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Biden’s DOJ Report Suggests Hiring Ex Criminals as Cops

Biden’s DOJ Report Suggests Hiring Ex Criminals as Cops

Revealing a new soft corner for criminals, the Biden administration is seemingly looking to “modernize” the hiring process at police departments by allowing applications from individuals with criminal records.

Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a press release with recommendations for law enforcement agencies that face recruitment challenges. The recommendations come in the form of a 60-page publication titled “Recruitment and Retention for the Modern Law Enforcement Agency.” The publication offered 50 plus recommendations coming from law enforcement and community leaders, who participated in a meeting held in April this year at the request of United States Attorney General (AG) Merrick Garland. One of these recommendations asks for reconsidering the categorical bans on hiring people with criminal histories. Among the list of the recommendations is:

“reconsidering flat bars based on minor, isolated criminal offenses, especially where offenses occurred a long time ago based on minor, isolated criminal offenses, especially where offenses occurred a long time ago.”

The publication says that participants unanimously agreed on the recommendation not to consider applications from anyone with “serious criminal history, including felony convictions,” those who exhibit “extremism or demonstrated prejudice or bigotry, including in dress, jewelry, or tattoos,” and those having a history of violence.

While the publication declares that these recommendations do not represent the official position or policy of the DOJ and are the opinions of the participants in the meeting, the inclusion of relaxing the ban on people with a criminal history in the police hiring process raised some concerns from conservative sources. The Daily Caller equated the report to Biden’s DOJ recommending a reconsideration of hiring standards on criminal histories and former drug use by applicants. It is not clear whether the DOJ will officially endorse all these recommendations for police recruitment, but the possibility can’t be ruled out.

The Daily Caller wrote that the DOJ did not immediately respond to its request for comment on this matter.

Over the past decade, liberals across the country have painted the police departments as racist and rogue, fueling hatred against cops that led to violent riots and attacks in a number of states including Oregon, Georgia, Washington, Missouri, and others. Leftist activist movements like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have launched mob style attacks on civilians and at times against police during protests, mostly in blue cities. Last year, a BLM rioter, Stephan Cannon, was found guilty of murdering a retired police officer during a 2020 riot in St. Louis, Missouri.

Supporting Antifa and BLM against law enforcement is not the only means liberals in the United States employed to back criminal behavior. In 2021, a handful of Democrat-run states like Washington and New York took legislative or executive action to expand voting rights for convicted felons based on their rationale that voting restrictions on ex-convicts mainly affects people of color.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Could be a good idea. They would need pardoned first. And it should depend on the crimes they were convicted for.

  2. Frank stetson

    +1 Dan. I applaud 👏

    This whacky Dumpster is a pow though. That last paragraph is insane…. Nutty…

    And he sees dems, blm, and antifa as one it seems. Antifa = anarchism which would end the democratic party. Think they are linked? Maybe defrocked, frustrated, ex democrats, but I bet you find some radical righties in that mess too.

  3. andy

    The RIGHT sees everyone that are not them as being dangerous to society. The RIGHT is composed of the most close-minded people in history. In truth, the RIGHT is mostly aging white people who are slowly dying off, and hope to retain some power when they are replaced by people who are not them.

    25 years ago I was part o the RIGHT. I voted Republican from 1972 all the way through 2000. But then I began to realize that the RIGHT knows nothing about how to govern, so I became center, although for practical purposes I mostly voted Democratic, with a few exceptions, like our local Republican Senator in the Virginia State House.

    I do understand the RIGHT mindset.

    • Dan tyree

      Andy you don’t understand shit. You’re just another brainwashed communist that’s pissed off because a lot of people don’t agree with you. What you call right wing minded is only people who love our country and constitution. So stick what you think you know up your commie ass

      • andy


        You KNOW absolutely nothing about me. I’m probably more conservative than 90% of the conservatives out there. I’m just not a rightwing conservative.

        The RIGHT always responds the same way. Knee jerk name calling and insults. Trump is the outstanding example, for some reason everyone on the RIGHT wants to be like him. If they really understood who he is they would despise him.

    • WEs

      Look at common sense. Conservative values. Small government. Citizens do not need the government dictating everything citizens do. That is what most of the Biden administration has done. Got Big Tech to censor conservatives. Called MAGA a threat to society. Make America Great is a threat. Putting Americans in last. The policies are surely destroying the country. Millions of illegal immigrants. Where are they getting their food, medical, housing? The shelves are stocked by Americans. Shelves were empty in some stores because of the crazy lockdowns. Only an idiot shuts the whole economy down. People are going into stores and stealing everything from clothes to appliances, cars. San Francisco has turned into a nightmare. People are leaving. Sick of bad policies from Gavin Newsome. New York, Chicago. Record crime. If someone complains they are a threat to Democracy. Where was all the care for Democracy when Biden and his son were being bribed by China, Ukraine, and anyone else on he 200 plus rides on Air Force 2? Deemed as misinformation. There are phone records, bank accounts put in different names as not to expose the money. Giving away our fuel is a threat. Americans are struggling enough with high inflation. Fueled cars are less expensive, more efficient and reliable. Not only cars. It’s takes coal to heat the warehouses where cars are made. The climate cultists are a threat. Weather changes have been going on for years. Like the pandemic, the so called experts, inflate the numbers. For example, some died from other things than Covid. They were counted as Covid deaths because they may have had it. There are experts than say over the next hundred years the oceans will go up about two inches. The ones that push the green energy will say anything for people to fall for it. Our electric grid should be strengthened first before adding more electric stress. Charging stations everywhere. This is what Socialist Societies have done. The people never benefit from it. The government does though. Look at Venezuela. Marxist and a communist views. Look at Biden’s buddies in China. Iran. Their clean is not clean. In fact they want to use more fuel. Just ask the U.S. for handouts. We should be using our money to help our drug addicts get into treatment centers. Homeless off the streets. Put mechanics, wood shop classes, electric education, money management, job skills training, cooking classes, back in schools. Learn how to live independently. Take the CRT and bad subjects out of schools. There is no reason for children to get sex changes and pornography pushed on them. Kids need support by parents. Not the school boards and teachers unions turning learning into some kind of political nonsense. Learn the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Star Spangled Banner, Ledge of Allegiance, and allow free speech. Keep criminals in jail. It’s called accountability. Politicians and bureaucrats love chaos. They make money off of wars. Trump exposed the corruption. That set off the hate. They cannot stand he exposed the nonsense. DOJ, FBI, WHO, WEF, CDC, are pushing the control agenda. No thanks. I and others kind of like common sense. The vaccinations are not safe. I got them. I believe you choose. I wear a mask in crowded places. My choice. Do not support BLM and Antifa. They are for violence. BLM founder used donations for themselves. Not to help the black community. Leo Terrell, Ben Carson, and other black leaders reject the hate by these and other groups. Get a job. Reparations are another way to divide. Some is never enough. Vote these idiots out. God, family, and small government. The First and NEWSMAX. Independent News. NEWSMAX Magazine covers all subjects with facts. Mainstream media are lying to your faces on most everything. Used to report the facts. N.Y. Times, Washington Post all cater to Democrats. Republicans need to wake up.

  4. frank stetson

    Andy, while I think Dumpster is a whack job with incredible bias and stupidity in this story, I do think that some “crimes” can be overlooked and may even add experience to the force.

    Growing up, I benefited many times from cops lack of experience with reefer. In my madness, I escaped many an incarceration first due to inexperience, but later due to overlooking this broken window, probably due to experience. I only say that after trading bags with one officer. Having lived a lifetime as a good citizen, tossing me in jail could have changed the course of my life, and not in a good way. I would not have changed except to be really pissed at the world.

    So I can see, if managed correctly, that cops experienced in some minor, non-violent crimes, could be good.

  5. JoeyP

    UHHH . . . WHAT? Isn’t that like hiring the FOX to guard the HENHOUSE?!? NOT on MY watch!

  6. Darren

    Sounds like we are trying to emulate Mexicos police force, you know, throw some of what could be crooked cops in the mix.
    Why not, now the 9 million who came accross can really feel at home.

    Not to mention what this does to the other police who lived their life correctly and put their life on the line every day.
    If the weeding process can be done correctly, I am for this.
    Useually a reversal of any role is impowering to the individual and they will give it 110%.
    If you can weed it out correctly!

    • Dan tyree

      Andy likes to define conservative people. So he should define the liberals on college campuses harassing Jewish students. And marching in the streets calling jews names. Ain’t antisemitism just another type of racism? If people can do that don’t lecture people on the N word or any other so called racism.

  7. Frank stetson

    DT: get a grip. They are protesting Israel, not the Jewish faith. I do not agree with them at this time. While Israel and Judaism seem the same, at times, they are not. It seems a secular nation, but 25% are of different faiths.

    The students, the squad, anyone are not wrong IMO; but they are totally wrong at this time. This time is for a measure of justice at a sword’s sharp tip. A full measure will never be achieved but it’s time for a good measure including possible innocent deaths if unavoidable.

    After, it will be time to revisit the Palestinian question and Israel/Palestine better find a solution or they could be here again. Apartheid is not productive. Israel has the lead in that, they are the powerhouse.