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Black Pastors Unite to Defend Trump Against 'Liberal Media'

Black Pastors Unite to Defend Trump Against 'Liberal Media'

On Monday presidential hopeful Donald Trump met with a large group of black pastors to discuss concerns the group had over the liberal media’s allegation that Trump is a racist. Many in the group, such as Dr. Darrell Scott, have known the businessman for years and wanted their community to know the real Donald Trump.

Scott, speaking at the Trump Tower in New York City said, “I didn’t have concerns [with Trump] because I was already convinced, but there were concerns that the liberal media has put out portraying Mr. Trump in a light that I know he’s not the type of person he was depicted to be. So what we were able to do today was allow to see his heart for themselves and to make up their own minds about him. And they find out that he’s not the person that the media has depicted him to be.”

The dialogue regarded issues close to the black community, including the controversial black lives matter campaign and minority unemployment. With many in attendance declaring support for Trump, it’s clear there was a consensus of satisfaction over the responses given.

After the conference, Pastor Mark Burns, co- founder of the NOW television network, announced his support for the Republican presidential hopeful.

 “In that room, there were pastors from all across the country, that were showing their support, many of them signed actual documents, endorsement cards, showing their support… this preposterous tone of offensive things that he said about Latinos in the meeting, it’s a fabrication,” the pastor told MSNBC. “Black lives matter. White lives matter. To him all lives matter.” 

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