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Bipartisan election laws proposed in the Senate – Will they fix anything?

Bipartisan election laws proposed in the Senate – Will they fix anything?

I was very interested when I saw that the Senate was working on two bipartisan laws to change the elections.

I was thinking maybe they had fixed something. Maybe required ID? Maybe plug the holes in the mail-in ballot system or required ballot drop boxes to be manned?


Under current law, one senator can join one House member in forcing each side to vote on whether to throw out results subject to an objection. To me this is acceptable. I know these important political types would rather not be bothered. But when there is uncertainty in the world’s most important election, seems to me that it would be worth the effort to vote.

The first law being proposed increases the number of House and Senate members needed to raise an objection to one fifth of the total (i.e.  87 house and 20 Senate).

The law would also remove the Vice President as an actual authority on whether the vote is certified, asserting that he has only a ceremonial role.

This is crap.

In fact, they are ensuring that cheating in any election is less likely to be investigated. It is specifically designed to tighten the rules so that legitimate objections, the kind that Donald Trump had in the 2020 election, could be more easily ignored. And to make sure that Congress keeps its power, locking out anyone who challenges them.

Just so you know, 147 Republicans, including eight senators, objected to certifying electors on Jan. 6, 2021.

The second bill, the Enhanced Election Security and Protection Act, would double penalties under federal law for people “who threaten or intimidate election officials, poll watchers, voters, or candidates.” This just means if you have an issue, if you see cheating, just shut the hell up. If you bring it up, you will go to jail and/or be fined. 

This is specifically designed to prevent people with genuine grievances from challenging and investigating irregularities in voting.  Election officials SHOULD be challenged when they allow cheating to occur. My home county of Broward in Florida has become famous for having multiple instances where boxes of votes were discovered after an election. Brenda Snipes, the supervisor of elections was fired because of it. Under this new law, she would have legal recourse to attack anyone who questioned her authority.

Don’t know about you, but it bugs me when politicians pass laws that serve their own convenience at the expense of the citizens they represent.

Shouldn’t they be making it more difficult to certify elections?  Shouldn’t they be requiring that States go through a more rigorous and transparent process for submitting their voting results?  Shouldn’t they be taking allegations of cheating in the world’s most important election more seriously?

Because if we don’t we might end up with a war with Russia, runaway inflation, potential invasions of our allies, a nuclear Iran and … Biden.

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  1. Kyle

    Election laws ain’t worth shit if democrats are involved

    • Ben

      There’s no way democrats want to protect election integrity. We must remember that we are talking about the most sleazy low life so called people. They shouldn’t be in the room when election laws are discussed.

  2. Ben

    Seems like there’s hundreds of sleazy Republicans testifying right now. Must all be liars. They should hawley their asses right outta there.

    • Perry

      Get over it asshole. Trump will be ok. Just keep on being afraid of him

      • Ben

        Trump? Who said Trump? Are you joshing us?

        • Burt

          You people bitch about an insurrection. Does that include threatening and intimidation or scotus? I guess not. The double standard in this country is sickening. But the left is running on empty. People are getting tired of their shit.

          • Ben

            Who do you mean, you people?

  3. Burt

    I mean you people. Boy

  4. Ben

    Thanks. Girl.

    But I haven’t done any of that stuff so you must be totally F you’d. But everyone knows that.

    • Juan

      But the democrats are cheerleading for the ones who do it

  5. Ben

    I’m a democrat and I don’t do that.

    But there’s a big difference between an insurrection and chasing Cavanaugh out of the back door of a restaurant.

    And I do not bitch about insurrection, I am just looking for justice to be served. I am satisfied that the man who took the earth and then did nothing for 187 minutes should be impeached. I am not busy, I am just watching the output from Republicans who are brave enough to tell the truth and are paying a picture of a man who failed his oath of office.

    We are a nation of laws. If you break the law, you should be arrested, put on trial, and he found guilty, punished. It does not matter what political party belong. Or at least it shouldn’t. Most Democrats believe that and and I used to be the most Republicans believe that I’d like to help they still do. Even if a few schmucks here apparently do not..

    What do you should reconsider your words and perhaps stand up for the rule of law, one rule of law or anyone of any party

    • Gene

      True. So let’s start with justice being served on BLM and antifa. They killed people and destroyed people’s homes and property. They had better thank whatever they pray to that they didn’t come to my house with that shit. I would have broke them of the habit

      • Ben

        Why do I see the Three Stooges saying “oh, tough guy.“

        Fact is plenty of people were arrested, and convicted, and have some pretty damn healthy sentences from the summer of Floyd. Although I will admit some of them were trumplicants trying to start a race war being racist as they are. Weren’t you one of them?

        I don’t know why these Creedence keep making up things that just aren’t so. Is if all of the LM is murdering them pillaging them everyone is letting them get away with it. Just sheer ridiculous thinking. Of course, these fools never have any facts to back that up. Just full of shit. Come on tough guy, let’s see some actual fucking facts. I am betting we get crickets cause Gene can’t get it up, fact wise that is..

        • Burt

          A small percentage of hood rats were prosecuted. And most of them got slapped on the wrist. So stfu BOY. And right now there’s camps teaching kid to become woke zombies and hate the police. Look it up asshole

  1. Frank I can’t understand what’s wrong with MAGA. You idiots on the left are satanic bastards out to destroy patriots.…

  2. Don’t tell me nout proof. I’m too Young to need proof. I don’t need no stinkin proof. We all know…