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Biden Supports Proposals to Ban Chokeholds, Restrict Weapons to Police

Biden Supports Proposals to Ban Chokeholds, Restrict Weapons to Police

Lawmakers are considering more than 50 bills in response to the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Joe Biden expressed support for proposals to prevent cops from using chokeholds against perpetrators, ban the transfer of military weapons to police, and establish federal standards for the use of force by police.

He has vowed to create a commission for police oversight during his first 100 days if elected president.

The words “I can’t breathe” are a “wake-up call for our nation,” said Biden, adding that the abuses suffered by Mr. Floyd have affected “communities that have had a knee on their neck for a long time.”

In my opinion, banning chokeholds is a misguided response to Mr. Floyd’s death. Floyd was a victim of racial profiling, and that is what Congress should focus on if it decides to pursue police reform legislation. Another major issue is crowd control – what level of protest (if any) justifies the use of tear gas and other dangerous munitions against civilians?

As I wrote in my article about Antifa, it appears that much of the violence that has occurred during the George Floyd protests has been caused not by the protestors, but by extremists using the protests as an excuse to cause chaos.

While there is some degree of bipartisan support in Congress to review what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) described as the “egregious wrongs” surrounding Mr. Floyd’s death, the issue is complicated by the fact that states typically have control over policing techniques.

“It is well past time that we also unite on the side of peace in our streets and peace in our communities,” said McConnell. “We need to unite against these violent rioters who seek only to aggrandize themselves and further damage a nation that needs healing.”

According to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the chamber will hold a hearing on police use of force on June 16th. “We intend to shine a bright light on the problems associated with Mr. Floyd’s death, with the goal of finding a better way forward for our nation,” said Graham.

Author’s Note: The proposal to ban chokeholds is particularly concerning to me, as it risks limiting what police can do when facing real criminals.

Imagine a situation where a cop is so concerned with where he can put his hands that he is overtaken, perhaps killed, by a violent criminal. As I mentioned above, police reform must focus on racial profiling and crowd control if we are to correct the wrongs suffered by Floyd and so many others. 

Editor’s Note: Biden’s lack of real world exposure is showing again. Attempting to micro-manage a policeman’s actions while he handles life-threatening situations is utter foolishness. Mitch is correct, anything along the lines of Biden’s suggestions will have the opposite of the desired effect.

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  1. Carole

    Biden has led a Teflon life. However, the cracks of ignorance are showing. He just doesn’t get it and should remain in his basement.

  2. Florida Jim

    Democrats must laws for everything and everyone but themselves. Where is the law on a son getting millions from China an Ukraine under the table?
    There is such law Biden ignored it as Obama also did Democrats cheat at everything they are a despicable group only a Trump Landslide will remove enough of them to retake America and clean her up forever.It is the pathetically weak Democrats across America who is help the thugs rob, riot and burn as Antifa cheers them on. Eliminate Democrats and antifa and thugs go away.

  3. Charles George

    I completely agree with the editors notes on how foolish Biden’s response to the issue. We need not start by limiting the tools of police and perhaps concentrate on training. You can count on “I can’t breath” being a automatic response by those undergoing arrest.

  4. Joseph Jennings

    Biden is so far afield he can’t see the trees. Choke-holds are already banned in most police departments and when have the police been issued military style weaponry? His suggestion that the police should only shoot the perpetrators “in the leg” exposes his total lack of understanding about the use of firearms. Anyone who has fired a weapon knows that this type of accuracy is next to impossible.

  5. Derek Blurb

    Biden obviously knows about micromanagement. Good for a block party. Inadequate to run a nation.

  6. Glenn Jacobs

    My secret plan is to drive a sound truck thru riot areas, hollering that The Patriotic Black Veterans are coming in five minutes — and that this will be a “Free-Fire Zone” for them.

    That should clear the streets in about four minutes.

    If not, the Patriotic Black Veterans will clear it in about one more minute.