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Biden’s Failure: Taliban to Flog and Amputate People

Biden’s Failure: Taliban to Flog and Amputate People

Afghanistan will soon start seeing public floggings and even amputations of civilians under Taliban rule, thanks to the Biden administration’s disastrous failure in securing the country last year against Taliban rule.

 This week, Taliban leader and the head of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Hibatullah Akhundzada, met with a group of judges and ordered them to “fully enforce aspects of Islamic law” including public flogging, amputations, and executions. Taliban’s chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid shared this news on Twitter as the official Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The tweet specifically mentions “thieves, kidnappers, and trouble-makers” as the target of investigations according to Islamic law and subsequent punishment if found guilty.

The traditional Islamic punishment for various crimes falling into these categories ranges from fines (compensating (the victims or their families) to flogging in public, amputation of one or more limbs (typically in crimes involving theft), and the death penalty by stoning (adultery convicts) or beheading (blasphemy and murder, etc).

Women and minorities have reportedly been the worst victims of Taliban rule in the past in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan. The declaration of bringing Islamic (Sharia) law for punishing criminals has raised red flags of concern over basic human rights in the country. The Times of Israel cited Rahima Popalzai, a legal and political analyst, commenting on the new push for Islamic punishments for offenders:

The edict could be an attempt by the Taliban to harden a reputation they may feel has softened since they returned to power.

Losing Afghanistan to Taliban rule was a worldwide embarrassment for the Bien administration, which it tried to blame on the Afghan people and even on President Trump’s government.

Last Friday, Fox News interviewed Republican congressman Michael McCaul of Texas, who told the channel that getting to the bottom of the deadly Afghanistan exit by the Bien administration was a priority for the incoming Republican-controlled House.

Afghanistan will be a major area of focus, and it’s important because of our veterans. They ask me a question, ‘was it worth it?’

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  1. John J

    Thanks Biden, left on your own, you would destroy the world

  2. Andy

    Neither Biden, Trump nor any other president was going to be able to leave Afghanistan with a functioning non-Taliban government. The totally Afghanistan government was only held up by our presence in the country, when we left they were going to leave as well. You may as well blame Biden for the dinosaur extinction, as well.

    • Bibfy

      Well, he was there when the asteroid hit 🙂

      *1 on your comments

      The author is not being earnest when he casts blame. Most often, when we prop up puppets, it ends badly.

      • Greg

        Bibfy is a fag name.

  3. Maxine Parker

    Trump would not have left Afghanistan in anyway that Biden did, you idiot. What are you trying to say, that Biden did a good job in the way he left that country, that no one could have done better?! Grab your brain matter—indeed if you have any—and observe the criminal, brain dead Biden. Why is this idiot running any part of our government here in America? Because Democrats want to destroy our country, and they’re doing a damn good job of it. Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan let the entire world know, that America has a worthless, America hating creep for a president!

  4. Bibfy

    It’s people like greg that encourage people like the latest CO shooter.

    Did Greg smile when he called out my name as gay?

    Did he cheer CO?

    It’s an acronym Greg; the last two letters are meant for you especially. .

  5. Andy

    The only way Trump could have done better than Biden would be by staying in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan government was 150% corrupt, and they were not going to be able to hold power unless they had the US present as enforcers.

  6. Mike F

    Your post is such an embarrassment! Why would someone write about a subject without researching the matter? Trump dealt only with the taliban, made no effort to involve the duly elected government, it was obvious this was a disaster in the making due to the trump incompetence. I personally would have attempted to renegotiate the deal, but Biden chose to honor our commitments (something that #45 regularly did not do). The majority of the blame for this debacle belongs on the person who negotiated with the taliban, not the person who implemented the treaty…