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Biden Sees 7th Grandchild as a Political Issue

Biden Sees 7th Grandchild as a Political Issue

The White House issued a statement in which President and First Lady Biden “acknowledged” the existence of a seventh grandchild – a beautiful little 4-year-old girl named Navy Jones Roberts.  She is the so-called “love child” of First Son, Hunter – although she was not the result of a loving relationship.

The “acknowledgement” comes after the Biden family first lied about the child being Hunter’s daughter.  Once paternity was established the Bidens brutally ignored their grandchild.  There were no meetings.  No bouncing on Grandpa Joe’s lap.  No Christimas gifts.  No birthday parties at the White House.  In fact, Joe and Bill Biden have never met their granddaughter face-to-face.  For the past four years, Grandpa Joe frequently and proudly referred to his SIX grandchildren.  At Christmas, six stockings were hung on the mantle with care.

For his part, Hunter also ignored his daughter.  His only interest in her was to first deny she was his child – and then to fight against child support for the child.  Daddy Biden has been an absentee father.

When most folks have children and grandchildren, they not only “recognize” them, but embrace them in a loving manner – regardless of the circumstances of their births.  What little Navy got from her Biden family was an emotionless acknowledgement of the obvious.

So, why even this?  And why now?

The Biden’s said that they stayed aloof to allow the mother and father to work things out.  That is more than nonsense.  It is a blatant lie.  No “working things out” would have been negatively impacted by embracing the girl as part of the family.  Arguably, it would have helped “work things out.”  Minimally, it would have avoided any potential pain of rejection.

The problem is that the Biden family never considered the reality, the emotions, or the wellbeing of Navy.  It was all about political public image.  It was all about protecting Hunter from responsibility.  It was all about sweeping Navy under the political rug.

It did not work, however.  Hunter’s fighting against his responsibilities kept the issue increasingly in the news – as the child grew into that pretty little girl being seen by the public.  The Biden cold and callous approach not only became more evident but was leading to rising criticism.  It was becoming a political problem.

Joe Biden was not being seen as the naturally loving old grandpa – family man — he purported to be.  His decision to first deny then ignore the existence of his grandchild, was a POLITICAL calculation – as is his recent “acknowledgement.”  

Throughout this entire situation, Joe, Jill and Hunter Biden never considered or focused on Navy.  She was merely a troublesome issue that had to be strategized on political calculations.  There was no obvious tugging at the heartstrings.

And that is what bothered me most.  Perhaps it is because I dealt with a similar situation.   After taking a homeless teenager into our family, we discovered he was the father of an infant son.  We immediately embraced the child as part of the family.  We negotiated visitation rights. Over the years, we celebrated his birthdays.  He was with us on various family holidays.  He was included in formal family portraits.  We took him on trips.  He called my wife and me grandma and grandpa.  

This was not something we did strategically.  It was something that came naturally.  It was impossible to feel or act otherwise.  But the Bidens never seemed to have that natural reaction.  It appears to have been overridden by the political calculous – as does the recent “acknowledgement.”

Will we now see seven stockings on the mantle next Christmas?  Will we see Navy bouncing on grandpa’s lap in the Oval Office?   Will there be a financial commitment to Navy’s future over and above whatever the Court imposes on Hunter?  Will she be remembered in the grandparents’ will?  Are the Bidens ready to embrace their grandchild – or just “acknowledge” her existence and walk away?  And even if we see some family photos with Navy, will they be images of family love — or just public-image photo ops for political purposes?  

With four years of historic neglect and disinterest, there is no getting round the fact that the Biden family’s approach to granddaughter Navy has been heartless – and the “acknowledgement” under public pressure does not change that.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    Apparently, it’s OK now to go after the President’s kids, and even show pictures of their 4-year old granddaughter as normal journalism. Thank you Mr. Horist for lowering the professional bar at PBP. My Trump family investigation, outside of those serving public office, shall commence. Barron ho!

    This is an excellent final judgement by Horist using his own family story to prove Joe ignored his granddaughter and is a “heartless” human according to Horist. Not everyone can be a Horist.

    Of course, the facts show things in a different light. Not that Horist should not judge blindly, that is his right for public officials. But that it’s not always as cut and dry as the judgmental might think. I could take this more seriously from Republicans before the “Family Values” “Just Say No” crowd began their love affair with the nepotistic narcissistic Trump of low moral fiber.

    Hunter notes he does not remember exactly the mother and his one-night stand which happened during his crack and sex addiction days of which she too enjoyed unprotected sex with a crack addict. I wonder why? She was a stripper in a DC club Hunter liked to go to as he was breaking up from dating his dead brother’s wife. Somehow, strippers and unprotected sex seems strange, but stuff happens. The strip club was near Dupont circle, an area with lots of bars, gay bars, and the like. Three blocks away from the club where workers claimed Hunter was smoking crack at the bar. I am more a 20th and M Street sort of guy, but have occasioned Dupont for the famed Brickskeller, now sold, and the Childe Harold, also gone, to catch Springsteen, Little Feet spin-offs, and Rait. Little more of my intemperate youth saga…..

    Baby in 2018, Hunter denies, can’t remember, they go to court with suit filed in 2019. In 2020 via blood test parenthood proof and court adjudication Hunter ponies up $20K a month — $240K a year, tax free for child support. I don’t know about you, but I would quit my job to take care of the kid at that point. That’s a nice sum.

    Does Horist really expect Joe to call out to his granddaughter up until 2020 and the court case conclusion? Would he? Would his lawyers approve?

    Since then, Hunter has never seen mother or child, should Joe have? Maybe he tried to convince Hunter, how would Horist even know. What is certain is that Hunter is one screwed up guy. Really screwed up.

    Now it’s 2022, Hunter is feeling poor, so the brilliant Hunter asks to review the money. Idiot. Do you think he talked to Joe and Joe said: “go for it.” Is this the way a crime family handles these things? Amazingly, she’s a stripper and a Trumpet (do we need a Stormy investigation here :>) and her legal team is bonified Trumplicants. Suddenly, the discovery requests look like a Comer special with money, property, auto asset, art sale, requests but also travel, tax problems, foreign business relationships (not money, relationships), and personal relationships. Weird science. Then they had the request for James Biden’s financial records. Get my drift where this is coming from and going to? It appears the FOX is in the henhouse.

    Does Horist expect Joe to reach out during this court case too?

    In May of 2023, it began to close in with possible contempt charges for withholding evidence and last month, June, Hunter settled for undisclosed amount until the kid reaches 18 and a college fund (Mom dropped out and didn’t even tell her own Mother) but also including some art (that’s just freaking funny) making Mom and the kid investors. Better sell it quick, that price ain’t rising. Chances are the contempt suit was dropped.

    Does Horist expect Joe to reach out during this court case too?

    Here’s Hunter’s description from his book: “The other women I’d been with during rampages since my divorce were hardly the dating type. We would satisfy our immediate needs and little else. I’m not proud of it. It’s why I would later challenge in court the woman from Arkansas who had a baby in 2018 and claimed the child was mine — I had no recollection of our encounter.” Wow. Excuse me, but what a dick. Even if you thought that, would you tell anyone?

    About this time of the final court settlement, Maureen Dowd penned a piece about Joe stepping up which, unlike the Horist judgmental hit piece, struck a cord with Joe and he will soon meet his granddaughter. She basically said Joe was wrong, Joe was later, Hunter is a jerk BUT Joe needs to step up and be the man he tells us he is. As of four days ago, and after Hunter approved, Joe has stated such. Time will tell if he follows through, but frankly, it’s none of our freaking business.

    Horist holds his own high standard to Joe, fair enough. But how could Joe make a move until 2020, and IMO, not until Hunter says OK, and who knows what happened there. Certainly Hunter wasn’t coming around to support the result of his one-night stand. And then starting in 2022, it’s court time again so best legal advice is stay away.

    Joe is wrong, Joe is late, but Joe is stepping up. Why can’t Horist acknowledge that?

    Those are the facts; Horist and others can judge as they will, but in my book —- there was a very small window for Joe to sneak in and, even then, I would need my kid’s blessing before I did that. We just don’t know what went on in that regard tween Joe and Hunter. We do know that Hunter is one screwed up guy who hopefully take advantage of his amazing second chance. Perhaps his trial-by-Comer will help him in that regard.

    And maybe we should leave the President’s kids alone much less publicizing for the world pictures of four year old girls.

  2. larry Horist

    Frank Stetson … My, my my. What a rage. Old Frank is all in on sweeping unwanted grandchildren under the rug. Frank asked a series of questions as to what I might expect of a decent caring person … and the answer to most o f them is “yes.” Stetson endorsees rejecting the child on a whole bunch of excuses…. one night stand …. Hunter been eff-ed up person … drug addiction .. the mother is a lowlife, etc. Like Joe and Hunter, Frank promotes heartlessness toward the child. For Joe, Hunter and Frank, it is all about Hunter … the Biden family … grandpa joe … and politics. No consideration for little Navy. Frank does not even favor the responsible thing — much less the compassionate thing. Defend Hunter and to hell with the child. That is how Joe, Hunter and Frank see it. Trash the mother and make excuses for the Bidens. Frank sarcastically says not everyone can be a Horist. He is right — and he is proof of that. He attacks me for taking a different approach to a very similar situation. But thank God that there are LOT more like the Horists than Joe, Hunter and Frank. Frank accuse me and my compassionate approach of lowering the standards of journalism. He just showed us the lower standards of humanity — as if Joe and Hunter had not already done so.

  3. frank stetson

    You have not a clue what charity I have offered in this life.

    You make up that I desire to sweep the unwanted under the carpet.

    Little Navy has $240K a year, she’s not that bad off in this jungle, but I never suggested not to be responsible, or compassionate, quite the opposite, I called for Joe to step up, was glad he finally did, even if late, to live up to his own words, and that time will tell if he follows through.

    Have you no compassion, no understanding, no forgiveness. Oh, yeah — you the guy profiting off pictures of four year old girls.

    You profit by displaying pictures of 4 year old girls to get Hunter to get Joe for your own vanity. You only care about this girl as a way to get at Joe.

    I never supported Hunter’s actions, in writing, in this piece. I also said: “Joe is wrong, Joe is late, but Joe is stepping up. Why can’t Horist acknowledge that?” What can’t Horist acknowledge that….still?

    You are right on one thing, and one thing only: it was rage, it was a rant. Rightfully so. That’s what you intended, right?

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … You are correct. I have no idea of you overall works of charity. I only responded to you utter lack of compassion you have shown for a 4-yer-old girl. You did not call out the Biden’s for their lack of compassion and caring. You called me out for calling them out. You defended them and attacked me. You even attacked my own experience with your usual sarcasm. You attacked the mother. I can well understand why you would raise Navy’s photo as a distraction. When people see her, you and the Bidens’ insensitivity looks bad. You have no defense for your disregard for the most vulnerable and innocent person in this drama. That seems to be consistent with your pro abortion beliefs. You are starting to sound like a villain in a Dickens’ novel.

      You seem to think that the child support money compensates for the shabby treatment of Navy by the Bidens. Money is the answer. Spoken like a true left-winger. And we should not forget that Hunter was fighting the payments with the tacit support of his multimillionaire daddy.

      Maybe it was your obsessive zeal to attack me and everything I write that caused you to take such a defense of heartlessness. But You are stuck with your words and cannot wiggle off the hook with distraction and insults.

      • frank stetson

        What did I call you out for? I said: “Apparently, it’s OK now to go after the President’s kids, and even show pictures of their 4-year-old granddaughter as normal journalism. Thank you, Mr. Horist, for lowering the professional bar at PBP.” There’s a difference between that and the personal attacks you accuse me of..

        For the record, I commend you for your charity, adoptions, etc. I have said so a number of times.

        I concluded here: “Joe is wrong, Joe is late, but Joe is stepping up. Why can’t Horist acknowledge that?” The main defense I offered Joe was your desire for a meet was probably not a legal sanctioned recommendation, pretty sure on that, during a court case over said child, and there was only a short time window for visitation. PLUS Joe should have to confer with Hunter, we don’t know what happened there. If Hunter say NO, Joe must accept and try to change Hunter’s mind. And I noted, even with this, “Joe was late.” We don’t even know if Mom would even have allowed visitation, did you check that she invited Joe out or blocked him?

        As to personally trashing you, “Horist holds his own high standard to Joe, fair enough.” And again, I have applauded you mightily in the past for your personal choices in adoption. More than once. If you see sarcasm in that, you are projecting. You do have high standards with kids, adoptions, etc. You do deserve to hold others to your moral standards, in this at least.

        Be honest with yourself though — is your defense for the kid or for the attack on Joe to limit his votes? Or can I just say: well, I like his policies, but….. and then we can move on.

        But yeah, I did, and do have a problem with anyone using pictures of a four-year-old girl publicly to trash a person’s morality for the sole purpose to trash said person’s father —- the ultimate goal. How much could you care for this kid that you virtually doxed her? I don’t care that you copped a picture from the public domain, it’s not right. Plus, I acknowledge Hunter is a total jerk, everyone deserves a second change, but until you know Joe, and what he had done re:Hunter and his relationships is unknown. Not to mention you can’t even mention the latest developments where, after this last court case ended, Joe plans to unite with Navy. As I said, it may be late, but he says he’s trying. And if the emotional overflow of that bothered you: good. I stand by every word.

        “You have no defense for your disregard for the most vulnerable and innocent person in this drama.” Innocent yes, vulnerable, that’s a good one. She’s got a Mom, a Grandmom, family, and $240K a year until 18. If managed right, she does not have to work a day vulnerable she is. Now she has a college fund too PLUS Biden-art —- better sell it quick.
        Can’t wait to see you step up for all those discarded abortion ban babies you created…….in your opinions at least.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson …. You seem to be really upset about showing a photo of a little girl involved in a very high profile controversial case when the photo has already been all over the news and Internet for months. Your sanctimonious response would be more credible to me if you had ever voiced such a concern over the thousands of photos of children being abused and trafficked at the southern border — whose photos were being used as political fodder. Look up “hypocrisy” in the dictionary.

  4. Papa Bear

    If I was to give this child one piece of advice, it would be, to stay as far away from the Biden Family as she possibly can. The “Father” is a Junkie and the “Grandfather” Is a Pervert. She’s better off not even being introduced to those two assholes.

  5. Darren

    Papa Bear said it all.