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Bitter Feud Between Trump and the Club for Growth is Over

Bitter Feud Between Trump and the Club for Growth is Over

As he continues to skyrocket into becoming the GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump says that he and the Club for Growth are “back in love.”

The former President told Club for Growth donors last week that he and the organization’s President, David McIntosh, are now “back in love” after a protracted breakup.

Trump’s decision to speak at the Club for Growth retreat represents the latest step in their reconciliation after a bitter feud that led the organization to wage an effort last year to stop him from winning the Republican presidential primary. But last month, Trump and McIntosh had dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, and Trump flew with McIntosh to a campaign event in South Carolina.

“We had an argument about a couple of people that you know well, and that broke us up for about a year,” he said, according to a person in the room granted anonymity to share details of the private event. “And then we had one that we mutually agreed on, which was surprising to people — a good candidate, however, who is going to win. And then we did a couple of others. And now we’re back in love; we’re deeply in love.”

During the 2022 election, Trump and the Club for Growth parted ways in the Ohio Senate primary, where the former President supported J.D. Vance, who ultimately won, and the group backed rival Josh Mandel. Then, after Trump kicked off his presidential campaign, the Club for Growth launched an anti-Trump affiliate that was focused on tearing Trump down in early primary states. The organization, Win it Back PAC, ended up spending nearly $7 million. But it suspended its advertising offensive last fall after it became clear it wasn’t having success.

Trump noted that Republican megadonor and Club for Growth benefactor Jeff Yass, in addition to McIntosh, had called him and asked him to speak at the retreat. Should Trump win over Yass — whom Trump described as “fantastic” — it would potentially be a major financial boost to his campaign.

During the speech, Trump joked that McIntosh and Yass “gave me a lot of notice — like two hours” when they asked him to appear. “And I just came in, and I have a group of about 40 people over at Mar-a-Lago just to show you how important you are. I said, ‘I’m going to leave you guys for a little while. I’m going over to The Breakers to make a speech.'”

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  1. frank stetson

    “And now we’re back in love; we’re deeply in love.”
    That’s so gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    BS says: “As he continues to skyrocket into becoming the GOP presidential candidate,” not that BS is different than anyone else on the subject. As they seem to forget that Trump is an incumbent Republican ex-President.

    Biden is an incumbent too and if Trump “continues to skyrocket,” then Biden is moving at warp speed while Trump is still trying to figure out how to get around Haley’s comet. (hey, I didn’t pick the “skyrocket” descriptor :>)

    • Jim wakpler

      There’s plenty wrong with being gay. Queers are sick perverts.

    • Gene

      Haley’s comet has appeared to fizzle out. She finally saw the handwriting on the wall and has suspended her fruitless campaign to destroy Donald Trump. In the process she has become a very unpopular Republican.

    • Tom

      Yeah I think that “deeply in love” comment is a bit weird and a bit scary. Rapists in love? Serial killers in love? Insurrectionists in love? Makes me wonder what they might be cooking up.

      Hey, I liked your “Haley’s Comet” comment. Astronomically funny! :>)

      Sorry to see Haley go. But maybe the comet will be back around in four years.

  2. frank stetson

    Gay folks have been with us since the dawn of mankind, in all nations, races, religions in the world. Even find some in the animal kingdom. IOW, same sex pairing is not unusual. And people are people. There are sick people everywhere; Jim just needs to look to the mirror to know.

    • Jim wampler

      Wrong!!!! It’s people like you who believe in sick perverted sex between two men or two women who’s sick. Satan has been with us for many years also. That’s where queers get their abominable corruption So grab a dick and enjoy.

    • Tom

      The dawn of mankind occurs in Genesis 3 with Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve. The first dawn was hetero. Sodom and Gomorrah is not mentioned until Genesis 13. :>)

  3. frank stetson

    Why would I grab a dick? That’s something YOU talk about all the time. You seem so fasncinated with many aspect of “the life.” I could care less myself.

    I am not gay. I am just not intolerant to others as you scream and rant about. Do unto others and all that. I would never presume that God hates what God created and before you quote scripture to me, I can quote it to and both of us are repeated the words of God as spoken by man.

    And I am sorry, but if you had your way, we would lose about 5% of our citizenary, many prominent people in all fields and many of the innovations and creations we all enjoy and profit from. You would cut your nose to spite your face because you have your knickers all knotted up about what goes on in someone else’s bedroom. If YOU PEOPLE as you are so fond of saying, if you people would just stay out of our bedrooms, our pants, our libraries, and just go and fondle your guns all day, the world would be a better place.

  4. Americafirst

    Children, PLEASE! The article was not about anybody being gay. Only Stetson turned it that way. I will say, it takes one to know one! Get it, Frankie baby?

    • Tom

      Actually Frank just described the comment, “deeply in love” as gay, meaning weird, or if you are old enough meant happy and carefree. I felt the same. It was Jim Wakpler who elevated it to perversion.

      • Americafirst

        That didn’t mean you and the rest had to take it to that end. You are all just as mean. This liberal website has gotten way too far out of hand. Are all of you happy you hate so many things here in America? I think you should go to Venezuela where they will welcome you with open arms. Does it make you happy to be that way? You all are showing your true selves. I just don’t understand that degree of hate. You all would make a good pair with Biden and his Admin, the Obama’s Hillary& Bill, and many more. Why do you have to be that way? AND then Larry allows it. It is sick!

  5. JPop

    I am sure all the Trump Haters will be watching Biden tonight through their Rose-Colored Aviators hanging on his every lie.

  6. frank stetson

    JPop: are you kidding? The Biden part will be boring, yesterday’s news, shout out to some less-fortunate or unsung hero in the gallery, and the longest laundry list of things we are not doing as a campaign speech hidden in an infomercial. Heck with that.

    I’m waiting to see what whorish clothes MTG will be sporting to highlight her chlldish antics. And she if anyone else in the circus wants to compete in acting out. Got my boo-meter ready to measure the crowd on the left. I hope we have dueling cat-calls. Oh, these are the days.