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Biden, Quid Pro Pro, Impeachment – NUTS!

Biden, Quid Pro Pro, Impeachment – NUTS!

This is driving me crazy. I’ve been watching the impeachment proceedings today and it is by far the most bizarre thing I’ve seen out of Washington in quite some time. From the bug-eyed Schiff to the “witnesses” who are being used to prove something that is not illegal nor illegitimate in any way, this has been a massive waste of time.

By every indicator, the Democrat decided to impeach Trump months ago, after failing to get ammunition to impeach Trump based on the Mueller probe (which wasted two years).

Pure propaganda, specifically designed to affect the 2020 Presidential elections. Nothing more.

So, by the numbers:

1. The “whistleblower” is Eric Ciaramella, who has been outed (but not outed) as an associate of the top Democrats – including Schumer, Susan Rice and the Obama administration – who worked on the fake Russian “dossier,” and who consulted with the Congressman Schiff’s office before he “blew the whistle.” I.e., not a whistleblower but an agent provocateur.

2. We have a conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky of the Ukraine.

a. The key “crime” seems to be Joe Biden’s brag that he blackmailed the Ukraine into firing a prosecutor. The suspicion is that he did this not in the interests of America, but in defense of his son, who was getting paid large amounts of money to be on the board of directors of a company that “may or may not” have been under investigation by this prosecutor. Worth investigating?

b. Since this is possibly a heinous crime, and, if true, interfered massively with the relationship with an important ally, doesn’t the President have the right (and indeed the obligation!) to ask his counterpart to investigate? Has Joe Biden somehow acquired immunity for past crimes just because he is a current presidential candidate?

3. The focus appears to be on “Quid Pro Quo” which simply means “I’ll do this, if you do that.” Sounds like simple negotiation to me. There is no law against it. And the conversation in question, the only real evidence, shows no quid pro quo, and President Zalensky says he wasn’t aware of any quid pro quo. But why is it even an issue?

4. The witnesses appear to be geared only to establish “quid pro quo.” This is useless because quid pro quo is not illegal. Plus, they are speaking and acting several levels below the President’s level. They have already admitted that they were out of the loop on the preparation for the phone call. They appear mostly to be pissed off because they didn’t know what was going on. But they are not in a position to even understand, much less judge the President’s actions.

5. But the only question is really this. Did President Trump ask for the investigation solely to assist him in the 2020 election? Or did Trump legitimately want the investigation of crimes and interference with the 2016 election? Or both?

This last question is the key. But who is to say what was in the President’s heart? How can you determine motivations?

Certainly not with officials who have never met Trump, who felt slighted at being left out of important proceedings.

And as long as there is a legitimate reason for asking for this investigation, and assuming innocence until proven guilty, what LEGITIMATE court would convict him of anything?

As I said, this is nuts.

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  1. William

    I also watched the Impeachment hearings and all I heard was hear say from both witnesses. What a waste of time and our tax money. There needs to be a law, practice and or procedures that would prevent this type of proceedings, because right now I believe the Democrats are committing a crime much more than anyone else.

    • bren n texas

      VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  2. Cris

    Make Schiff pay for this waste of time and money.
    That should make them stop this nonsense. Sue Schiff for that and put him jail for defamation of character.

    • Tom


  3. Kay Marsalis

    It’s all a hoax and the whole thing should be declared unconstitutional and dropped. I believe all the above comments are true.

  4. CCblogging

    Every Democrat is a disguised dictator

  5. DrAnalog

    This hearing is a pitiful sham. All based on hearsay and lies. I hope this destroys the Democrats in 2020 elections. They don’t deserve to be in control of anything.

  6. Richard Saigh

    This is similair to Germany & Hitler’s rise to power!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo Sad that this insame issue, which the Demoracts have conjured up; has grown to it’s current magnitude.

  7. Boyd

    Remember that 2020 Election is just AHEAD. If a Democrat wins HE or SHE is OPENED UP FOR A

  8. DB

    This is all Clinton Driven in her insane efforts to make a 3rd run at what she considers as her divine right to be the POTUS. The Clinton’s own Schiff since they bankrolled and campaigned for him to get rid of Bill Clinton’s Impeachment Prosecutor as a representative. They own Schiff! Another way to think of this is that Schiff is not smart enough to do what he is doing so who is pulling his strings? The answer is the Clinton’s and their mafia type following. The whole thing is a sham as she tries to eliminate any obstacle in her way to reach her goal.

    • jsa

      Very interesting. You are quite possibly right on target.

  9. Derek Blurb

    It is certain that politicians get elected to help us, their huddled masses. They love us and they do not run (limp?) for riches and perks as they are our corrupt and arrogant servants. You can buy politicians. You cannot buy Trump and democrats hate outsiders. It is quite possible that the Democrats are setting themselves up for being the worst of two evils in 2020. What they are doing is the summum of stupidity. But the people are not as stupid as politicians believe. Good thing.

  10. Kurt Walker

    Since the weather was extremely nasty I watched much of the second “hearing”. THe ambassador, who was relieved from Ukraine was Schiff’s star for this one. While I don’t think the lady made up any lies on her own she was more than willing to agree with whatever Schiff said. She wasn’t forced to testify BTW but volunteered. I suppose to get even with the President for taking her out of Ukraine. But she couldn’t provide anything positive or first hand that makes any difference to the “case”. Since the president of Ukraine and President Trump both state that there was nothing that points to impeachment I don’t understand where this is going except to try to hurt President Trump’s election in 2020.

  11. Dale Edward Brown

    Remember house and all Democrats, past and present, WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. You may achieve a goal that is going to do nothing except make your fall 10 times worse. Father please help this Nation and be our true strength once again. Forgive us for what we have become and guide us with your wisdom. In Jesus Christ name, Amen

  12. Mike

    TERM LIMITS FOR ALL . . No more ridiculous, inflated retirement packages .
    Positions of power, or the illusion of power, can be extremely addictive . Like any drug, when exposed to it for extended periods of time negatively effects the mind, creates a warped sense of reality !
    Greed, not of just money and riches , but of status and power changes someone’s morals and ethics . This elitist mentality makes “the end justifies the means “ acceptable .

  13. bobby

    I am a registered Democrat but will never vote for one in the future based on this idiotic BULL-SHIFTT
    and NASTY NANCY’s opportunity to lead my Country. I am a Veteran and proud of what I did to serve my Country and this clown show has really been a disgrace for what I served for.

  14. jacky

    if the Dem’s gain power in 2020 this country will be gone

  15. Kurt Walker

    This has been a two ring circus. They don’t qualify for the third ring. These “witnesses” Dr. Hill specifically is on SORO’S payroll (fact) and has been for a little over two years. Now if positions were reversed between the president and Biden I’d go for impeachment and maybe jail time

  16. David Barron

    Pelosi is still pissed off that Trump told her she was only a two bit worthless politician not worthy of her job, and now she is proving it.

  17. sandy davis

    These are not the traditional democrats. I don’t know what these people are but they have no workable or beneficial policies for the country, nothing on improving the economy, nothing on national security, nothing on anything except evil and manufacturing lies. I used to be a democrat, but not anymore. President has this country, profitable and safe. What else is there?