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Biden Unveils Carbon Emissions Plan

Biden Unveils Carbon Emissions Plan

Speaking to dozens of world leaders Thursday during a two-day summit on climate change, President Biden unveiled an ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

“The signs [of global warming] are unmistakable, the science is undeniable, and the cost of inaction keeps mounting,” said Biden. “We are resolving to take action, not only our federal government, but our cities and our states…small businesses, large businesses, large corporations, American workers in every field.” Through clean energy initiatives, we will create “millions of good-paying middle class union jobs.”

The EU has also pledged to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, while China is aiming for 2060. 

Despite its frosty relationship with the United States, China described the summit as “candid, constructive, and beneficial.”

China also announced plans to establish a joint working group on climate change. 

President Biden’s emissions goal is nearly twice what former President Barack Obama promised when he helped negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. Reaching it will require the US to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions from the power supply by 2035 and halt the use of coal.

Though policy details have yet to be announced, we can expect the following from Biden’s carbon emissions plan:

  • New emissions rules for power plants and automobiles
  • Additional funding for research into clean energy 
  • Increased efforts to conserve oceans and forests 
  • Reduced or eliminated fossil fuel subsidies 

Separately, Biden has asked Congress for $1.2 billion to pay into a fund to help developing nations, such as Brazil, transition away from fossil fuels. Brazil has plans to reduce emissions by 2030, but says it will need significant financial aid to do so. 

A secondary goal of the climate summit was to reposition the US as a global leader following former President Donald Trump’s departure from the Paris Agreement. This includes the reinstatement of the Major Economics Forum on Energy and Climate, an Obama-era program that brings together leaders from the 17 economies producing the most emissions.

“The US is back in the game,” says National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy. “They’re not wrong that we have lost some time. But frankly, the US is looking at this as a tremendous opportunity to shift to clean energy. And we would hope that China and our other countries would look at it similarly.”


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  1. Ben

    Good! It’s about time! There is a wealth of opportunity to create jobs with green energy. Even the entire 7,000 coal miners see the writing on the wall and have indicated they are willing to accept retraining in a job field that will inevitably be the future.

    • Dolores

      I suggest that your rhetoric is propaganda, for the marxist. This is the plan of gates,Soros,OBAMAO,etc. You really need a cerebral detoxification. Like racism,common core, all pre IMPLEMENTED propoganda. Like fact Soros owned software of Dom nion voting machines Also actually think about the reality of smothering the earth through contrails?. With lung TOXIC. CHALK DUST, THAT GATES PLAN TO BLOCK SUN FROM THE EARTH TOO COOL IT. SINCE WE ARE ALREADY IN A ICE AGE. (COLEMAN WHO CRESTED THE WEATHER CHANNEL). NOTHING THE GENOVIDAL LIBERALS IS FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY. IT IS FOR THE ERADICATION OF HUMANITY. OBAMAO ,WANTS GENOCIDE, OF ALL NORTH AMERICA. WITH A MEASLEY 160 MILLION LEFT. 60 MILLION ELITE,100 MILLION SLAVES. IN TEN AREAS.

      • Ben

        Thanks for the laugh. The good news is if they get their way as you suggest, you def be in the elite group, and it’s safe to assume that you’re not physically able to be a slave. So you won’t have to worry about any of this.

  2. JC

    This hoax has gone on long enough. Carbon removal isn’t going to happen or the planet will die for us. The global climate BS is a myth designed to steal our money for the global elites.The pictures and examples are fake, the scare tactics warnings never happened because they were false, and it will kill our economy and bolster everyone else’s at our expense. Kick these creeps out of office. Meanwhile, the ogres like Kerry and Biden have broken our laws and stabbed us in the back with Iran and China.

  3. Hatman1793

    Gina McCarthy was a disaster at the EPA & has now resumed her ruination policies for America with the help of His Fraudulencey, Mad King Biden*.
    Why does American taxpayers have to shell out U$1.2 billion dollars for Brazil?

    Participation in the Paris Climate catastrophe scheme was correctly ended by T45 as having zero benefit for America. We roll back our energy independence while India, the Chicoms & other recalcitrant countries continue strengthening theirs. Just another *dead end* policy by ballot-drop Biden. What the hell does a 78 year old career politician care about Americans & their prosperity? Biden* has made himself a millionaire many times over with 42 years accomplishing *nothing* as a Senator & 8 years as a stooge for an equally divisive President.

  4. Bill Powers

    This is not much of a plan. It’s more of a wish. I’m hoping that there is much more to it than this. Many of the things on this list are already well underway. Coal is out. There are no new coal burning generation facilities planned. A decade or more ago generation shifted to natural gas, which produces far less GHG. The next step: the elimination of all GHG from power facilities is far more difficult. There are only two possible technologies that could replace them: solar panels and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). Only the latter addresses the storage problem. CSP facilities are being built worldwide, but they are still a long way from replacing current fossil fuel generation facilities. Research is still underway to develop these facilities. It takes multiple years to build such facilities, each facility on something like a 20 year cycle. IOW, the prospect of replacing them all by 2035 is essentially zero. 2050 would be a better estimate, and we are still not sure that it will solve the storage problem.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m not sure which moron is blowing smoke up which dumb ass!!