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Biden’s Birth and Grandpop’s Death – A New False Story

Biden’s Birth and Grandpop’s Death – A New False Story

When Joe Biden takes the stage for a speech, fabrications, and lies start flying off the podium. In the new episode of Biden’s war on reality, the 80-year-old president claimed in a speech that he was born at the same hospital where his grandfather died two weeks before he was born. 

It was Joe Biden’s first public appearance after he announced his reelection bid for 2024. Biden spoke at the Washington Hilton, not far from the White House, on Tuesday (April 25, 2023) and talked about his plans to build large numbers of electric vehicle charging stations.

Then he went on to tell a story about his family history; as often happens with Biden, it landed in dubious territory.

He said:

“Think about it this way, my grand-pop who I never met, he died in the same hospital I was born in two weeks before I was born, and my grand-pop was, as they say in Maryland was from Balmore.”

Fact-checkers from both liberal and conservative sides took a moment to report that Biden had again given the audience a false story. tweeted the video clip of Biden’s claim and reminded that Biden was born in Pennsylvania while his grandfather died in Maryland almost a year earlier.

The New York Post posted the video clip of Joe Biden’s speech to YouTube. It included in its description the specific date of Joe Biden’s grandfather’s death – September 26, 1941 – according to an obituary as well as his place of death, i.e., Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The description notes that Joe Biden was not born until more than a year after his grandfather’s death.

KTUL, an ABC affiliate in Oklahoma, wrote that Biden’s story, when fact-checked, turned out to be false, adding:

Biden has been known to tell stories that mangle the truth or, in some cases, appear to disregard it altogether.

Left-wing daily The New York Times also called Biden’s claim as “misstated family history” and added that Biden “omitted key context when discussing the federal deficit” while also exaggerating his approval ratings in his speech.

Most of the mainstream media, however, ignored Biden’s false claim about his birth and the death of his grandfather.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Wow, you focus on the folksy while the financial and economic lies were apparent and pertinent.

    FYI: he did have a grandfather die in that hospital but timing was way off in years.

    But the economic stories were spin at best. Lots of them.

    For real news, the NYT had those, as well as grandad, covered in spades. The NY Post did grandad only. As did PBP.

    • Tom

      I agree with you Frank, I would rather disregard the personal stuff and stick to the issues that impact the people’s lives like economy, relations with China, gas prices, inflation, cost of goods and services increasing, fed raising interest rates, etc. For me, the personal stuff goes in one ear and out the other. But I do think he should be coached on how not to expose himself personally in ways that can be easily verified. It does cast a bit of a shadow of doubt on his testimonials on the important issues.

      An unrelated comment, I tried to answer your Fauci question and factcheck comment yesterday. Check out the post again. Disregard with my apologies if you already have done this. Issues with Fauci and lessons learned on this and how to prevent it by understanding how it happened are much more important to me than AI issues. If Fauci or another is allowed to do this again, this has the potential to wipe out our kids and grandkids before they are even born, or at their tender young ages way before we ever get to any serious AI screw ups that would affect them. That is why I told Larry I put my time and energy where I feel it is best used and can do the most good. I have been writing letters and preaching on this Fauci situation ever since I heard Rand Paul’s hearings with Fauci and read Dr. Zheng Li’s research paper which I found in the NIH database PubMed. It scared the h*** out of me! Using dual purpose technology of gene splicing they created a fantastic bio weapon!

  2. Darren

    Yes Ernest, he is the biggest liar to ever sit in the White House.
    When going to a store to purchase something and you talk to a salesman, if you figure he is not
    completely telling the truth, you start thinking he is full of Crap and go somewhere else.
    ( Car Industry )
    Biden spews Lie after Lie, I do not care if it is something this insignificant.
    Where can I shop for another President TOMORROW!
    I guess everyone reading this or writing about this is Stuck.
    Stuck with a looser.
    Thank you Democrat’s! Oh, that right, most Democrat’s Lie or can be fooled this easy.
    Now we know who the speech was intended for. The Presidents Base.
    The 30% , the ones in the country making a living of him while the country is being kicked to the curb.

    • Tom

      Did you know that it was concluded that Trump gave some sort of lie or spun partial lie 72% of the time he spoke. Biden may be confusing his reality, but Trump completely disregards reality and creates his own reality, then tries to shove it down our throats. Both are poisons. One will make you sick. The other may destroy you. Choose carefully!

      • Lorraine Smith

        Bullsh!t. Democrats are the cancer of society. Exterminate them like the vermin they are.

        • Frank stetson

          Sweet Loraine, let the party carry on.

          How about the independents?

          Rino’s too?


          Too bad PBP allows such hate speak suggesting that 30% of America be murdered.

    • Frank stetson

      Compared to Trump, who always lies? And when caught, plasters over with another lie.

      Alex Jones lies, got burned

      All of Faux lie, got burned

      That’s rich Darren.

  3. Darren

    The Fact that Biden would Lie for such a menial point means he is trying to convince
    and get on the side of simpletons. WHO VOTE.
    That is the Danger.
    Again, Democrat’s appealing to the uneducated.

    • Frank stetson

      He’s done with his entire life. I guess he thinks it’s whimsical. I’ll certainly a personal flaw, but at least a cute one. And yes, you are correct that he does it to convince people.

      This is not Democrats appealing to the uneducated, this is Joe Biden, believing this will get him help winning. He also likes to make people feel better. Personally, this is not the way to do it.

      Frankly, he should apologize.

  4. Frank stetson

    Personally, I would rather hear Trump talk about his daughter. Creepy. But it never gets old.