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Biden Predicts Repubs Will Support A Dem President, And America Laughs

Biden Predicts Repubs Will Support A Dem President, And America Laughs

Democratic presidential “front-runner” Joe Biden has it all figured out. According to him, Trump is so bad that Republicans will eventually come to their senses and support a Democratic president’s agenda come 2020, should one prove victorious. It’s funny stuff, not just on the face of it, but on several levels.

He made the outrageous statements at a recent fundraiser, and added, “With Trump gone, you’re going to begin to see things change. Because these folks know better. They know this isn’t what they’re supposed to be doing.”

By “these folks” he means you and me, the people who put Trump in the Oval Office in the first place, and we are going to abandon every principle and position we hold dear, magically, overnight. He also claimed that twelve former Republicans in the Senate expressed concerns that their party had blocked Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. He didn’t name any of the twelve, and his friendly audience ignored the significance of that little word “former” in that statement. More important, this happened way prior to Trump’s victory, so in essence, Biden was claiming some sort of mass exodus of Republican lawmakers over the Garland issue.

Biden is rolling himself out as the Great White Hope against the Cassius Clay Trump, but God forbid liberals use that now politically incorrect term (although they’re thinking it). Instead, he’s their Great Democrat Compromiser, whose middle of the road positions will unite all voters, libs and conservatives alike. Will that all fit on a campaign button?

Biden’s problem is there’s no chance in hell he’ll draw conservative support, and the ultra-liberal wing of the Democrat party has fully taken over and middle of the road isn’t in their vocabulary. (To them, Biden is almost as conservative as Strom Thurmond!)  And although the polls are now showing a commanding lead for Biden, these are the same polls that showed Trump trailing everyone…quite badly… in the primary run-ups to 2016. So let’s not forget the big lesson of 2016.

The polls have lost all credibility, and it will take quite a few years for them to regain it, if ever. The Dems and liberals want you to forget the errors of their ways and predictions for 2016, but how can anyone forget that!?  2016 wasn’t merely an upset, it was an earthquake, and favorable polls no longer hold all that much positive impact for the frontrunner when it comes to actual voting. We no longer believe.

Want to enjoy an evening of great entertainment? Just do a YouTube search for “Liberal reactions to Trump win.” Many of these clips will be accompanied by pre-election clips of hundreds of Dems (and yes, Repubs too) who swore on a stack of bibles that Trump could never be elected, and if he was, they were moving to Zimbabwe.

Fortunately, Trump won. Unfortunately, they didn’t move. So we have a frontrunner who really isn’t a frontrunner. He’s merely the only guy who looks halfway normal amongst the rest of his nutty colleagues. And let’s look at the successes of his former presidential campaigns.

He was forced to quickly abandon his 1988 primaries campaign in September of 1987 (yes, in 1987, just 3 months after he launched it!), because he had plagiarized a speech by a British politician, in addition to lying about his academic record.

In 2008, he was running fifth, and garnered less than 1% in the Iowa caucuses. (Getting less than 1% is a unique achievement, but not a good one.) He was then, of course, tapped as Obama’s running mate because he emanates that harmless VP vibe that goes over so well in Washington. And Obama needed an old white guy on the ticket, the same kind of guy the Democrats keep complaining is ruining the country.

And then in 2016, after serving two terms as VP and the obvious next in line for the top job, where was he? You tell me. But first, I’ll tell you:

The Democratic leadership knew he couldn’t win and told him not to run. They knew he couldn’t win without even knowing who he would be running against! Following marching orders, Biden stepped aside, and we’re now supposed to believe his own party has any confidence in him whatsoever?  Against Trump, no less? And how do you think he’ll fare against the other primary contenders? My money is on a three-peat of failed runs at that elusive nomination.

Trump isn’t lying when he says Biden doesn’t scare him one bit, although the liberal media is trying to build a false sense of excitement and promise around his candidacy. If Biden is the best they can do, Trump says bring him on.

We’ll see who has the last laugh.

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  1. Scott Campbell

    Joe Joe Joe, are you still drunk? I think you are.

  2. Ron


    • james barry

      You’re thinking of random Paul

  3. james barry

    Last week according to the Myrus NPR Poll has Trump actually receiving his best polling number since he’s been elected 44%
    FYI so I don’t know what part of the country was laughing but clearly only 44% of the American voting public has warm feelings for him and either way it doesn’t his future doest bode well with his Myriad of problems both legal and personal now a recession is coming.
    Republican always do exactly what they always do cuts taxes for the rich and screw the Up the economy for everyone else. And they’ve been doing this faithless since October 1929

    • Joe Gilbertson

      And yet somehow he got elected, even though the polls said he would lose. And the economy is humming along pretty well.