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Biden speaks with forked tongue on Israel and Ukraine

Biden speaks with forked tongue on Israel and Ukraine

The United States faces an existential threat from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Hamas attack on Israel.  The national security and world leadership of the United States hang in the balance of those two conflicts.


The loss of Ukraine to Russian dictator Putin would be a major blow to the United States and allies.  Ukraine is an allied democracy and potential future member of NATO.  As such, Ukraine is critical to the balance of power in eastern Europe.  If Ukraine wins, the west has an incredibly important ally on the current Russian border – and another major country for the Alliance. 

If Ukraine loses, Russia will border on Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.  It would give Russia hundreds more miles of shoreline on the Black Sea.  In addition, Putin will acquire strategic geographical advantage – and the enormous natural and agricultural resources of Ukraine.  That would give Putin leverage over nations that rely on Ukrainian food exports.

It would be another blow to America’s leadership – signaling that the United Sates has neither the resolve nor the ability to protects its own interests – or the security of allies.  Just as the surrender in Afghanistan set the stage for increased anti-American activities – including the invasion of Ukraine, the attack on Israel, North Korea’s return to its long-range nuclear missile program, the Russian/Chinese detente, Iran’s increase in sponsoring international terrorism and a general lack of trust among allies, the loss of Ukraine would further exacerbate America’s decline in world leadership.  Make no mistake about it, the Ukraine invasion occurred because Putin perceived a general weakness in American leadership and resolve – a especially with  the  Biden administration.


Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East – and America’s strongest ally.  It has been the foundation of American influence in that region.  It is the centerpiece of American strategy to create stability through a series of accords and treaties.  That process has been remarkably successful.  Trump – through Jared Kushner – was able to negotiate the unprecedented Abraham Accords. Through the negotiation and establishment of those Accords, the United States has been exerting increasing influence in the region. The success of the American policy was so threatening to Russian and Iranian influence that Iran felt it necessary to promote the Israeli-Hamas War to change the trajectory.

A failure to wipe out Hamas and push back on Iran’s effort to dominate the region will give Iran and Russia — and China – free reign over the Middle East.  Nations with quasi-allied relationships with the United States would be drawn into a closer alliance with Russia and China.  That is already happening.

The outpouring of anti-American sentiment that is resulting from America’s support of Israel would worsen.  The autocratic axis of evil would expand in power and influence.  The loss in Israel would be yet another example of American weakness and vulnerability.

American ability to support Ukraine and Israel

Critics of supporting the war effort in Ukraine and Israel argue that America cannot afford to continue to support those nations and finance the America’s internal domestic needs – such as closing and defending the southern border or funding more social welfare programs.

Actually, the United States has more than enough resources to do all of the above.  It is not a matter of the size of the budget but the prioritization of spending.  House Republicans have passed a bill that would provide Israel with meaningful support, but with compensating cuts from other areas of the budget – in this case by taking back SOME of the money recently appropriated to the Internal Revenue Service.  There is more than enough fat, waste, pork barrel and lower priority spending to compensate for the emergency needs of Ukraine and Israel.

Congressional Republicans

There is a significant minority of Republicans in the House who oppose further support for the Ukraine War.  Because Republicans have only a razor thin majority, these Republicans are punching beyond their weight – largely because of their ability bring down the Speaker.  They were able to remove Kevin McCarthy and block the election of Congressman Steven Scalise.  The are attempting to block Ukrainian funding – and are only lukewarm on supporting the Israeli-Hamas War.

If the GOP hardliners prevail in Ukraine, it will be an unmitigated disaster for that nation, the United States and the western world.  One can appreciate their legitimate concern over the level of federal spending, taxing and borrowing.  The answer is to support those conflicts financially and militarily, ideally with budget cuts in other areas.  That is the responsible approach. 

Unfortunately, Democrats abhor the word “cuts.”  They bear responsibility for the rankling overspending by not being willing to consider shifting money from less critical portions of the federal budget.  For them, the resolution of every issue is … more spending.

With the majority of members in both congressional chambers in support of funding for Ukraine and Israel, it would be more than unfortunate if the minority members are able to block adequate funding through technical use of House rules.  It is bad enough that Biden has been pursuing his “too little/too late” support policy on Ukraine for more than a year.  Further reduction in support will be devastating.

Biden’s duplicitous policies

President Biden has promised support to both Ukraine and Israel in the strongest of statements – especially at the onset of those wars.  Unfortunately, his actions have not only not lived up to his words, but his wavering commitment and “too little/too late” policies have prolonged the conflict in Ukraine and undermined Israeli execution of the War by backing away from unwavering support.  His admonitions to Israel to minimize civilian casualties suggests that Israel is not already doing that – and gives fodder to Hamas propaganda. 

Biden did nothing as Russian built up its invasion army on three sides of Ukraine.  His assurance that the United States would not put boots on the ground … his removing American military advisors in advance of the invasion … his refusal to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine … his refusal to provide advanced weaponry and fighter jets … and his dribbling out ineffective sanctions … all gave Putin the confidence to launch the invasion and prosecute the war with massive attacks and war crimes without fear of meaningful repercussions. 

Biden’s statements in support of Israel in the aftermath of the barbaric Hamas attack were some of the strongest statements he could have made – and he backed them up at the moment with the immediate shipment of weapons.  He sent aircraft carriers and battleships to the region.

It was not long, however, until Biden undermined his support and the legitimacy of Israelis pursuit of Hamas with admonitions to Israel to limit the impact on the civilian population.  By repeatedly calling on Israel not to do what they were not doing, the Biden administration provided unwarranted credibility to Palestinian propaganda.  Biden and Secretary Antony Blinken made it appear that Israel was – or would – needlessly or purposely attack Palestinian civilians.  One does not warn others against doing what they are not doing and would not do. 

Blinken states an obvious truth when he said too many civilians and children are dying.  That is literally true – but it leaves the implication that the responsibility falls on Israel.  The Biden administration’s repeated statements are part of Israel’s public relations problem – including with the American press.

The level of civilian injury and death is the fault of Hamas – first for attacking Israel and provoking a necessary response and second for conducting military operations in civilian locations.  By using the people of Palestine as shields in their established war zones, Hamas is committing war crimes.

Hamas has spent billions of dollars in creating its terrorist infrastructure without any consideration of civilian defense.  When Israel provided warnings and opportunities for civilians to leave the war zone, Hamas prevented their departure. Hamas hoarded food, water and fuel even as civilian facilities were deprived – especially the hospitals and schools.

Because of the manner in which Hamas uses the people as a defense, there will be higher than necessary death and injury among civilians.  Israel is doing the best it can to get civilians out of the target areas – and to limit their strikes to military targets as much as possible.  What is happening to the people of Palestine is tragic – but it is Hamas that has caused ALL the death and suffering … period.  Biden should not be implying otherwise.

In addition, Biden’s refusal to address Iran as the puppet master for virtually all the regional terrorist activities is akin to fighting against Hitler in World War II but refusing to involve Germany in the conflict.  American assets and military personnel in the Middle East have been attacked more than 60 times by Iranian surrogates so far.  Biden’s response has been “measured” – which Iran and others have every reason to see as weakness and lack of resolve.


There is a question raised in the Bible: “For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?”   In terms of Ukraine and Israel, Biden is sounding an uncertain trumpet.  And who is heeding it?  No one.  America has not provided confidence and trust among allies – and has certainly not promoted fear or dissuaded escalating actions America’s adversaries across the globe.

The United States must lead the free world in supporting Ukraine and Israel.  Anything less than victory is an existential threat to America’s leadership in the world – and to America’s own national security.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    Retard joe has done absolutely nothing to free the hostages. He’s not a solution. He’s part of the problem. He’s not taken seriously on the world stage except for morons on the left. Neither has his cackling VP ( so called) does anything except pose for pictures. The one taken in front of her gar cook stove should be exhibited in the Smithsonian. lol. Titled “hypocrisy on display “. Check out the other news sites.

    • andy

      So I’m guessing that if Trump was president, he would nuke Gaza City, then free up the hostages?

      • Donald Gervais

        Not quite. The terrorists would not have attacked in the first place if Trump’s second term had not been stolen.

  2. Darren

    No Andy, if Trump was President we would not be having the discussion because non of this would be happening.
    This is why Dems, Rinos, War mongers were not happy with Trump!
    No moneys to steal or extort! Period!

    • andy

      It always amazes me how many people think they are God, and can know what nobody else knows. I keep hearing statements like “if Trump was President we would not be having the discussion because none of this would be happening.”

      How can they KNOW this unless they are God?

      • Dan tyree

        Liberals don’t like the mention of God. Be careful and don’t get canceled

      • Donald Gervais

        Easy. We remember the 4 years of amazing actions of our great President Trump and can easily surmise what would or would not have occurred.

      • doug

        If this is the best you can do, you should keep your seat on the short bus.

        Careful people plan for the future, including provisions for exigencies.

        The more preparations, the more likely they’ll be able to foresee developments.

        Quid Pro Groper Joe not only is disinterested and incapable of planning but he can’t actually comprehend what’s happening around him in real time.

        Who does your budgeting, your medical care, your mapping and other basic functions? You obviously don’t do it for yourself, since you don’t grasp how preparations for the future can be implemented.

  3. Darren

    When you are having a HAPPY LIFE, NO PROBLEMS, GOOD INCOME, CHEAP GAS, You do NOT NEED politicians!

  4. Tom

    Some good points Larry. Your statement, “If kraine wins, the west has an incredibly important ally on the current Russian border – and another major country for the Alliance. ” is exactly why this war started in the first place, and, is exactly why Russia will fight it to the last man and will have 70 to 80% of Moscovites behind him. Russia has been warning the US about this since the Clinton administration which tried to expand NATO.

    In a recent article you said that the Dems see everything as an “existential threat to Democracy”. Well lets add that GOP seems to see every conflict as an “existential threat to America”, and this we should get involved and fund the war at minimum.

    I am all in favor of budget cuts to fund both wars. You did not detail many cuts and I think cutting the IRS budget is a drop in the bucket compared to what will be needed. Yes, cut senseless pork first. But we must realize that some of that pork creates jobs like the 6 billion pork McConnell put into the budget to finish roads that Kentucky should be finishing out of their taxes, not ours. I seem to recall he approved a wasteful budget as long as he got his pork. And so he did both. So I recommend that we first cut the Trump tax cuts. Then next, every congressman and senator that votes to fund the wars, lets cut their state pork first. Then the next thing we should cut is the defense budget and stop throwing so much business and money at the Military Industrial Complex. Then if more money is needed, lets raise taxes and see how many people are in favor of the wars once they can see their pocket affected. But then when the wars are over and won, put the taxes back to where they were pre-war.

    Good article. Many good points. I am not sure it can all be blamed on Biden because Trump did quite a bit to degrade NATO which was why Putin was not too concerned about Ukraine during Trump – Putin said so himself in several speeches that are on the internet. He even joked about it in one speech. But you are correct about Joe and the Biden admin showing weakness by showing hesitation and limits. And all of the GOP infighting in Congress recently also showed our enemies quite a bit – it was during or just after the end of that period that Hamas attacked. Our enemies know how long it takes us to approve anything these days! Dems were screaming about the funding of the wars, but GOP continued to infight. We used to say in the military, “He who hesitates is lost.” When soldiers hesitate, they die. When diplomats and leaders hesitate, they have another dinner or conference, live well, and stuff their faces while trying to appear important.

    It is way past time for a change!

  5. doug

    What a bucketful of not-see-approved swill.

    The Constitution doesn’t allow Congress to establish different tax rates for different states or other localities. Good grief.

    As for insufficiency of funds, various federal departments and agencies, from the armed forces to the Department of Education, have hidden untold billions of dollars in who-knows-how-many repositories. With both major parties participating in the astronomical cash grab, Congress will never authorize audits to find out, quoting Robert Palmer, “there’s no tellin’ where the money went.”

    The U.S. finds itself in a massive predicament. We shouldn’t have jumped in, let alone jumped to the spear’s head, of the Sino-Ukraine war. We had absolutely no interest that big in the conflict. Since none of the combatants are NATO members, we had no legal obligation. Nor would even a triumphant Ukraine be able to guarantee its sovereignty because the Ukraine has been part of the Russian orbit forever, and Russia will always seek to surround itself with friends or subjects instead of hostile lands or enemies .
    Now that the U.S. has leapt to Ukraine’s defense, we can’t back out without a huge hit to our respect and reputation. Yet we’ll suffer that fate anyway eventually, as Russia consolidates its gains. The Ukraine coalition is fraying in some directions and simply collapsing in others. E.g., Poland, a critical component in the pro-Ukraine partnership, is barely on speaking terms with Ukraine. As for the U.S., the free ride provided by Quid Pro Groper Joe is being reined in further and further. Britain, probably the coalition’s second-most-generous benefactor, will be phasing out if it hasn’t already begun, thanks to internal politics.

    Bottom line: The U.S. should cut our losses and spearhead negotiations for a peaceful resolution, including a promise to cut some huge checks for Ukraine restoration because the U.S. was chiefly responsible for dragging out a war so destructive to so many millions of innocent people. And unlike the Bidet warmongers, all the spending that can be identified should be revealed to the public. Most importantly, Russia will demand, and require, assurance that Ukraine will remain permanently independent of NATO. Russia may also demand rejection of NATO membership for other European nations, such as Scandinavian lands. The U.S. will need to accede to that condition, too, at least for a stated period like 25 or 50 years.

    Not that it will make much difference to developments on the ground. NATO is largely dead in the water as long as Turkey remains a member, because so many decisions require unanimity, the America-hating Turkey revels in its veto power. Eventually, NATO will have to dissolve and reconstitute in a different form without non-European, non-North American members. That process will be exceedingly precarious and might just collapse for a dozen different reasons, leaving America essentially alone to oppose global events unleashed by an alliance of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, other Latin countries and an odd assortment of more. Leading candidates would be the republics of California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Hawaii and New England.

    Russia has been on a roll. For the first half-year or 3/4-year of the war, Russia was clobbered on too many fronts to count. But it’s been slowly cleaning up its mistakes. Its economy has been able to weather the storm with surprising success. It’s transitioning to more effective weaponry, tactics and intelligence. Other countries are coming to its aid, from Iran and China to Israel and some former Soviet Bloc members. Even the loss of an immense Russian private army didn’t halt Russia’s march.

    Two years ago the world puzzled over Putin’s remaining lifespan, wondering if he’d last a year, a month or just days. He seems to have bounced back along the same lines as Russia’s military. Maybe he’s a modern-day Svengali.

    If the war winds down to a stalemate, Russia will absolutely demand, without compromise, that Ukraine be kept out of NATO. Refusal of the West to provide that reassurance prompted Putin’s invasion in the first place. If the West must rule out NATO membership as a condition for peace, what has anyone gained for the massive suffering, the blasting of Ukraine into rubble as well as the reckless raising of our nuclear threat, opening the door much wider to the possibility that human existence would be extinguished in a nuclear war?

    I’m tempted to continue unraveling the shibboleths above, but I’m overextended already on time and space.

    Just a nod to new readers who may wonder about my designation of the poster above as a not-see.

    He basically has affirmed his status many times. As on-line not-sees always do, he takes the Fifth on whether he would have helped the Third Reich or the U.S. and her Allies. He takes the Fifth on whether the U.S. has fought any wars in which he wouldn’t have sided with our enemies. He denies that any racists were influential in America’s 2 1/2 centuries of existence. He even clams up tightly when challenged to specify any Third Reich or KKKlan doctrine which he wasn’t in full agreement with.

    And so on. He or she acts in lockstep with every other not-see twoll I’ve encountered on the Web — and I’ve pinned hundreds of them to the wall.

    If any of this sounds too grotesque to be true, check out the last week or two of comment boards on Larry Horist’s site, the Punching Bag Post. If it isn’t received by you automatically, call up the site and review the conversations. Be aware that it’s regular practice for not-sees to use different posting accounts, so don’t pay too much attention to the monikers.