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Biden’s State of the Union and the Responses – What I heard…

Biden’s State of the Union and the Responses – What I heard…

This is what I heard. Just being honest.

Stand with Ukraine, rah rah, they are so brave, therefore we are too!! We are doing massive bad things to Russia, but they won’t really take effect … ever… So buck up Ukraine!

We refuse to attack Ukraine and Russia will never win the hearts of the Iranians! (i.e. Joe fumbled his words a lot…).

Free Money, Free money, it’s not socialism but yet it is!

We need to fund more police, not defund them (what???). Yes, he said it.

Guns are terrible!

New Supreme Court Judge, she’s pretty.

zzzzZZZZzzzzz… (this was boring, I slept through the rest.)

Response by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Joe, you screwed up in Afghanistan.

Joe, you screwed Ukraine up.

Joe, you have screwed up on inflation. Economics. Gas and Oil.

More Republican platitudes, not necessarily related to Biden’s speech. But good anyway.


The Squad’s Response with Rashida Tlaib

What? Is she starting a new political party??

Socialist crap.

More socialist crap.

Same things she always says, only she is smiling now. Her lips are moving, so you know crazy stuff is pouring out.

My head explodes (poof).

I write this.

I go to bed.

Commentary: Joe Biden had a real chance to inspire the country and he started out reasonably well with the Ukraine stuff. But the rest was a boring, uninspiring rehash of the same stuff he has always said, making the same promises, telling the same lies that are part of the Democrat party platform. Wasted opportunity.

Kim Reynolds – She said stuff I believe but she didn’t fire me up. Another wasted opportunity.

Rashida Tlaib – This crazy b$%^ch just doesn’t have a clue. Her brain does not work. She does not understand reality. I had to dig a bit to see her speech, but it was like turning on a rerun of Gilligan’s Island. Funny stuff but I’ve seen it too many times before. She made the most of the opportunity, but she is a waste of a human being.

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  1. AC

    Joe, admitting you have a problem, listening, hearing therefore for perception for learning, it is the first action step towards healing and eventual
    President. Biden is a whole person, while the former President. DJT has never been whole.
    Doubtful he knows what whole looks like.
    It is not on his bucket list either.

    • Theodore Sueck

      Hahaha!!! You’re funny. Ol’ sniffy Joe isn’t even a drop in a bucket, let alone a whole person. The country was much healthier and more prosperous under President Trump than it will ever be under this “never was” resident currently residing in Washington (when he hasn’t run off to Delaware again).

      • frank stetson

        Sorry, teddy., not according to the numbers. Trump has the weakest GDP growth since Herbert Hoover. His deficits are some of the highest in history. And he expanded the debt well beyond anything any Democrat has ever done. Sure, the tax breaks helped the rich. And that never trickled down. Handed a few scraps to the beleaguered middle class. Biden already has a better GDP growth rate, has added more jobs then Trump could even dream of, and while the economy is still uneven with some people being left behind, especially due to inflation, his numbers are much better then Trump’s ever were. And he’s only been at it a year. Even Trump’s claim to fame of being oil independent is a complete ruse that even Larry has swallowed Full-bore. It was totally due to the fact of an extremely decreased demand due to the pandemic. In other words, Trump could only win by lowering the water., he never could raise the bridge.

        Anyone can look this up. Or I can send you a link if you’d like. But the numbers are there. Trump is an economic loser.

        • Theodore Sueck

          The interesting thing about numbers, is that you can make them give you almost any result that you want. When you pick and choose which numbers you want to show, which is what you are doing with your cherry picking, you think you are being superior in your presentation, but you are not. I don’t know what you do for a living, besides living on your computer contradicting anything that is presented that you don’t agree with. I live here in the real world, not your make-believe one with unicorns and rainbows that you seem to see. The dollar is being devalued daily due to inflation caused primarily by your brain dead little tin god in the oval office, and you can’t see it. I’d feel sorry for you, but you don’t seem to be worth it.

          • Frank stetson

            Theodore, your president, Mr. Trump, infused so much cash into the system only an idiot would not see that this is one of the main causes of the current inflationary trend.

            Yes, Biden did not help the situation, however, Trump put a whole whole lot more cash into the system to Biden has.

            And I really don’t need spin to show how the Trump economy is a shell game. The numbers just don’t show that it was a raven success. Yes, unemployment was down until the pandemic. That is only one economic factor. The ones I noted above which are very important paint another picture.

            The fact that he threw you a couple of dollars the other tax cuts does not diminish the fact that he threw a pile dollars to the rich.

            Again, his GDP growth was miserable and a light year away from what he promised before being elected. The last president to do this bad was Herbert Hoover and that’s no spin.

            His debt is the highest ever and it’s deficits are either the highest or the second highest ever. That’s no spin.

            His claim toil independence was made in the year of the pandemic when demand fell off the chart in a bad way. And that’s no spin.

            So, beyond lamenting the fact that anyone can do anything with numbers, you take a shot at this. Tell us why the trump economy was so good. And don’t just tell I made you feel yummy, try some real facts

        • Tommie

          D@MN you are stupid!!! Trying to sound intelligent. SMDH!!! It must be TDS.

          • frank stetson

            Glad you are once again arguing brilliantly based on the facts. Childish name calling is just not your style. You deaf, dumb and blind kid., I guess you sure play a mean pinball.

            If you ever wanna have a real grown up discussion., maybe give that a try. I’m sure you can put on your big boy pants. And hold a reasonable discussion.

      • AC

        Hey, everyone of Trump’s State of the Union addresses were awkward messes and embarrassments for America around the world. Every time he opened his mouth his handlers followed making excuses and corrections. Those poor souls could not keep up covering for him and the total fabrications continually being spread.
        The former President had difficulty differentiating reality from his self deceptions in created and alternate reality propped up by a multitude of alternative facts. Those made up Donald’s World in which he lived and where every thing made sense to him. He constructed it so nothing disagreed with his perception begetting the singularly outrageous opinions .
        For the right’s off kilter worldview produced oppositional biased opinion, all proposals which put country and its people first before the President’s working out his own personal benefits is a foreign notion..
        Biden prioritizes American integrity and honor at home and on the world stage. Ol’ 45 wouldn’t recognize integrity when it slapped him upside the head. Nor did he recognize true honor when he gave the nations highest models of honor to persons of questionable character dubious integrity. If he thought he could bestow on himself the same metal and hang it around his neck, he would have done it in a trumpian second..
        A search of Mara Lago might turn up at least one amount the items spirited from the WH on his way out the door.
        Biden’s address to the nation had no pretense of self aggrandizement . While The Donald held forth with nothing but self adulation for the things he told the nation he had done. All he claimed were in fact fantasies and embellished stories.
        In life in the White House he considered himself an Emperor. For, so he was and is the Emperor with a new suit of clothes. He believed he would impress the world while wearing the new suit.
        In the real world when he modeled the suit he believed others would see and praise him. What those with eyes to see through his posturing beheld an awkward old white man strutting in just his underwear.
        His base followers ( truly define base as bottom) drank the koolaide that made people go blind and swear to seeing the suit as real.
        2024 and Trump winning an election he has lost twice before happens only in an alternate universe with alternate facts ginned up by the same folks who demand ballot recount after recount.
        The do the same thing over and over looking for a different result
        For a man who obviously does not loose well and miserably fails at being a good sport like all the numerous candidates had done before him.
        Trump is an outlier. The truth is not found in him. In deed, he is not making the effort looking for it.
        American patriot’s yearn for the time when Trump leaves the stage FOX built around him to support his brand. Doing so the channel profited outrageously.
        How long. you people, will you continue running after this false prophet and keep going lapping up his falsehoods all day long? Come to your senses and see clearly the hoodwinked sort you have become. Assumed is that before Trump put a curse on his loyal supporters, sanity had some representation among them.

        • Tommie

          This is about the dumbest $hit that i’ve read in a long time!!!! YOU ARE A PURE $HIT-HEAD!!!

          • ben

            you gotta love a guy who knows so much about **** I mean, he knows about being a ********. He knows about the difference between pure and unpure ******. I mean. This guy is the king of ****. A s******aholic. The s***** king. Hey, Tommy., can you hear me? Here’s a buck. Buy a clue., you useless rubber

  2. Mj

    My friend won 1st place in high jump…
    im his friend so i won too.!!
    What a babling idiot..!!

    • Tammy

      I only saw the highlights on the news this morning. I saw only a demented old man making a fool of himself. Of course he has no intention of acting on any of his bullshit boasts.

      • ben

        Only a young, stupid bimbo would say that.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          And only a weak misogynistic hound dog would say that to a woman in response to a thoughtful post.

          • ben

            Takes one to know one. You set the rules. And apparently just don’t like it when others play the game.

            If you want change, you have to change something. So if you don’t like it, change it. But just whining about it is like baying at the moon.

          • Ben

            Joe, as you know and refuse to do anything about it, “someone” insists on posting using the name of anyone that he disagrees with. He claims that I am not the only Ben on this site. Which may be the case. But I AM the ONLY B4CE. The above is not the original.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Live by the sword, die by the sword…

            And Ben, you are amusing and delightful under whatever name, after all a doesn’t a rose by any other name still stink like old ladies’ perfume?

      • Tommie


    • Tommie


  3. frank stetson

    Here’s a funny one. You all heard what you wanted to hear from Biden speech. What I heard was two companies., Intel and Ford. I had been looking at Ford. For awhile. Because they seem quite aggressive. With their electric power prices. This morning before the bell., I made a purchase for of each of these stocks. As of three o’clock., I am up $5000. I put a trailing loss limit in so now I’m relatively safe from losing any money. i’ll just sit back and collect my 3 to 5% in dividends and if the market drops I will not lose a dollar. Thank you, Mr Biden.

    Keep arguing amongst yourselves. There’s no real profit in it. Perhaps you should be like me. And listen to Grandpa Joe. Unlike Trump who can only pick losers, Joe got a couple winners for me. Based on that evidence., I have to say I like this speech.

  4. B4CE

    Regardless of what Biden said, the only real thing that will remembered about the night is that two conservative women embarrassed their party with their boring behavior. The public will remember that when the President was speaking about his dead son and his the impact of serving his Country, a conservative Republican woman shouted over him.

    • Ben

      Only a young stupid bimbo would do that.

      Marc O’Rubio Didn’t even attend because he had problems getting a Covid test before the event even though the Covid test was just outside the door and takes five minutes…

    • Perry

      Ben it’s been said that the first Ms. Biden was driving shit faced drunk when she crashed. What say you? I really don’t know. But as much as I despise Biden, I’m sorry for his loss

      • Ben

        It’s been sad that you have a little dick. At least that’s what I’ve heard. I mean it’s not me saying it, but everyone else says you be tiny. I will tell you what, if you come up with a source for your ludicrous story about Biden’s wife being shit faced drunk, loading up the kids in the car, and driving into the path of an oncoming truck, I’ll respond. I am betting I hear crickets

        • Perry

          Why are you interested in my dock? You must be a faggot. You dingle berry!!!!!!!

          • Ben

            Faggot? Who says faggot anymore? Much less dingleberry. What are you like 90 years old?

            Like I said, and you seem to be too stupid to comprehend, I didn’t say it, everyone else does. I think the word that used was “Pygmy prick. “

            However, I stand deeply hurt. You’ve called me a faggot I just don’t know what to do. Then again, your name is Perry, I think that says it all ,closet case.

            Really great discussing issues of the day with you. Good luck on working with your drug problem, getting an extension for your genitals, and perhaps you’ll actually meet another person who shares your beliefs. Probably a homeless person

  5. Hlc

    I don’t understand you idiots that follow sleepy , pervert Biden
    Look at the facts gas prices are double ,food prices are up 50% ,
    We are relying on fuel from foreign countries putting our own Americans
    Out of jobs , the border is a mess illegals flooding our country , drugs up cartels having freedom in our country , children are not safe with human trafficking on the rise all because of the border , crime rate up. , let alone this electric car bs to save our enviro.ent , the condem franking for our , take a look at what happens to the land after extracting the material for the batteries ITS A WAIST LAND , not to mention all you Demirats get your guns ready , when Russia wins there battel and unites with China there coming for the United States. , our children and grandchildren will
    Pay the price for what is going on rite now by our old rundown hide away President who can’t even answer questions from the press without having pre selected reporters knowing there questions and having the answers wrien down ( LOST WITHOUT HIS TELEPROMPTER) and this is only a little over a year of this Demirat president

  6. Perry

    Sorry dingle berry Ben. I’m spoken for. But thanks for the offer but I’m not queer. I picked up on your hidden message. I think you’re about to come out of the closet.

    • ben

      Dingle Berry? There you go with that 1950s schoolyard crap again. Such a child.

      What offer? Your gaydar off. Plus, I think you’re way too obsessed with this gay thing. I really could care less one way or the other way what your sexual proclivities are. I just don’t know why you are so focused on mine. And why my sexual orientation is so important to you. But. I guess it all takes all kinds. So whatever floats your boat, Periwinkle.

      • StealthFighter

        YEAH. FAGGOT!!!

      • Perry

        You’re the one that mentioned dicks. So go ahead. Come on out. Your party will love you

        • ben

          Again, I didn’t say you were * ****. everyone else does. Do you think they’re right? Meanwhile, it’s like I said. Crickets. You can’t come up with **** about mrs. biden being drunk. Another Trumpian Conservative Lying Sack of Ship. You were only the stable man’s Gay son, but all the horse men knew her.

          • Perry

            If you’ll read what I posted I said that I didn’t know and wondered if you knew Dickhead