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Biden’s disastrous polling numbers getting worse

Biden’s disastrous polling numbers getting worse

In the last round of terrible polling numbers for President Biden, the question was: Can they get any worse?  We now have that answer. Yep!  Not only are they worse, but they are very worse (with apologies for the word play).

One of the leading stories on all the news platforms was the results of the New York Times/SIENA College Poll.  They showed President Trump beating Biden in virtually all the so-called battleground states. And contrary to what the panel on “Morning Joe” falsely claimed, they are NOT within even the margin-of-error.

Trump tops Biden in Arizona by five points (49 to 44).  Georgia by six (49 to 43).  Five points in Michigan (48 to 43). Eleven points in Nevada (52 to 41).  In Pennsylvania, Trump wins by four points (48 to 44).  Biden takes Wisconsin by two points (47 t0 45) – which IS well within the margin-of-error.

When asked who the people trust more on specific issues, Biden gets a shellacking.  In terms of immigration, it is Trump’s 53 percent to Biden’s 41 percent – a full 12-point spread.  On the Israel-Hamas War, it is Trump by 11 points with 50 percent to Biden’s 39 percent. On handling the nation’s security, Trump trumps Biden by 12 points – 53 to 41.  The only issue Biden trumps Trump is with Abortion with 49 percent to 40.

And then there is the economy and the rosy narrative of Bidenomics versus reality at the grassroots.  In terms of Biden’s self-proclaimed signature achievement, 59 percent of the people trust Trump, and only 37 percent trust Biden to handle the economy. That is a 22-point spread. 

In a more general and personal question, the Poll asked: “Have their policies helped or hurt you?”  Fifty-Three percent of the respondents said that Biden’s policies hurt them – and only 35 percent said they helped them.  Then numbers were virtually reversed when it came to Trump – with 51 percent saying they helped and 34 Percent saying they hurt them personally.  This is significant because it strongly suggests that Biden’s age and health are by far not the only negatives for the President.

I think we should also take notice of the national security results.  Trump carries the day despite the fact that the Democrat political narrative claims that Trump is an existential threat to democracy and the future of the Republic.  Most voters are not buying it.

The age (meaning health) issue hangs over Biden like the descending Sword of Damocles.   Seventy-one percent of the people believe that Biden is “too old to be an effective President.”  Only 39 percent see Trump as too old.  While team Biden likes to point out that Trump is only 4 years younger, the public knows that the issue is really health and vitality – not the calendar age.

The NYT Poll shows Biden losing ground with younger voters, Blacks and Hispanics in all the battleground states. These states will decide the next presidency.  If the results are similar to this Poll, Trump will be swept into office for a second term.

These numbers are more than bad.  They raise the question as to whether Biden should withdraw.  More and more Democrats are suggesting that – or at least hinting.

Biden loyalists argue that polls are not elections, and it is much too early to start predicting the 2024 Presidential Election.  And they are correct on both counts.  Unfortunately for Biden, his negatives are not things that are easily changed.  He will not get any younger or vital.  Quite the opposite. 

He has already thrown his entire weight behind his economic performance, and it has come up short – to say the least.  There is not likely to be a victory lap in either the Ukraine or Israel wars.  And you can be sure that Biden has neither the time nor the ability to solve the border crisis, the crime crisis or the homeless crisis. And Biden & Co. cannot demonize Trump – cast him as the bogeyman who will end American democracy — more than they have.  We can all see in the polling data how well that has worked.

One other thing that I believe is hurting Democrats is the constant suggestion – overtly and by implication – that at least half of the American people are ignorant, evil or both. The ever-arrogant John Meacham – MSNBC’s dubious claim of intellectualism – claims the public does not yet appreciate (meaning we are stupid) that this election is fundamentally about the future of the Republic, and that electing Trump will result in an authoritarian dictatorship.  According to Meacham, democracy in America ends with the election of Trump.  That is hyperbole on steroids – and the American people are too smart to fall for that whopper (what common folk call a big lie)..

Biden personifies a Democratic Party that is trying to sell the narrative that America is divided between leftwingers like them and stupid people.  What the polling suggests is that more than anything, Biden is being defeated by the broad range of leftwing POLICIES – woke and otherwise — that are repugnant to a majority of intelligent freedom-loving Americans.  And those on the left are genetically incapable of seeing that fact.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    But don’t forget voter fraud Doesn’t people wonder why the democrats scream about voter ID?

  2. frank stetson

    No, Dan, why do democrats scream about voter ID? I’m a Democrat, I never screamed over voter ID except when Republicans sprang it at the penultimate moment in an election cycle.

    And Democrats have not forgotten about voter fraud. There are three Trump lawyers who pleaded guilty to trying to rig the election in favor of Republican Donald J. Trump. We have found the 2020 election fraud, although not the fraud covered by The Big Lie, which turns out to be a big lie. These lawyers were “in the room” with Trump, Eastman, Meadows and more. Meadows is probably flipping in DC, in the second election fraud criminal case for Donald J, Trump, twice-impeached, never won a popular vote, digital rapist, sex abusing, defamation liable, criminal business enterprising X-President.

    • Jim lucas

      It’s all good. Trump will pardon them all when he’s re-elected. Including the January 6 people

      • frank stetson

        Yes, it’s a good thing to pardon the guilty. It’s the Republican way.

        Trump already pardoned family, friends, people with cash, why not election fraudsters and rioters, seditionists, and violent criminals.

        It’s legal after all.

        But if you think it is right, you are fucked up. When you want to pardon people who beat up cops, with weapons, are you the law and order party? When you pardon seditious conspirators, are you a patriot? Shit, you have a tizzy when Hunter grifts a few shekels, but Jared getting 2B from Muslims does not faze you at all. You want to hang blm-ers who pillage a strip mall, but those who pillaged the Capitol, who pleaded or were adjudicated guilty, you want to set free? Maybe they all should serve the time they were adjudicated to.

        Does he do that before or after he seeks retribution and revenge against all on his list?

        I don’t see Biden pardoning BLM or Antifa convicts.

        • Tom

          Some good points Frank. But let me inform you on one or two tidbits. The reason Republicans wanted to hang BLM’ers ransacking strip malls is because they thought those were places where there were lots of Stormy Daniels types. They panicked because they thought strippers were being attacked. Turns out it wasn’t that way at all.

          On the legal side, the truth that I watched on my tv and read about is that Biden never had to pardon BLM or Antifa convicts because the woke DA’s in Seattle, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, et. all all pardoned them in advance. Sad that we did not hear of many more convictions of the rioters on both sides of the divide: Capitol and BLM + Antifa.

          I agree with you on not beating up cops like what we saw on 1/6. And I agree about the seditious conspirators. At least some close to Trump are getting prosecuted – unfortunately they are getting much easier sentences for almost bringing down the country and corrupting our voting process while a poor black kid who steals a soda and candy in a GOP run town experiences the full thrust of the law by getting prison. Not fair. Independents want compassionate but firm application of the law and equity in sentencing! Trumps inner circle should be doing prison time, not time at home watching TV and writing their book so they can make a million dollars. Not fair!

          Unfortunately, Trump weighs loyalty very heavily and so if he gets in and does not have to worry about a re-election, watch him use his power to forgive all of the GOP hooligans and rioters by claiming their convictions were all rigged. Sound familiar? The biggest fear I have of Trump, besides destroying our world relationships, is that a Trump that has all of the power and does not have to worry about what he does with it, will be a very bad thing overall for this country.

          • frank stetson

            You know how much I tire of your BLM, DA, urban myth.



            I can drone on but obviously many arrested, many convicted.

            And many did not leave the scene like your 1.6.2021 tighty whities from the righty did.

            You got sources on the weak DAs letting them all go?

            As far as Mr T; it will be worse than you’re imagining. He’s got a list of who’s naughty, not nice, and he plans to unleash the DOJ to make it all right. Democrats will be hung from their perches with style, and then come the brown shirts after awhile.

            Yeah, it’s the collateral damage that will be done that will be the worst of it.

          • Tom

            Well Frank, I am sure by now that you realize they were not my peeps that did the 1/06 job. That was Larry’s peeps! My peeps stayed home. We wanted nothing to do with the lie and its consequences. I hope we can put this one to rest!

            Here are some things you missed in your referenced articles:

            1) To be sure, some defendants have received lenient deals.

            At least 19 who have been sentenced across the country got no prison time or time served, according to the AP’s review. Many pleaded guilty to lower-level offenses, such as misdemeanor assault, but some were convicted of more serious charges, including civil disorder.

            2) In Portland, Oregon — where demonstrations, many turning violent, occurred nightly for months after a white Minneapolis police officer killed Floyd — about 60 of the roughly 100 cases that were brought have been dismissed, court records show. (That is 60%!)

            3) Most of those defendants received deferred resolution agreements, under which prosecutors promise to drop charges after a certain amount of time if the defendant stays out of trouble and completes things like community service. Some Jan. 6 defendants have complained it’s unfair they aren’t getting the same deals.

            4) In some cities, protests descended into chaos after dark, with people smashing windows, looting stores, setting fires and assaulting officers.

            Thanks for the article! It proves my point! Too darn many people on both sides of the aisle are getting away with too much! And yes, according to your referenced article, most of your leftie friends causing this violence in these cities got off as long as they promised to be good boys! So sentence is deferred and no time served!

            As an Independent, I want all of these hooligans to get jail time! Period. i do not think its ok to let them off, I do not care what color or political or /gender persuasion. Tired of both sides letting their own go while complaining about leniency for the other side!

            Great article! Thanks Again!

            Hey my friend from China came today for a couple of months to celebrate our Christian holidays with me. So you may not see me on as much.

          • frank stetson

            Yes Tom, not your peeps, not Horist’s either.

            There is no way either you or I can say these sentences were too light, much less lighter than the other guys… Like the Republican judges giving an easier ride to 1.6-ers; they might be giving an easier ride, but I can not say it’s 1) easier than average and/or 2) easier than other 1.6 convicted. Without know the averages of all cases of these types AND without knowing the individual cases, it could be:
            – earlier cases which were less “criminal,” complex, etc.
            – folks truly deserving as in remorse, extenuating circumstances, etc.

            The same is true for summer of floyd sentences and lawyers.

            Fact is people were sentenced, that was the dispute. Fact is judges were of both parties, that was the dispute.

            Likewise, it’s your opinion, as well as other folks, that the Georgia crowd is getting off easy. I say I don’t know until I would review all rico cases, all rico cases in Georgia, etc. It’s pretty complex stuff, each trial and accusation may be different, etc. While averages are directional, our system really leaves the judge/prosecutors a lot of discretion based on the evidence, the attitude, the believability, a whole lot of stuff.

            We could go to mandatory sentence and take the judge out of it, but frankly, I like the human side of our judicial system. You take Jenna Ellis — where do you think her career is going? Who would hire her? Being out of jail may not be that sweet for a long time. She tired to defraud Democrats and she squealed on Republicans (or will soon). Not going to be good for her. Ghouliani was already toast unless Horist needs another clown :>) Meadows — wow, he made a million off the book and is being sued for 3m off the book. He may need a roof soon….

            No, I am OK with the charges and convictions for summer of floyd, 1.6, the big lie —- it’s all good in my book. But Alex Jones —- that’s priceless. Fox — beyond priceless. I like it better when the big guys go down. What can I say, always rooting for the underdog. Even the “normal” 1.6-ers who just got caught up in the tsunami of that day.

            You told me why the article supported all your claims but it seems sort of anecdotal. Did I miss something.

        • Sarah Lucas

          The “Capital invaders” were never adjudicated by a jury of thier peers, it was all direct adjudication by Democratic Judges.

          • frank stetson

            Often I mention to folks, “look it up.” Round here they don’t too much. I keep saying that we check…

            Our latest “expert” probably heard someone she trusts say this and took them at their word. Trust but verify are words to live by. Sarah Lucas said: “The “Capital invaders” were never adjudicated by a jury of their peers, it was all direct adjudication by Democratic Judges.” So, I looked. Mostly because I wondered. And I found that Sarah Lucas is soundly:

            BUSTED based on the facts below

            There are jury trials. We can argue the “peers” part, perhaps Tom the well-read one can chime in on that aspect. But jury trials — sure, there were jury trials. And while I can not speak to the exact case assignments, the judges are split about 55/44 or 10 dem appointments, 8 republican appointments. Those are the numbers, but wait — there’s more.

            First the numbers…. to start with it’s dated 9.2022 and by then there had been 8 jury trials. 400 had plead guilty, so no jury. By 7.2023, 594 pled guilty although I can not find how many jury trials to date as then merge the number with bench trials, etc.

            Source: newsweek

            Here’s the funny part. For some reason, these defendants do not consider DC to be a jury of their peers and they are requesting trial by judge. Or change of venue. So, it’s the actual defendants that are attempting to avoid a jury of their peers.

            The funnier part. WAPO harped something about the judges, the following article went deeper and found sentencing bias where Republicans were letting them go earlier. By far. Those are the number however, Tom, I do not judge them as giving a bigger break. I just don’t know. IMO, who cares. Without examining each case, hearing the testimony, that ever single sentence is spot on. That’s our system and I like it. Give the guy a break, any guy….

            Here’s a very interesting article on the whole affair. The rag is least biased, a shave to the left, and highly factual. Enjoy. Think you will like this one Tom.f


      • Tom

        Unfortunately, despite the obvious sarcasm, I think you are correct on this one. It appears that Dems and GOP are the same after all in this area. They both have a soft woke spot for their own types. Dems use woke DA’s and soft judges to forgive. GOPs use laws and pardons (its more sexier) to forgive. Lets face it, why bother schmoozing a DA into Wokamania when you already know you got a guy with enough power to override the system! This is another reason why I am an Independent.

        • frank stetson

          again tom, you got stats on that?

          • Tom

            Frank, the article you referenced gives the stats. Again, the three Trump attorneys already convicted but allowed to stay home and watch tv is also a stat. There are 17 of them total I think. So 3 of 17 were given stay home and have fun sentences, and make sure to write a book to get rich. 3 divided by 17 is 17.6% got stay home and have fun sentences for their part it trying to over throw the government and ZERO got any jail time!

            Now Trump is talking about weaponizing the DOJ if he gets in, in an interview with TCS. I saw the news on CBS. This is clearly wrong and a reason not to vote for him. Like I predicted before this news, he will be unhinged, and you are right, it will be a Dem pig pickin!!!!

    • Sam Houston

      I would like to address some of the statements above from what I have heard over the very bias medial sources. Let start with “Criminal Enterprises of the X-Potus”. Did that mean anything in the last election, obviusly not. Now Lets compare his domestic “cruminal enterprises against Biden and sons International Pay to Play influence peddling of millions of dollars to our questionable friends of China, Russia, and Ukraine. Hands down I prefer Trumps smaller criminal activity rather than selling out the nation to the highest bidder. “Defamation Liable”? Did we lose freedome of speech or is that only enforced against Concervatives and Republicans? Sure seems like the Democrats are full of it too, with all the top leadership being equally as guilty, so that’s a political wash. Next is “Sex Abusing”??? When was Trump found guilty of diddling any not willing woman? I sure seem to remember that Biden was accused with cooberating testamoney and witnesses that he not only diddlied, but actually raped one his his interns by penetrating her with his fingers while she said no while as a Senator, also basically lied about a man who drove the truck that collided with is wifes car in which she was killed, saying he was drunk. She ran a stop sign but that didn’t stop Biden from lying. Ruined a mans career. Then Biden basically started diddling Jill while she was married to anther man. Between Biden and Jill they told the old husband in so many not decrete ways to FO and leave the house to her. Kind of sole another mans wife. I don’t konw anyting abot what Meadows is up to so I will leave that alone. Donald J. Trump impeached twice…was he found guilty by the senate? No. Why not, well the basis of the Schiff hot evidences that didn’t exist they had him by the short hairs only to find the real truth the HRC Campaign Staff, HRC, and Democratic Party hired someone to smear Trump with the “Russian Collusion Documents for campaign purposes. The Russian Collusion was totally based on HRC and Democratic Lies and completely false. Even HRC had more contacts with the Russians then Trump did.Second imopeachment. Ever wonder about time lines? It took Pelosi and team a year to investigate and make up the first solid impeachment, yet it took less than week to do the second? I find that interesting, almost like it was made up ahead of time and all she had to do was make the event (J6) fit the narrative. We already see a lot of what the 2ed impeachment is based on is falling apart. We see Government collusion with people like Epps (sp sorry) being noted as directing the crowd and saying over and over “we need to enter the Capital. We see others who were directing the foot traffice from where Trump spoke to the Capital. We see aggitators who were obviosuly goverment plants fighting and orally whipping up resistance. We see the refusal of Pelosi (who was ultimately in charge of security) to enforce Capital Security, and even Capital Police reserves not brought in when they requested them. Things were staged. Then there is the preplanned escape of Pelosi through the tunnel system’s all while being hand held video’s by famly…preplanned. What did Trump do, in his speeches he advocated a march on the Capital to display their dissatisfaction PEACEFULLY (which did not fit the narrative), and people were dooped into entering the capital by Capital Police and some democratic members opening doors. Sure some people did some bad things but for the most part they did not damage or desecrate the Capital. Yet these grandmothers, citizens, and protesters were calm, stayed inside the guide ropes, and left peacefully. Yet they were arrested in a round up and denied their Constitutinal Rights. Not a good display of We the People. Now for the Bid Lie, well I find it very interesting to note so many of the states had the drop ballots which controlled the election as we have seen it. Hundreds of thousands of problems across the nation with election machines from not reading the ballots correctly, to supposedly switching the votes around, to some counting centers blocking windows so they cannot be oberved, to keeping people away, to when shut down people entering and pulling out boxes or suit cases full of incompete ballots and running them through the counters. Now we are seeing the same thing happen in Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, and even an attempt in Florida. Seems odd that this happens. Trump lost the count there is no denying that, but did he really lose the election. Trump campaingend hard and Biden hardly campained and yet had a record turnout to vote for him after losing twice before? How do you win form a basement unless you know the fix is in. You were put there by your handlers so you would not do damage to what they were doing because you already said in public that you had put the most powerful fix in in history already. Odd. Popularity vote does not count. We are a Republic not a TRUE Democracy, Say the plege of allegance ot your self and discover that. Maybe our educational system has failed our students when Civics classes stopped being offered in favor of some very questionable subjects. OUR system of government uses an Electorial College which also gave Gore and HRC a head ach. We either play by the rules or start all over. I say we play by the rules and stop muddlying the waters with nonsince. According to the machine counts Trump lost his second run and Biden won the Electorial College. So be it. Now for the big one, is the nation in better condition now after Biden came in and instituted his policies? Are we energy independent or did we sell off our National Oil Reserve to China? Is American totally owned by Americans or are our enemies (China) buying huge chunks of our best farm lands in the midwest? How are jobs coming along, do we have more or less employment or have we forced jobs overseas? How is inflation going, hummm? Is the Dollar strong or collapsing due to the Billions of Dollars we have given to our “friends”. We just keep the printers going and make more right. What’s it backed by Gold-no, Silver-no, its a worthless federal reserve note which is a promise. When have you ever heard of a goverment promise being kept? Hows immigration going, southern border security? Oh, the news media is not exponding on the fact that illegals from all over the world are entering the USA by the thousands ever day. Who is paying to take care of their lodging, food, medical, education, etc, we the tax payers. Expect your taxes to increase proportionally. Democrats call them undocumented Demorats and want their ballots next year. Constitution says NO non citizens can ballot so according to the Democrats we will just wave a magic wand and make them all citizens! Now so quick. Biden has violated his Oath of Office on so many fronts. What did he do his first day in office, he screwed America’ bett interests, he pulled out of Afganistan so pooly planned that he ended up leaving people behind and wore yet got members of our military killed. Then to top it off he left enough equipment and pallots of hundred dollar bills that the Taliban became the 4th largest and best equipped Military in the world. Now some of our abandon equipment is being used against Israel. Energy independence, our gas prices are through the roof as we have to buy our oil from our enemies (Arabs) instead of being energy independent. Mean while our Current POTUS is at his beach hoouse (Paid for by unexplained cash sources) and not doing his 24/7/365 job. Actually that is probably good in that he is an elder statesman who cannot even find his way off stage without help.
      Now lets answer your Voter ID answer to Dan. Why have the Democrats continued to fight Voter ID for the last 40 years? Republican want it to help stop raising up the dead to vote, to assure that people are not balloting twice, to assure balloting is done only by true Citizens of the USA, to assure we have a legal election. Have you got a problem with any of that? It’s for protection against fraud. We need it more today than at anytime. If you need ID to collect any welfare, to get a job and pay taxes, in court, to drive, even to get a library card, why do the Democrats continue to call a Voter ID as being discrimatory?
      Lastly i know yu will attack my reply like a junk yard dog but I don’t care, as an American I have the freedom to say almost anythin I want unless I am prevented to do so by a security clearnace. Trump didn’t pack his “stuff” in Maralargo, the GSA did, they shipped it, brought it in and deposited it where they were told. They said get better locks on the doors and they were changed plus better security. What is with that politically arroused effort. Have any of of our other POTUS met the same charges or accusations? Nope. Why not, becasue their papers were never challenged. Was the POTUS authoried to have such papers, well yes. Was a Senator or even Vice POTUS authorized to have such papers, absolutely not. Yet Biden finds it necessary to have stolen US Goverment Security Papers and store them in several locations acessable to his drugged out son and the Chinese whom he has been doing business with for years. How many of those papers were shipped to the Chinese behind Hunters “Art”?
      Just a bunch of thoughts after only one cup of coffee. Please help me understand how all this is good for the USA which is both you and me.

      • Dan tyree

        So true. Biden and family are the most corrupt family except mafia families. It shows that the democrats are the spawn of satan. Satan squated and what came out of him was the democrat party

        • frank stetson

          except all you have is allegations Dan, unless you can conjure something better.

      • frank stetson

        Houston: we have a problem here. You need sources. Neither Hunter or Joe have be convicted of anything. Not even impeached. Trump’s company is criminal as adjudicated. He is now being held liable for more of the same, the liability is adjudicated, the current case is about the penalty —– asking cost is $250M.

        In Trump’s case, we have an adjudicated crook, fraudster, sex abuser, digital rapist, and defamer. On the record.

        In the case of the Biden’s, we have allegations.

        You got something better on this? Or crickets?

        • Tom

          Frank, I would urge you to have patience. The congressional investigation is ongoing and Cornin has been stating the evidence. I think we are all waiting for it to go to court. Trump’s cases are older and a couple have now been tried and yes, he is scum. But let’s not forget that Dems blocked investigations for two years as well as spreading much disinformation about Hunter. Biden is still blocking stuff through the DOJ. The AG of Delaware has already complained more than once. I guess you missed this.

          The Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday released a transcript of testimony from Gary Shapley, an IRS official who, among other things, claimed that Garland had denied a request from U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware to be appointed special counsel. That designation would have would have given Weiss the same status as the prosecutor leading the investigation into former President Donald Trump. Read: **

          Come on Frank, you know Garland is running a pick play for Biden.

          • frank stetson

            Tom, amazingly, DOJ has heard you and published a press release on the summer of Floyd: **

            One thing for all protests, 1.6, summer of floyd or otherwise, many may be hauled off, or even caught later, but for lesser crimes like disturbance, curfew, etc. Why clog the jails with that. What the Fed focused on are federal crimes, go figure. So here’s the Federal view.

            I think this is AP’s report on that DOJ review: **

            Point is IMO, I like judge’s using discretionary powers. I like not putting people in jail. Especially everyday people who might have made a mistake, not to be repeated, where no one got physically hurt and monetary restitution will be made. I favor cash-less bail, or bail-less bonds as well. Why put someone in jail for being poor while the cash-rich guys run free. Not fair and why be in jail unless you HAVE to be. Like assault, use of a gun (my dream), things that hurt people physically.

            As I noted in the past, I have benefited from being white, polite, and remorseful, and have skipped many a charge, usually at the police’s discretion. Although one time it was just a beautiful thing as we were walking along a dark trail heading to the woods party. We could hear, but eyes not accustomed to dark, could not see. Then, I swear it felt like I ran into this big guys stomach, I looked up and all I could see what the teeth of this black cop… Then said: “take us to your party….” and we commenced down the trail. Now accustomed to the dark, we could see the party off to the left, fire jumping, people dancing, but the cops could not see yet so we walked on by. Then they wised up, told us to wise up, and we headed back. This time the cops couldn’t miss it this time and off trail we went towards the party. Except five feet in, we stopped and the cops kept going. Now bottles and bags were flying, people were scattering, cops were yelling, no one was listening and we just quietly kept walking down the trail, away from it all and to freedom. FYI: no one was arrested that night but we lost our regulation tee-pee. Discretion is the better part of valor to me. This experience made me grow, going to jail would not have.

            As far as the Georgia case, she apparently knows what she is doing and has to whittle down the trial size anyway. They can’t even fit in the room. To find someone who was in the room with Eastman, Ghouliani, and especially Trump, is priceless. Remember, this guy leaves no trail, does not issue direct orders except to his family, and is very hard to pin down as history has shown. The guy buys everything and everybody. And he has friends who are seditious conspirators, he hands with a bad seed. IMO, good deal if they seal the deal with the squeal on the big deal and then we’ll dine on a meal that’s best served cold. Not really. But it’s a modicum of justice, a quantum of solace.

          • Mike f

            Tom, what I believe you are missing here is that the GOP has a track record of saying they ‘have the goods’ an individual, and it turning out not to be true. I believe that Comer’s words about Biden will likely fit this situation (or have you forgotten all the investigations of Hillary that came to naught?). In the case of trump, all of the investigations, impeachments, judicial indictments are based on facts that we the public know to be true. As an open-minded observer (something our bad friend Larry would dispute) trump definitely should have been removed from office in the first impeachment (even if there was no quid pro quo, asking a foreign power to do something to affect an election is beyond the pale) and the documents case is a serious breach of national security and he should be sitting in jail right now for that action. It is impossible to compare what he did there with pence and Biden wandering off with a few low level classified documents-having worked on the business I know it is all too easy to inadvertently misfile a classified document-which is not the case in trump’s situation.

  3. Darren

    Good Article Larry.
    Frank is the new Barometer as to weather the Earth is warming.
    NO one can be this deep with their heads in the sand an not notice Global Warming!

  4. AC

    People, Larry opines in commentary points he seems to think others don’t see, but they need to know. Especially, what others need to hear is the point as seen from the Horist perspective. Which is his prerogative, since this happens to be his turf.
    Yet, reply contributors customarily find this space opportune more for taking contrary pot shots aimed at the author, fellow reply commentators, and/or the other political party. Everyone appreciates an opportunity for sharing one’s own thoughts. And, Larry does provide both grist for the thought mill and space for hanging thought laundry. Then, judging commences pertaining to laundry thought contrary and dirty.
    All that being said, how close to Larry’s point of the day do the usual reply contributors direct their insight comments? With respect to the present contribution, as Larry himself has judged, well informed/read individuals should see and know certain facts of the day. The same is a fact on the current situation with the presidential election a year out. The two supposed contenders’ pole statistics are fairly commonly known. Although, media commentators appear at odds on assessing the numbers, taken in a broader context, neither assumed candidate is their party’s first wished for personality. Both possess much more excessive baggage, personal and political, legal issues alleged and indictments leveled, and all around health mental / physical / truth acceptance condition totaled.
    Say what one may, a total democratic republic political reset just happens to be the one sure antidote.
    A good strong shock to the system short of another World War. Wars damage and destroy unilaterally causing indiscriminate inefficient costs. Some event widespread and effective in its conviction. What could it be so all and every soul would accept the country and their own future is in the breach. No one political party’s philosophy is sufficient in the present.
    Both parties’ are necessary governing long term. Unity seems unlikely, compromise, even for the nation’s sake, is far too much like anathema for too many. The elected officials’ near autocratic mentality appears mirrored within the populace politico’s ate representing.
    It’s no surprise the country is today what the world’s nations see. We all have joint responsibility. It’s, then, up to is all taking responsibility as individuals in our part.
    In context added together, 1st Amendment rights accepted, Mr, Horist’s contributions takeaway from more than add to the general sum believed positive national attitude.
    PBP is part and parcel with the main stream media. Finger pointing is useless. Doubtless, Horist together with other muckraking pseudo pundits will continue on as usual. Sadly, like a market needing a solid check some times suffers a severe drop. Also, it’s too bad that human nature will not change from its negativity, in Media and national mentality requires a hard hit, or nothing resets.
    Our present choices for President bode no good end.


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