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Bigoted Liberals Attack Gay Hotel Owner- for Hosting Ted Cruz

Bigoted Liberals Attack Gay Hotel Owner- for Hosting Ted Cruz

Liberals are very tolerant, as long as you agree with them. Generally, Democrats consider themselves to be the champions of LGBT people, but it’s amazing how quickly they’ll turn on their own. 

Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner are both openly gay and they own a hotel in Manhattan together. Their hotel is frequented by LGBT groups who use it for meetings or conventions, but Weiderpass and Reisner are nothing if not open-minded and tolerant. Recently, the two hosted an event for Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz in their penthouse. While Cruz does not support federal legalization of gay marriage, he is also not known for being homophobic or attacking the lifestyle of those who are homosexual. Cruz did prove that he has nothing against people who are homosexual, or he would not have attended. 
The two hoteliers obviously were comfortable with him there, and found that they had a lot of common ground with Cruz politically. The pair stated that especially when it came to Israel and our national security, they were very much on the same page as Cruz. 
Now the two are facing backlash from the LGBT community in Manhattan. Liberal leadership is calling for a boycott on their hotel. One local LGBT group has cancelled a reservation and is moving their conference to another hotel, all because Ted Cruz was there. 
During the event, Ted Cruz was asked what he would do if one of his daughters came out as a lesbian, and Cruz replied that he would love them all the same. 

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