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Biden’s Intel Chief Bans Language Linking Terror and Islam

Biden’s Intel Chief Bans Language Linking Terror and Islam

Biden’s national intelligence is worried that using terms that link terrorism and extremist ideologies to Islam can hurt Muslims in America and hence such language should be avoided.   

In a two-part series posted on March 19 and 21, The Daily Wire summarized the contents of a newsletter titled “The Dive” from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FIA) request. With author names redacted, this newsletter was sent to the entire intelligence community, specifically instructing their personnel not to use language that relates Islam to extremism or terrorism. The ODNI newsletter article wrote:

“This article is about one of our goals: disentangling Islam from words and phrases used to discuss terrorism and extremist violence.”

The article goes on to mention quite a few words and phrases that the intelligence community is not supposed to use because they could be hurtful to Muslim-Americans:

“Some of the problematic phrases include, but are not limited to: ‘Salafi-Jihadist,’ ‘Jihadist,’ ‘Islamic-Extremist,’ ‘Sunni/Shia-Extremism,’ and ‘Radical Islamists.’” The story also included a clip of Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire interviewing reporter Spencer Lindquist who authored the series on ODNI’s Muslim-centered instructions on language to the intel community. Lindquist also mentioned other words – like ‘blacklist” and “cakewalk” – which the ODNI newsletter specifies as problematic because they don’t serve the DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) policy of the Biden administration.

The leftist media outlets did not report on the newsletter contents or the concerns it has raised among conservatives, like Indiana’s Republican Congressman Jim Banks, who called such a policy “a gift to our adversaries.” Reporting on the ODNI newsletter in question, TFPP Wire wrote:

Critics argue that these initiatives, promoted by far-left activists and their allies in the Biden administration, are fundamentally undermining the country’s national security operations.

The ODNI’s instructions on avoiding the use of terms describing radical or extremist ideologies and actions by Muslims are a reminder of a similar policy the Obama-Biden administration adopted in their 8 years of government. Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) testified in 2016 that his agency during the Obama-Biden administration adopted a policy of turning a blind eye to immigration of Muslims with links to radical Islamic organizations.

In his book See Something Say Nothing (2016), Haney detailed how the DHS turned on him and accused of him of Islamophobia when he pointed out the entry of certain Muslims into the United States who Haney’s research showed having links to radical Islamic ideologies.

Philip Haney was shot to death in February 2020 in a rural area of Amador County, California. The local police asked the FBI to assist in their investigation of his death. After 2 years, during which time mainstream media observed a complete blackout on the story, Haney’s death was ruled suicide. Critics of the federal government agencies called the official ruling a cover-up while mainstream media like the Associated Press called such suspicion “right-wing conspiracy theories.”

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  1. Joanne Martin

    What a jerk! Just like the rest of this incompetent administration from the top down!

  2. The admiral


  3. Bobo 360

    That’s Because:

    Biden-Funded Database Identifies Pro-Life Students as Terrorists
    ‘We are very concerned about government-funded programs engaging in viewpoint discrimination as they attempt to insinuate that there may be future harms from peaceful pro-life people…’


      I’m sorry, I don’t want to seem a bully, but I keep saying: check and vet those stats. Bobo failed.

      His unnamed source (at least he quoted) is Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov who uses Henry when In the Russian call center from Headline USA rated as “Overall, we rate Headline USA far-right biased and questionable based on the promotion of conspiracy theories, the use of poor sources, a lack of transparency, and a false claim.”

      They’re from NC, started in 2017, changed name to current in 2020. Right wing blogsphere crap but also some humor, actually. Henry probably does not work for Russia.

      Biden funded the database in question the same way EVERY FREAKING PRESIDENT has funded it, including King Trump the Abuser, since 2005. It’s an open source database, anyone can use it. Even Republicans. JG can write code for it, with it, whatever.

      Here’s the funders: **

      I use this database all the time as do many conservatives.

  4. OrlandoRican

    Every time anyone in this administration opens his or her mouth (or its mouth if it’s one of the weirdos) I get offended. So why don’t
    they all just STFU!

    • Dan tyree

      That would require intelligence

  5. Americafirst

    Hey, what about the hate that some of the Muslim Americans do to us? Filthy Hippocrates!


    Here is my response


  7. Ron Bingham

    Man’s Inhumanity to Man
    Cruelty has been going on since Cain slew Able. Where can you find in a “religious” book, of written instructions for committing atrocities: something that you MUST PERFORM to properly follow that religion? Islam has a book of required instructions to commit atrocities, it is the Koran!
    There are 109 verses straight from the koran, demanding ALL muslims to steal from, hate, murder, and commit terror against all people who will not submit to a Dhimmi status, or convert to Islam.
    Mohammad is the example of the so-called “Perfect Man” whom Moslems are to follow! Islam is a clear and immediate danger to any other system of thought, government, or religious belief and must be fought by any means necessary and exposed for the pernicious and hate-filled ideology that it is.

    Islamic tactics: A political & military doctrine that comes wrapped in a barbed skin of piety.