word: “grooming.” Mr. Dempsey is slipping.

    Local NAACP head Williams, backing up the Dempsey dumpster, immediately said: “I don’t care what color they are, they need to be held accountable.” No doubt the national CRT cabal reached out and told her what to say. Sure, why not, makes sense if you have a tin foil hat pulled down tight.

    Reports are that it involved 9 elementary students, 4 perpetrators, 5 victims, aledged of course.

    Dempsey then tries to smear the “leftist” media as not reporting, not using words black and white, but Dempsey offers no evidence.

    Police are investigating, possible hate crime could come into play, but it’s early yet and to suggest otherwise would be premature, at best. Did I mention these are elementary school kids?

    OK – folks. This is unacceptable behavior from a group of elementary students; that’s all we really know and Dempsey has not offered any tanible evidence to prove otherwise. Dempsey, nor anyone else, has proven that this elementary school teaches CRT ot that these students have been CRT or BLM indoctrinated or “groomed.” Dempsey, nor anyone else, has proven BLM is “grooming” any elementary students, anywhere in America, to attack white elementary school kids. Even the fact it was black on white does not prove it’s racial violence or a hate crime — it must be investigated. And it is.

    Bottom line: elementary students committed a crime here. They are elementary students, I think Dempsey’s holding them to adult standards is, at minimum, premature at this time. He has not even offered evidence, much less proven his allegations re: CRT, BLM, and his other tropes.

    Trash journalism. It’s earnest though, and that’s a crime too. The crime of stupidity, bias, and unprofessional work.

    • Dr. Timothy J. Williams

      Get over yourself, Mr. Stetson. If you are too lazy to keep up with verified news reports from all across the nation, no journalist here can help you. I am an educator in Ohio, and CRT is everywhere in this state. Criminal, violent behavior is being tolerated from Black students on a nearly daily basis. That is why support for the public school system is plummeting, while political support for vouchers is growing exponentially. Soon, the Black agitators will have exactly what they seem to want: totally segregated schools, where they can rant all day about the fiction of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism,” while falling further and further behind the other racial and ethnic minorities who do not play these racial identity games.

      • Eulalie Grace

        Excellent assessment of this situation, Dr. Williams.
        Thank you so much for sharing.

      • Emma Cate

        Thank you Dr. Williams. You wrote that the black community is “… falling further and further behind the other racial and ethnic minorities who do not play these racial identity games…” THAT IS SO TRUE! If you just look around you almost all of the other racial and ethnic minorities are focused on doing their best while a high percentage of the black community is focused on being “victims” and exploiting their “victim” benefits. This will not end well.

  4. Jay king

    CRT and BLM is a bunch of BULLSH*T! @frank stetson: Are you blind? You say they’re elementary school kids. Whether it be age, profession, or any position in society, racially initiated violence is unacceptable. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what color our skin is. We all defacate, urinate, and bleed the same colors. Anatomically, we are all the same on the inside. Bottom line is, there is only one race on the planet, THE HUMAN RACE! It is your character that determines what people think of you.

  5. Dr. Timothy J. Williams

    Black racism against whites is becoming mainstream and ubiquitous in this country.

    • frank stetson

      One more time: these are elementary school kids, we should treat them as such. Violence should never be condoned and the law should be color blind. This was wrong, very wrong, a crime. It is wrong. Police are investigating the crime, they are examining whether it’s a hate crime. I, for one, would love to see parents charged.

      Anything else is allegation, opinion, or more probably hearsay or even heresy. Dr. Tim is in the heresy camp as he spews obvious falsehoods that insult basic logic without providing a shred of evidence, any secondary sources, or even a single statistic. He may be a fa-doctor, but it’s an example horse’s ass logic.

      The crime was in a single elementary school in Ohio between 9 students, and for Ohio and the country, Dr. Tim expresses people’s fears that:

      CRT is everywhere, all over Ohio. Except there is no credible evidence that CRT is being taught anywhere in Ohio public schools, especially elementary. Dr. Tim’s word sandwich has no meat, no facts. Where’s the beef, Tim.

      Criminal, violent behavior is being tolerated from Black students on a nearly daily basis in Ohio. Are you saying just the Blacks are getting away with it in Ohio? The entire country? Again, no credible evidence provided. I am guessing that violence is up in Ohio schools, as it is everywhere the pandemic is, but to say it’s black, mostly black or that black violence is “tolerated” seems a stretch due to personal bias. Dr. Tim offers no proof.

      Support for the public school system is plummeting in Ohio says the good doctor. This is a yes and no. Voucher systems are indeed growing in Ohio. In 2014, there were 18K, up to 57K in 2022 – that’s like over 300% increase in 6 years. Of course, Ohio has 1.6M students, so “plummeting” seems a tad hyperbolic given that even with this 300% increase, the forces of Dr Tim’s voucher loving white folk have achieved at best, a 3% level of total voucher students in Ohio. Of course, they might all be black….. **

      Political support for vouchers is growing exponentially. Not sure about the “exponentially,” but certainly growing. Ohio even has a couple of bills to outlaw what does not exist in Ohio — CRT in the public schools. From a 2020 assessment: “Ohio African Americans (85%) were the observed demographic group most likely to favor the Educational Choice Scholarship Program, while Ohioans with a college degree (67%) were the least likely to favor the program.” That’s from a 2020 Ohio Ed Choice report, look it up.

      Dr Tim concludes that soon, the Black agitators will have totally segregated schools. The good doctor has his tin foil hat on really snug. Vouchers are at 3% of the total school population, 40% of Ohionions don’t; even know the program exists; the good doctor needs a numbers checkup.

      But wait, there’s more: “There’s a fiction of “white supremacy” and “systemic racism.”” The good doctor is full of it. Systemic racism has been proven over and over. And if this person is suggesting there are no white supremacists in American, even in Ohio, he is deluded. The are 20 chartered hate groups in Ohio that are being tracked currently. Which one does Dr. Tim belong to?
      Blacks are falling further and further behind the other racial and ethnic minorities because of this. Dr. Tim offers no evidence, no sources, no proof.

      I realize Tim, and others, are afraid. They need a bogyman for their frustrations so they blame 4 black elementary school kids who made a terrible choice as proof positive of a national trend by blacks, tolerated by Democrats against white people. And now they have conflated it to the entire Black race and it’s enablers, the Democratic party, have done them irreputable harm. Poor, poor, white folk.

      Facts are our friends Dr. Tim: try some. At least one.

      When I was a kid, we didn’t play cowboys and Indians, we played Vietnam complete with our own Ho-Chi-Ming trail. Were we being groomed by Russia? Is this why Democrats are considered communists? Or was it just ten-year olds gleaming the news and playing the same games kids have played for hundreds of years? There was blood, there was physical harm. We were kids, of course we tussled. This anecdote is not saying there is nothing wrong with this attack; there was. But to gin it up to a national phenomena is to fan a false flag the good doctor has presented without any proof.

      This is not symptomatic of some national Democratic CRT-grooming craze that weaponizes elementary school blacks in a violent attempt to overthrow the White Race. It’s elementary school kids being kids and making mistakes. Deal with the situation, get your cause celeb fix somewhere else. Dr. Tim is full of it. He has no facts, no statistics, no sources, he is a feckless tin foil hat fa-doctor.

  6. Kevin

    frank stetson is a gormless fascistkk

  7. Eulalie Grace

    So – anybody holding these little bastards for perpetrating a HATE CRIME ?!?!?
    We ALL know that would be the case if the sneaker were on the Other Foot.
    Or are The Woke School Officials going to try to make this go away?

    First coined by Philip II of Macedon, and used successfully by Julies Caesar and Napoleon :
    “Divide et impera” … Divide and Conquer. And The Woke is doing a pretty good job.
    And it has got to stop NOW.

  8. Wes

    Once again people that think violence and hate speech, no matter what race, are going to change anything. People cannot decide their race. It was true in the past, and is true today. So get off the race card. Grow the heck up. People could say the same for Christianity. Christianity is attacked daily. God is the creator, and even said, “those that persecute me, will also persecute you.” When people are trying to do the right thing, and are attacked. The attackers are the cowards and weak minded. Just like the past. Those that attacked blacks, whites, Asians and so on, were wrong. The devil is the one that puts that in people’s minds. If you resist that in The Name of Jesus, he will leave. It’s a daily fight. I am going to Heaven when this body dies, no matter what anyone says. Because God revealed it to me. The lost think that is crazy. Oh well! Repent and be Baptized. Then God will give you the Holy Spirit for understanding. Heaven or hell. Your choice. Eternity in one or the other. A breathe away.

  9. john

    here we go with that black lives matter bullshit that dont mean anthing about black lives ,it should be a hate crime,!the comunst gov we have lets these crooks get away with ever they want to do,blm is creating a race war ,not solving anything !they have destroyed black peoples lives and prosparity ,!they should send blm to africa let them protest there ,see if they get away with their crap!

    • Thomas

      Nucking figgers

      • frank stetson

        Hey Joe, why don’t you tell us what Thomas really means and why it is so important for your site to spread this news….

        Have you no shame?

  10. DonRS

    Blacks that act and behave as vigilantes will get their comeuppance. Only the support of guilty white left wing NUTJOBS, allows them, in the short run, to get away with this CRAP!