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Biden Says Grand Canyon is One of the World’s ‘Nine Wonders’

Biden Says Grand Canyon is One of the World’s ‘Nine Wonders’

What happens when Joe Biden forgets his script? Like what could possibly go wrong?

A lot of things, including the wonders of the world. In his recent campaign trip to Arizona, the 80-year-old President with a history of frequent memory lapses and gaffes, called the Grand Canyon one of the “nine wonders” of the world. Then there was also something “ironic” in the gaffe episode.

On Tuesday (August 08, 2023), Biden visited an airfield near the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona to designate over a million acres of land near the canyon as a national monument.

During his speech to a handful of Democrats, Biden went off the script and did what he is known for – make a fool of himself with wild claims detached from reality.

He talked about Grand Canyon and claimed it was one of the “nine wonders” of this planet.

Biden’s rant about Grand Canyon continued with his familiar pattern of telling some personal tale, which in this case was the first time when he first saw Grand Canyon. “It was years ago,” he said, “when I was a young senator.” 

Old Joe seemed to forget that when he was a young senator, it wasn’t years ago; it was decades ago. But before he could forget more, he suddenly seemed to remember he had spoken of nine wonders and did an auto-correct on the statement:

“As a matter of fact, I said nine. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world.”

But that wasn’t the end of Biden’s circus near the Grand Canyon. He also went on to say the region was “a haven of ironic species.” Media noted the lack of sense in there and commented that Biden clearly meant to say “iconic” but erroneously called it “ironic.” 

Most of the left-aligned mainstream media chose silence on Biden’s gaffes in Arizona. But conservatives on social media had some thoughts to share. Biden was instantly fact-checked:

There are those who declared Joe Biden an “embarrassment from coast to coast.”

International media also took satirical jabs at Biden over the gaffe of “nine wonders.” Russia Today tweeted that Biden himself is perhaps the ninth wonder.

Hindustan News Hub pointed at Biden’s ignorance and wrote:

The incident highlights the importance of accuracy and knowledge when making public statements, especially for public figures such as the President of the United States.

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  1. Tom

    I am not trying to defend Biden. But this article is very biased. The “Seven (actually eight) wonders of the world are all man made. There is also the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World”. This article chooses to make Biden look like a fool for calling the Grand Canyon one of the nine wonders of the world. The real fool here is the idiot that wrote the article and did not realize that the Grand Canyon IS a wonder of the world, a natural wonder of the world, not man made, but natural!

    So to clarify, The 7 Natural Wonders Of The World

    Mount Everest.
    Paricutin Volcano.
    The Grand Canyon.
    Victoria Falls.
    The Harbor Of Rio de Janeiro.
    Great Barrier Reef.
    Northern Lights.

    So to me this is simply a case of forgetting to say the word “natural” but he is still correct that it is a wonder of the world. But I guess forgetting to say the word “natural” is not sensational enough to make it an issue. This is blatant conservative bullshit shameful bias.

  2. American citizen

    I think if you’re from another country you are laughing at the Yanks. How could we put someone so mentally and physically weak in the white house. If you want to see bias, check every major newspaper and every major TV News outlet. Journalis
    m is dead and has been for quite some time. The left wing bias makes it difficult to actually keep up with what’s going on. Objectivity is gone from almost all news media to the point that actual objective, unbiased News is said to be right wing. It’s truly sad what has happened to this nation’s society, it is crumbling.

  3. frank stetson

    Tom, “natural,” “nine,” it’s all pretty funny, pretty much on par with Biden’s entire life of gaff, and still better than “locker room” talk, “trash” talk, and “braggadocio.” I just wonder where the right-wing database of all these gaffs are. Sounds like a hoot to peruse that one.

    But who is worse — the gaffer or those who delight in turning this guy over the spit for the gaff? We all know he does it, why do these folks constantly see more than what has been in front of their freakin faces for a lifetime? And to watch them dissect it, try to garner deep meanings, psyche profiles, and devious-nefarious intents, is priceless.

    • Tom

      Yeah I agree. My point was that the Grand Canyon is a natural wonder because it is not man made. So he is not wrong about it being a wonder, only maybe wrong about the number. To me this is trite. And the GC is listed as a wonder. I wonder if the idiot critic(s) or AI that wrote this article realizes that the GC is a wonder!!! To make a big deal out of nine or seven to me is very stupid. I hate this kind of dissection. It only serves to divide us more when what we need is a little more forgiveness that will bring unity. And as far as keeping track of gaffs, Biden may have more but I do not know. What I do know is Trump had his fair share. Period. This kind of bullshit is why I am an independent.

  4. Frank stetson