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Biden’s Approval Rating Hits All Time Low

Biden’s Approval Rating Hits All Time Low

Surveys conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News reveal Biden’s approval rating has dropped to a measly 37% as voters turn to the Republican Party for leadership. 

Results suggest 50% of registered voters would like to see the GOP take control of Congress this year and 49% plan to vote for Republican candidates in the midterm elections (vs 40% and 42% for Democrats, respectively). 

Additional findings include:

  • 59% say Biden is not a strong leader (this figure jumps to 65% among Independents)
  • 58% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy 
  • 56% believe Biden’s first year in office was a failure (including15% of Democrats)
  • 54% believe the economy has worsened under Biden’s leadership 
  • 54% trust Republicans over Democrats on the economy 
  • 54% believe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as POTUS 
  • 50% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the pandemic 
  • 50% claim Biden is partially responsible for increased inflation
  • 47% disapprove of Biden’s reaction to the Ukraine crisis 
  • 43% trust Democrats over Republicans on the pandemic 

With so many Americans frustrated or downright angry, officials decided to install fencing around the Capitol ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday. Ironically, they used the same razor-wire-topped fence that was erected following the January 6th “attack” on the Capitol, when Trump supporters sought to stop the confirmation of Biden as president.

The fencing was set up “out of an abundance of caution,” said Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger, especially in light of the recent trucker protests in the US and Canada. For additional safety, members of Congress attending the speech were not allowed to brings guests and were required to submit negative COVID tests and wear approved face coverings. 


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Fence Being Reinstalled Around US Capitol for Biden Speech 

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Capital fence going up ahead of Biden’s State of the Union as truckers plan DC protests 

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  1. Ben

    I compare Biden to a pile of dog shit.

    • Arthur Updegraff

      Me too

    • Biglilsmoke

      Dog shit comes out the winner!

  2. Cat

    Russia is not the biggest threat to America, our own leftist government is. All you have to do is look at the difference in our country since they stole our votes away to see what they intend for us. They have done more damage from within than any enemy from without ever has.

    • Joe Gilbertson


      • Ben

        Wow, you’re actually saying you’d rather be governed by Putin than you would Joe Biden. At the same time, you call Joe Biden communist, but feel Putin is the better communist for you

        You know, there is something you can do about it if you really want to be governed by Putin. Go for it

        • Joe Gilbertson

          False choice. I wanted Trump, but dark forces cheated in the elections.

          • Ben

            You can’t prove it, never could. How many court cases have you lost now, 60? How many recounts gave gone south?half a dozen? How many January 6 tourist are in jail?

            Keeps talking the big lie. It appears lies are all you have. But I do like it when you whine and cry. It’s funny.

        • Harold blankenship

          The post didn’t say anything about wanting to be governed by Putin you ignorant son of a bitch. And Biden is too fucking stupid to govern. That’s where his handlers come in. But many of us are having none of it. Trump 2024.

          • Ben

            You stupid son of a bitch. You tiffwaddian twatster. The post said that our own leftist government was a bigger threat than Putin. Then it said Democrats have done more damage from within and Putin ever would’ve done. If that’s not an atta boy to Putin preference, then you can suck my madoodoo roll. It that’s not a desire to being governed by Putin in better than Biden I don’t know what is you idiot scumbag jizz faced moron.

            Are you entertained. Is that the kind of creative name-calling you want to take home to mom and the kids.

            You failed in the 2020 election. You supported a twice impeached, one term wonder, who couldn’t win a reelection with his self-professed greatest economy ever. Talk about screwing the pooch. You failed in your January 6 takeover. You failed to find Pelosi, you failed to hang pence, you failed to take over Congress or do anything besides stop work for a few hours. Your reward was y’all went to jail. You were half baked in the 2021 elections at best. You failed in your Trump will return with JFK in the summer.

            Just can’t wait to see how you fuck up 2022. You know you have it in you.

  3. Rat Wrangler

    Back in the early 1970s when I was studying statistical analysis, it became fairly apparent that how the question is asked, and who you ask, can wildly change the results of polls. In this particular one, if they ask only die-hard radical Democrats how Mr. Biden is doing, he would probably have an 80% approval rate, but die-hard Republicans would probably assign him a 20% approval rate. Without access to the questions and the raw data, polls can be meaningless.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Yes, it is the best way to lie. Polls basically say what you plan for them to say.

      • Ben

        Come on, you are the same fools that believe the guy who told you 30,000 lies in four years. We even put it down on paper and you assholes still believe the lies when you can see them right in front of your face. Then you made up the fact that he’s the best president ever, another lie you let yourself believe but can’t prove.

        When in doubt, you don’t believe statistics, you don’t believe science, you don’t believe doctors, you get your news from the Chinese. You even like Putin more than you like Biden although you like Trump more. And you just love Trump even with his factual dismal results.. Worst GDP growth since Herbert Hoover. Highest debt and deficit ever. Over 1 million Americans dead from disease on his watch. Under Trump, the life expectancy of all Americans fell for the first time in half a century.

        • Richard

          How many lies? They are always walking back bullshit from Biden. You ignorant dingleberry.

          • Frank stetson

            Yes, Biden walks back many a misstatement, rarely tells a lie to even have to walk back. Trump told 30,000 lies in four years, they are all documented, they are all lies. he walked back zero of them. Then he stole top-secret documents and brought them to MaraLoser, probably as either insurance against indictment or something to sell to Putin later. He got caught.

            Do you believe every lie. Or do you just pick and choose the lies you like.

            Two of the fools here are actually on record as saying they would prefer Putin to Biden, although Trump would be better than either. They would prefer Putin to Biden. Now if that doesn’t define Partisanshit, nothing does. They think Biden is worse than a mass war murderer of thousands, a secret assassin of many, and a known proven war criminal on human rights. The guy they admire more than Biden just to clear the cease-fire to allow refugees to escape and then fired missiles into the crowd. That’s what I think it’s better than Biden.

            Others claim they will never be ruled by Biden, he was installed illegally as president, The January 6 insurrectionist are heroes, and Trump is the rightful president. Trump has never conceded the election, he too believes he is still president. It’s pretty easy to see which is American and what’s unAmerican here

            As a Democrat, it’s getting increasingly hard to share the nation with such Interpretations of what the constitution means when it comes to the peaceful transfer of power..

      • Ben

        Especially if you’re too stupid to know how to read them.

        So, you can’t believe polls and surveys, you can’t believe statistics, you can’t believe medicine, you can’t believe science, but you can believe Trump, the guy who is on record, in writing, of telling 30,000 lies in four years. And you believe The Big Lie after its been disproven time after time after time after time. And your primary trusted source of news is owned by China…..and is renown for conspiracy, fake news, and right wing bias.

        Turnip 2022 —- why wait?

    • Harold blankenship

      Ben people aren’t going to put up with their shit anymore. You seem to be pissed off. Good. Better than being pisses on. And the election was rigged. But never again. Sure, your commie party could win some elections but we will damned well know if it’s rigged or not. You stupid commie shit bag. You aren’t good enough to give Trump a rim job. And Manchin is doing a great job. He’s of the old school democrats before they were hijacked by communists. I found them out some years ago and switched and never looked back. But you’re too fucking to see what a dangerous party that they are.

      • Ben

        My goodness but you are dumb as a brick

        One brick shy of a wall.

        I know, we cheated, you know it, but you can’t prove it but are sure it won’t happen again. . And I’m the idiot? You the one who’s sure you’re gonna stop what you can’t even prove today. But you know it’s true.

        You just can’t fix stupid.

        • William

          That’s why you’re a democrat. You can’t fix stupid

          • Ben

            And that’s my point. You hate us without even knowing us. We are a third of this nation, we are you, and we are not going anywhere. So buck up, buttercup.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Your point is incorrect. We read what Democrats write, we see the effects of what Democrats do. You don’t seem to learn from your mistakes, and you make them continuously without consideration. I believe Williams remark has merit.

  4. Fred Gary

    If Trump was so bad then why did Biden’s SOTU address mouth everything that Trump was trying to do. Mainly because that is what the American people want and he has to get votes for his Democratic partners. He has no intention of ever doing anything he talked about because he would have to give Americans back their freedoms that the Democratic party is set on taking away.

    • Frank stetson

      Can you see infrastructure week?

      Can you say healthcare reform?

      Can you say 4% GDP growth? But I think it will be higher says Trump.

      With Biden, we have improvements in both. With Biden, we have the largest GDP growth we’ve seen in years. With Biden, we have created more jobs than Trump even dreamed of. You on the other hand choose to believe the big lie, to live the big lie, and to become the big liars

      Republicans are a small tent party favoring old white men with less education and less income. Not that all Republicans are stupid, or even that all stupid people are Republicans, but on average, they are older, wider, less educated, and make less money. Every time I see a trump 2024 flag, I stand reminded of their stupidity. Someone actually paid for that flag.

      Ever since Trump, and perhaps before, the party of Reagan is no more. You used to stand for smaller government, it did not get smaller under Trump, you just outsourced it and lost money. You are used to stand for less taxes, less spending. Now you stand for slashed taxes for the rich, and more spending. More and more and more. Lowest GDP growth since Herbert Hoover. Largest deficit and debt ever. Most Americans dead in a single year due to a disease that ravaged America on your watch, The watch that saw lifespans in America actually decrease. Your answer to most of this as you don’t believe the news. I think that’s called head in the sand.

      The truth is all around you, the numbers are there, the statistics are there, you only have to get your head out of your ass and look. Or you can find a bogeyman, the Democrats, and blame all of your problems on them. Poor you, the Democrats are doing it to you, you will never be ruled by them, the election was a fraud, you have been cheated, they are letting foreigners in to take your cheese, it’s all the Democrats, The crime rate is up only in democratic cities, unemployment is up especially for blacks, it’s just the flu, only Democrats want you to wear mask, only Democrats mandate you to get a vaccine, what are you all worrying about. And the best part is your belief that it’s all happened within one year of Joe Biden. .And you cannot even see the stupidity.

      No Joe, trumps economics were not sound, the results are not good. He did nothing for infrastructure. He did nothing for healthcare. The tax cuts came with the highest deficit ever in American history and the rich getting richer while throwing a tax cut bone to the middle class. Larry has often mentioned his famous list, much I wish I contend is wrong, but there are a few things Larry has noted Trump has done that were good. The Middle East peace, the update to NAFTA, there were a few things. But even trumps ballyhooed oil independence is a stupid fucking myth. It was just a downturn in demand due to the pandemic. This was meant by a downturn in production which caused increased foreign oil imports under Biden. That’s a bullshit statistic which is most of what you believe from Trump. 30,000 lies in four years, all documented, all provable, mostly believe by you. Sorry Joe, we have your stupid in writing. And you continue to believe the lies, that’s the funny part. The sad part is due to the miss information supported by your party, we are still losing 1500 Americans every day, which looks good against the 2000 we were losing every day a week ago. Do the math, 1500 dead every day, every month, every year, and the funny part is that, for the most part, these are the unvaccinated. Due to your beliefs, the unvaccinated are mostly Republicans. Your lies are literally killing you.

      Have a nice day, live long and prosper, glad I could be here for you so you could have your bogeyman blame your shortfalls on. .

      • Ben

        So trump got trumped by sundown Biden? You really are a brainwashed fool. So go suck Biden’s ass and stfu

  5. Bob

    Dingleberry? What are you Opie from Mayberry?

    Learn how to throw a slam you poor pathetic porcupine, pygmy, pencil prick, tiffwaddian squibo.

    • Perry

      Your mama

      • Ben

        Gay Pari.

  6. Jimmy F

    For the uninformed on both sides, not one thing the Democrat Party does will ever matter to a hill of beans if they don’t (1) disengage themselves from the far left anti-science, anti-freedom, communist-socialist green agenda and abortion-on-demand platform, (2) quit trying to destroy America by pursuing certifiably dumbass domestic and foreign policies, and (3) put GOD back in their platform – yes, THE Creator who endowed us all with the inalienable rights that we all agreed to uphold, or else to reject and choose to go to Hell in a handbasket. Right now the ‘go-to-hell-in-a-handbasket’ demoncrats are running things. We WILL finally oust these fools come November and there ain’t a damn thing you or I can do to change that. The over-the-top stupidity of the Democrats is the tool that God is using to make their political demise a certainty. So, basically, the Dems are toast. NOBODY ever wins against God – NOBODY. You can check all your Wikipedia history notes to find one nation that mocked God and survived. You will not find ONE in the history of mankind. You want to try? If so, know that you are toast even before you start. God cannot be mocked! You WILL reap destruction if you sow destruction like the current numbsculls in office. I pity them, but it’s hard not smirk just a little knowing they won’t be running things in 2023.

    • Ben

      In 2023, biden will still be running things.

      There are plenty of surviving “godless” states.

      • Jake

        For now

  7. James