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Biden’s Government May Limit Your Beer Drinking

Biden’s Government May Limit Your Beer Drinking

Your alcoholic beverage  is the next thing possibly on the slash list of the Biden administration in case you were wondering what’s coming next from the government that has put or tried to put restrictions on gas stoves, incandescent light bulbs, vehicles run by fossil fuel, and a number of other traditional items that have been part of daily life for ages.

Last week, British newspaper Daily Mail reported that Biden’s health czar Dr. George Koob is mulling new guidelines for alcohol consumption that would recommend limiting one’s beer intake to two drinks a week. The story cited Dr. Koob claiming there are no health benefits to alcohol:

Dr. Koob told that there were ‘no benefits’ to drinking alcohol in terms of physical health.

In that regard, Dr. Koob stated the new alcohol consumption guidelines in America, up for review in 2025, should follow those in Canada where the CCSA (Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction) recommends consuming no more than two alcoholic drinks per week for minimizing health and safety risks. By contrast, the current guidelines in America consider two drinks per day for both genders a safe limit.

Conservative media slammed Dr. Koob’s statement on new recommendation alcohol consumption. Fox News commentator Griff Jenkins called Dr. Koob’s comments on recommended alcohol limits “the dumbest crap” he has ever heard.


On Steven Crowder’s conservative commentary site Louder with Crowder, blogger Brodigan reminded that the mask mandates at schools during the COVID-19 emergency started as “guidance” but were “enforced for political reasons.” He went on to relate that move to the potential suggestion on beer while adding satirically that the Biden administration has an alcohol czar:

“We are ONLY pointing out that Biden’s alcohol czar wants to offer a suggestion. And also, Biden has an alcohol czar.”

Other conservatives mocked the Biden administration for even considering such a degree of control over the lives of Americans as well as questioned the legality of any proposed official restrictions on one’s alcohol consumption. Conservative Brief reminded viewers that being a recommendation, it’s entirely up to people to follow or reject it; it is not enforceable by law.

Troy Nehls, Republican Congressman from Texas, strongly reacted to the news of Dr. Koob’s comments about recommended beer limit, saying that this shows you who Democrats are and how much they want to take control of our lives.

This is who the Democrats are. They want to control every aspect of your life. Two beers a week? What a joke. Let’s not forget that JFK snagged 1,200 Cuban cigars just hours before banning all Cuban products from the United States.

Fox News’ White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if Joe Biden was onboard with Dr. Koob on this and she refused to answer, saying she is not familiar with the data and would leave it to the experts.



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  1. Dan tyree

    Now he’s lost the German American vote.

  2. andy

    Can someone on the right please show us where this is going to become the LAW of the land? Near as I can tell this is just someone who is making a recommendation, not HARD policy. We tried that with Prohibition, it didn’t work.

    • rick

      But, this time there will not be any grain to make it with because the communist butt holes along with the demoncrats are destroying everything.

  3. Mike f

    Something else for conservatives to get their undies in a bind over. Does anyone on the right believe there is a health benefit to consuming beer (or most other alcoholic products, though the jury is out on red wine)? Of course the purpose of Dr Koob is to provide information and advice for optimal health-which he is doing. To argue against that is just plain stupid (or course there is no shortage of that at the windbag post). Prohibition has been over for over 90 years (ended by a democrat president I might add) and is unlikely to resume, but just keep stirring the base-they are so stupid they might think Biden is attempting to start it all over…

    • Dan tyree

      You can actually use the word stupid in a sentence with Biden? Come on man.

      • Mike f

        No, I use the word stupid when I think of Dan tyree..

        • Dan tyree

          That’s Mr.Tyree to you.

  4. Joseph S. Bruder

    Again, Republicans are all in a tizzy about fake news started by none other than Mr. Fake himself, Ted Cruz (and on Newsmax, of course). Apparently, new health recommendations IN CANADA are to limit drinking to about 2 drinks a week. So, the right-wing British tabloid Daily Mail ran an article that said Dr. George Koob, the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, was WATCHING THE RESULTS of revised health recommendations in Canada with interest and hoped that people might see the benefits of reducing alcohol consumption if there turned out to be health benefits. Which isn’t exactly a shocking statement from the guy whose job it is to consider the health risks generated by alcohol abuse.

    So, Dufus Doocy of FOX News pipes up and implies (falsely) that the US may follow these new regulations (which they’re not, they’re health recommendations), calls Dr. Koob “Biden’s alcohol czar” (also not a thing), and idiot Cruz thinks the “gubmint” (which he is part of, unfortunately) is going to take away your beer (which nobody except Republicans ever said or implied). And then right-wing idiots from publications like PBP take the story and run with it without checking any facts. Yes, the White House Press Secretary knew nothing about it – because it was completely made up.

    In your zeal to try to make Biden look as bad Trump, you guys will print anything, won’t you? Hardly burnishes your reputation as a reputable news source, but that’s long gone anyway.

  5. Dennis McLain

    Good luck with that one? Limit beer? You had better listen to the noise outside your building because the ground will quake with the number of people that would march on Washington, and not in a friendly way. Everyone has had enough of you and your party’s BS.