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Biden Thinking of Confining Unwanted Illegal Aliens to Red States?

Biden Thinking of Confining Unwanted Illegal Aliens to Red States?

The Democrats support open borders and letting illegals cross over into America but now it has started hurting the Democrat-controlled states. So the Biden administration is reportedly thinking of changing the rules to restrict some illegal aliens to Republican border states.

Citing a report published in Los Angeles Times on Thursday (September 7), media reported that the Biden administration is considering a plan that would order the illegal aliens entering via the southern border to stay in Texas until their asylum requests are processed. The Biden administration’s rationale for this policy, as shared in the report, is to keep the illegal migrants close to the border for easier deportation rather than let them spread around the country.

However, the real motive for this reported plan might be the political damage caused to Democrats, specifically to Joe Biden’s re-election bid, due to the problems caused by the presence of these illegal migrants in blue states like New York. Just a day before the news of Biden administration’s reported plan broke via the Los Angeles Times, the Democrat mayor of New York City (NYC) Eric Adams told a town hall that the massive flow of migrants is going to destroy NYC. Adams said:

“I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City, destroy New York City. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month.”


A recent video from Brooklyn, New York, shows how the illegal migrants are becoming a headache for the local law enforcement. The video from East Williamsburg shows New York police officers coming under assault from a group of illegal immigrants in the city




Breitbart wrote on Thursday that the news of Biden’s program to keep illegal aliens in Mexico comes as his administration opposes President Trump’s policy of keeping the migrants in Mexico.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been bussing illegal aliens let into his state by the Biden administration to blue states like New York and California for well over a year now. Following Abbott’s lead, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also sent some illegal aliens from his state to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts in September 2022.

In a recent speech, President Trump called on congressional Republicans to deny a single dollar of taxpayer money to the Biden administration’s policy of releasing or resettling

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  1. frank stetson

    Wanna put money where your mouth is? Place a bet that this 1) ever even is announced 2) is approved.

    What a stupid, ridiculous story.

    • Dan tyree

      Things ta madre frank

      • Dan tyree

        Meant to say chinga ta madre

        • frank stetson

          are the moderators really gonna let “$)#$#$* your mother” be protected under your version of “free speech?”

  2. R. Hamilton

    All self-inflicted pain should fall on Democrats.

  3. frank stetson

    Didn’t Gilbertson mention that third-person ad hominem attacks would be moderate? Do mothers count?

    This guy thinks Spanish is a secret code. Pretty sure he knows what he is saying since he basically said it twice, I guess for emphasis or because he’s afraid he will upset Hispanics who he has targeted as the owners of these words.

    Moderators, please do what Joe commits you to.

  4. JoeyP

    Send these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to “Beijing Joe” Biden’s HOME! . . . He CAUSED this M-E-S-S. And DON’T forget the OTHER Left Wing BOLSHEVIK Democrats as well.

  5. rick

    Send them all to frank’s house. He has 35 foot ceilings.

    • Frank stetson

      Just one tall ceiling rick, but thanks for reading. Many 9 1/2 and a couple normal even. It’s a unique place, a blend of 1866 and modern. Even have a defunct bomb shelter full of cans and bottles. What I love is the seven piece trim. Broke the bank restoring some of that. Have an 1880’s map with a little dot where I live. The land was first owned by a revolutionary war hero, but this is the second house, a little fancier than the original which is still standing and has very low ceilings and is right on the road. Mine is the one they always wanted, location, placement, is incredible and not on the road.