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Biden parody of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” …  and more

Biden parody of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” …  and more

I just saw a hilarious parody of the 1967 classic movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”  It was really funny.  It starts out with the very White Joe Biden character standing in line at a Black-run fast-food outlet – buying a family sized meal.  In the next, the Biden character is sitting at a table having dinner with a Black father and his two teenage sons.  The Biden character asks the kids about school.  They talk about student loans (and brought up a chuckle) and, of course, basketball.

“Biden” brought chicken for the Black characters in the video.  He takes a ceremonial bit of a leg, but has purchased a bacon cheeseburger for himself.  I had to laugh out loud at that one. (At that point I wondered if Larry David had scripted this video.)

Whoever produced the video had “Joe” looking old and weak, as a parody would – sort of like an elderly White grandpa struggling to make meaningful talk with young Black dudes.  But he seemed rather ill-at-ease and patronizing.   I assume that was the point of the humor.  Not sure how the producers missed watermelon as a laugh line. 

I showed the video to a couple of Black friends, and they laughed uproariously.  Saturday Night Live could not have done a better job.

(What?  WHAT?  It was not a parody?  That was a real Biden campaign video?  Noooo.  Come on, man.  You’re kidding me.)  Oh my god!  It was a REAL Biden campaign video.  In the world of self-parody, this has to be a topper.

Instead of portraying Biden as energetic and “with it,” he came across as some retired old geezer trying to relate to folks he does not relate to.  The association of chicken with Black folks was both obvious and crude.  In a parody, okay.  But as a means of relating for real, it is pitiful.

And that is not all.

Have you seen the meme of Biden with the glowing red eyes?  It was the latest episode in the “Let’s go, Brandon” running joke.  You may recall that when a lady sports reporter was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, the crowd – unrelated to the interview – was yelling “F*** you, Biden.”  To Override the chant, the reporter said. “They are yelling “Let’s go Brandon.”  Since that time, “Let’s go, Brandon” has been the euphemistic term for … well, you know.

By some mysterious route, the “Let’s go, Brandon” was incorporated in a “Dark Brandon” meme reportedly created by an X user @TheRealHoarse.  It depicts Biden as an evil alien with laser eyes.  It was created in response to “Dark Maga” memes depicting Trump as an alien villain with laser eyes.

Well … Team Biden decided to trump (no pun intended) the meaning of the “Dark Brandon” meme with their own use of it.  That’s right.  They apparently decided that the best way to defuse the “Brandon” thing was to … promote it. To remind people of it.  They even have Biden drinking from a laser eye “Dark Brandon (Biden)” mug.

A person drinking from a mug

Description automatically generatedWe have the Biden campaign showing “Dark Brandon”- style meme as their means of fighting back.  They have previously used the laser-eye Biden meme in a video in which the eyes turn red when hot coffee is poured into a coffee cup. 

Apparently, the laser-eyed Biden (Brandon) is designed to reach the younger generation voters by making Biden “cool.”   This is a perilous strategy since old men are not “cool” – especially when they try too hard to look cool by trying to act like a kid.

So, does Biden wear sunglasses so often to conceal his laser eyes or merely to look cool?  Of course, he does not really have laser eyes – more like lazy eyes. (You know … that old person squint.)  And sunglasses have not been “cool” since Miami Vice – the old television show, not the Florida crime report.


This campaign season could use a bit more humor, but that is NOT what Team Biden is producing – at least not intentionally.  If they are getting any laughs at all, it is more mocking than mirth.  Understandably, the video received a backlash from social media types and even some Black folks – calling it “pandering” and “racial stereotyping.” 

The Dark Biden theme is another feeble attempt to relate to a voter group.  The laser-eyed Biden is just as obvious, but not nearly as funny.

Whatever you think of Biden’s mental acuity, he can only be blamed for not recognizing the position his handlers put him in.  Who are the “geniuses” who came up with these ideas?  Maybe THEY should be going in for cognitive testing.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Harold blankenship

    Nucking figgers

  2. larry horist

    Harold Blankenship … What is with your? Who do you think you are impressing with your ignorant low-class racist vulgarity. i write that America is not a racist nation because I know that to be true. But I also know that there are a few folks on the fringe like you. I honestly do not understand what drives such mindless hostility — and the desire to display it before the world.


      +1 Horist. Please sir, let’s have more!!

      • Tom

        Yeah Frank you can give him +1 but overall, this article and Larry’s attitude get a -5 in my book.

        Larry uses some cutely arranged words to cover his racist implications when he writes, ““Biden” brought chicken for the Black characters in the video. He takes a ceremonial bit of a leg, but has purchased a bacon cheeseburger for himself. I had to laugh out loud at that one. (At that point I wondered if Larry David had scripted this video.)” What was Larry really laughing at??? Biden’s cheeseburger? Or buying the black family boys chicken? And then Larry’s comment, “Not sure how the producers missed watermelon as a laugh line. ” The watermelon line was totally inappropriate and racist!!!

        So where is Larry’s laugh over buying the black family chicken and forgetting the watermelon coming from? Sounds like a racist heart to me!

        • larry Horist

          Tom … You seem to be losing track. First of all, Stetson’s +1 was NOT about the commentary. It was his ressponse to my calling out Harold Blankenship for his racist remarks. You seem to have missed that one. AND you totally missed the mark on your general response to the commentary. My Black friends thought the commentary was very funny — and they got it. Maybe you have not spent as much time deeply emersed in the Black community as I have to understand the culture. Suggesting that anything I write comes from a “racist heart” is stupid — based on your own ignorance of me. The shame on YOU, my friend.

          • Tom

            Again, Larry, you do what you always do, when criticized you go Trump, double down, and blame the reader. Its never you. I expected this much. Your black friends are a minority of black folks. Most news networks have denounced the comments by Trump, and I would suspect that most would also denounce your article. I spent ten years teaching math at predominately black schools with high free and reduced lunches. I met with their parents often. I actually held an after school class at 6 p.m. for parents to re-learn the math so they could be tutors to their children and understand the homework assignments. I have had dinner at their homes. I have met with them at Barns & Nobles to buy them coffee at prep them for finals on Sundays from noon to 6 for six weeks in several semesters. Suggesting I have not been immersed in black community as much and that I do not understand the black culture is unmitigated stupidity on your part my friend. I did not realize you could be so preemptively stupid!

            You obviously did not understand my full comments. I indicated what you did was institutional, and I even suggested that you did not string together those words deliberately to be racial – that it was actually more your sub conscience acting out of a well rooted institutional racism that you are exhibiting. And just like Trump when he says black people relate to his mug shot (which implies black people are criminals), you did the same racially insensitive thing with your chicken and watermellon stunt – where you knew you were activating old Jim Crow sentiments in your readers in a sneaky underhanded Horist way that you can deny it.

            You could have used this as an opportunity to improve. Instead you used it as an opportunity to sling arrows at your friend and reader.

            I am glad you did not comment on my reporting of your inaccuracy and slanted by omission summary of the video. Your shoddy job in this regard is quite indefensible – which I why I have started to find the videos you watch, and, the same reason why you do not cite your sources!!!! If you cited your references, then we could see what you are omitting and/or twisting!

            Congrats, you pretty much answered exactly the way I felt you would. I know my Horist beast better than you think my friend.

            And I still consider you my friend. But even friends need to call friends out when they cross the line such as in the case of institutional racism, or what I call covert racism..


          Knowing Horist, and his readers know him better than he apparently does, or is willing to consider, he may have been alluding to racism, but did not say it. Weasel words…. So I let it go but still felt the twinge. But I also let the watermelon crack slide which puts the chicken comment in sharp releif of Horist’s racism. Let’s call it systemic and blame the Democrats :>)

          Feels like Hoist is getting nervous and beginning to grasp at straws while tossing the kitchen sink in his rants.

          • Tom

            Yes you are correct. I will let it go. What Horist does not realize is that with his comments on chicken followed up by watermelon, he was creating a stereotype black person image that was and continues to be the butt of jokes and humiliation for many years, and conforming that black father and his boys to this stereotype image. I do not think he did it deliberately to be ugly to our black population. He did it subconsciously and most likely did not employ a filter to make sure it did not get in print. And to some degree it shows Larry’s insensitivity to racism.

            I found it interesting that he did this seeing as he recently wrote an article, “Americans are not Racist”, and has on several occasions mentioned that he raised a step child that was African American – and he has used this as evidence he is not racist.

            I just felt it was important to call him out on this topic and his words – that he is not above racism like that GOP ivory tower he likes to perch upon. Remember he says the Dems are the racists!

            And the other reason I wrote my response was because I was appalled at his summary of that 7 minute and 52 second video done 50 miles down the road from me. He kept out all of the great discussion Biden had with dad and the boys, and what little he covered was in a way to stereotype the family. This was a great example of how Larry biases by omission and back handed use of words that build stereotypes in the readers mind. And I refused to go along with it.

            I am awaiting Larry’s response that he is not a racist.

            Again, you are correct, I am letting it go. I think I achieved my purposes.

    • Harold blankenship

      So sorry Larry. Never again. I mean it. Let’s allow the democrats to be racist

      • larry Horist

        Harold Blankenship … That would be much more appropriate. Thanks.

  3. Frank stetson

    Racist pig doesn’t even have the balls to say the word.

    And the word is; GOD.

    • Gary

      Brandon is a racist POS


        Can you actually explain, or better yet, prove that Gary?

        Or by the same thought process: Fairy Gary is a lying POS mutherfucker who defines the absolute need for forced abortions.

        • Wayne

          Wow, that’s pretty crude Frank. You’ve got a pretty filthy mouth and thoughts.

        • Jim wampler

          Keep your mother off of the streets

          • Frank stetson

            Least I know my mother.

            I know yours too.

    • Tom

      God is the Word, the Truth and the Life! +1 for you Frank!

  4. Darren

    If a Republican politician made that same video, the Democrat’s would be screaming Racist at the top of their lungs!
    Yet Democrat’s make this and find it acceptable.
    No black people I am aware of are saying a thing about it, but I have to feel they Laugh at what looks like a Saturday Night Live Sketch.
    Are Democrat’s that out of touch with NORMAL society?
    Was anyone black on the production company?
    What Ass Hole thought this was a great Ide for Biden.
    Everyday I am thankful for the absolute stupidity for the ones in charge if Biden’s image!
    Where was the black transgender Boy to girl?
    Thank you Larry for the article, we almost forgot about this.
    After all, if you vote Republican, you are not Black, Right!
    What an ASS!


      Trump just called himself simular to Blacks because he has been indicted by a racist criminal justice system just like they are.

      Of course, yesterday he waa like Navalny being tortured and sent to a Siberian gulag to be murdered.

      Tommorow he plans to roll out his: “hey, I’m just like Jesus, the son of God” campaign.

      Meanwhile, Biden bought chicken, burgers and other stuff to sit with Blacks in a Black-owned food chain. Oh the horror of it all.

      Trump had a Black supporter, Herman Caine who came to his rally in Tulsa, sat near Trump, and then he died of Covid a few weeks later. Thank you for your support Herman, hope the other Black Trump Supporters fare better. Trump is equal opportunity, not a racist though. He tried to kill Christie with covid too,

      • Jim wampler

        Biden was only trying to get black pussy.


          Wampass, pretty funny. One one hand he’s a doddering old droolin fool, on the other you see an 81-year old sexual predator looking for what you call “black pussy,” when he was sitting with a couple of young guys and their folks. Guess one guy’s pussy is your gay blackk fantasy.

          Can you really be this stupid? This wasted?

          • Jim wampler

            Ok. He’s afraid black penis

          • FRANK STETSON

            Yes, Wampler can be this stupid and wasted. Never seen a guy so into genetalia. He’s covered the waterfront in this thread alone. It’s like a trip back to third grade. Stay the course Wampass, keep the genetalia faith, brother.

      • Tom

        Yeah those Trump remarks about being like black people because he has a mug shot just goes to show how he stereotypes all black people into being criminals with mugshots. The statistics say he is at 8% black vote, but John McCain whom Trump disparaged was at 12%. Again, Trump is telling another lie based on firm election stats.

  5. Tom

    Larry, I found the video. For those that want to see how narrow minded and racist you described the video, they can watch the actual video at **

    Here is a quick summary of what Larry cannot be trusted with these kinds of videos and the need to fact check what he writes:

    The video was a visit from Biden to a Raleigh NC family of a single father with two teenage boys. The video starts with them meeting Biden and having small talk. Biden takes them to a fast food place. Each person ordered what they wanted. Biden bought the meal and they go to the home. The video discussed the father’s loan debt forgiven ($125,000) by the Biden student loan forgiveness program. Father testifies that it has changed his life and allows him to better raise his boys. Biden talks about how he used loan forgiveness programs to get through school. They talk about the boy’s school and their sports and academics, not just basketball. The father asked the boys to talk about how they are doing in school, their academics. They talk about the dreams of each boy. Then they interview Biden. Biden was cognizant, and looked good. Then they talked about the church the family goes to. They discussed the father’s dreams for his boys. The boys talked about their dreams some more and what they look forward to and that they look up to their father. They had a funny discussion on the kind of car the boys would have for their first car. Biden talked about his dad’s car dealership. Father asked for child raising advice from Biden. Biden responds with holding to sensible rules, be honest, admit mistakes. The family was thrilled to have Biden there and bid him a happy fairwell.

    Now look at what Larry wrote if you have read my summary. Does anyone besides me see how narrow minded and racist Larry’s discussion of this video is? All Larry talked about was the food (and he did that in a racial way), Biden’s burger, and basketball. The total amount of time covering what Larry talked about is less than a minute of the 8 minute and fifty two second video!!

    Larry, I did not read the second half of your piece because the first half was so damn shameful!!! Larry, that father’s 7th grade boy could have written a better and more accurate account of the video that you did. Larry calls this video a joke – which means he is calling this black family’s hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and life situation a joke!!! Shame on you Larry!!!

    • larry Horist

      Tom … You seem to have lost your sense of humor. Despite you agonizing defense of the video, it still was embarrassing pandering on Biden’s part. I would judge that by the overall negative reaction to the video — concluding a number of Blacks who saw it as something between offensive to ridiculous. Personally, I think Biden lost more Black votes than he gained with this video — which seems to be a trend according to the polling..

      • Tom

        Again, look at your justification Larry. You say, :I lost my sense of humor”. What is so humorous about your chicken and watermelon statements put together to activate old Jim Crow stereotypes embedded in the minds of your readers??? You consistently bash Frank Stetson when he says he was being humorous!

        And then you characterize my summary of the video as “agonizing” . But then again, I suppose for you it was agonizing as you did not want anyone to watch the video and see just what you did!!! You thought you could pass it by everybody – but you met with an Independent that was going to check you and hold you accountable. I realize that for you, being held accountable is agonizing for you. My concern was not you. My concern was that your readers get the real scoop on the video. And I am sure that gave you agony as well.

        I do not know the situation behind why Biden did this video, or how he selected this family or what Biden’s intentions were. I wonder if you would call Trump’s comment “I only see black” and “black people relate to my mug shot” as pandering to all of South Carolina black folks. I do not remember a time when you characterized Trump as “pandering”.

        As of today, Biden had 7,300 likes thumbs up, 1.7 loves hearts, 792 laughs, 117 hugs with heart, and only 70 negative imogis. In other words, only 0.7 percent (that is less than one percent) of the comments were negative. YOU ARE WRONG LARRY. SEE FOR YOURSELF AT ** ALSO, NEWS HEADLINES AND FOLKS INTERVIEWED WERE VERY POSITIVE! Biden was here to sell his programs which will help many people afford internet and other necessary services.


      +1 Ace reporter to rectify what the muckracker hath wrought. Once again, the Independent Reporter steals the scoop and grants Horist his prized accolade:

      BUSTED, like totally man.

      Nice job Tom. Inspected, Disected, and Rejected.

      • Tom

        Thanks Frank. I am glad to see that there is at least one other person on this blog that understands “covert racism” which is a term I give what Larry wrote. Covert racism is the sneaky institutional type of racism, and old Jim Crow type stereotypes that get activated with key words strung together in a seemingly harmless article.

        • larry Horist

          Tom … You need to remind yourself of the sin of false accusation. You are offering up a pretty good example. Within my family, hundred of friend and thousand of Blacks with whom I have worked and associated, I dare say that not one would ever accuse me of racism. I am not by a longshot the only person to criticize and mock the video as racial pandering. I am beginning to see your bromance with Frank based on a mutual sense of moral in intellectual superiority. We lessor humans know it as arrogance.

          • Tom

            Larry, Have you ever actually polled all of those people to see if they feel you made any racist comments? Have you polled them using your comments in this blog about chicken and watermelon to see if maybe they might think there is a racial component. No you have not. You are simply giving your perception of the way they feel. But your perception may not be reality! And I am giving you my perception based specifically on your comment. What I said was that your comment exhibited what I call “covert racism”. I even said that I did not think you did this consciously! Learn to read Larry! I said you did it subconsciously which is the same thing Trump does. He and his followers do not see anything he says as racist – and you are just like them. You are blind to the bitter root of racism that lies deep in your subconscious mind. And the fact that you tried to exonerate yourself by saying I do not have a sense of humor on your comment proves that you know that racist root exists down deep!

            Hey I found this description of “the real Larry”! You seem to be well known! “Conservative personalities who stayed [from the Horist sponsored dinner] away included attorney Joe Morris, the 1994 GOP nominee for Cook County Board president; businessman Steve Baer, who challenged Edgar in the 1990 primary; and industrialist Jack Roeser, who did likewise in 1994. They’re among the critics who see Horist as a showboater, a media freak, and a backstabber.

            Critics accuse him of selling out the United Republican Fund–an independent conservative group–and running it into the ground. They accuse him of double-crossing mayoral candidate Nino Noriega. The Sun-Times’s Steve Neal has called Horist a “loose cannon” with questionable ethics and a “grand sense of…self-importance.” The Tribune’s Tom Hardy used to deride him as “Uncle Larry,” a cranky ideologue. ”

            I think Mr. Steve Neal got it right when he says, “Steve Neal has called Horist a “loose cannon” with questionable ethics and a “grand sense of…self-importance.” . Seems like I am not the only one to call you out on your ethics!!!

          • FRANK STETSON

            WTF is your problem that you feel obligated to drag me into every little spat you have with Tom usually saying we have some sort of bromance? Is that what you thing anytime two men agree on anything?

            Face it, you are desparetly trying to avoid saying: ooops, I fucked up. So Trumpian.

            No one thinks your are a racist. Tom just pointed out thay your highlighting Biden serving chicken to blacks while eating a bacon cheeseburger himself an odd choice of words until your watermelon joke put it all in perspective. You fucked up and used racist stereotypes to define blacks.

            Now, the fact it was all a lie and that is not what actually happened as Tom pointed out makes you looked like a guy who said some racist things and now is doubling down to pretend it’s not real because you CLAIM that your plethora of black friends and associates are all cool with it.

            If you can’t see the potential racism in your words here, then YOU ARE A RACIST. So what is it? You really want to stick by: “Biden” brought chicken for the Black characters in the video. He takes a ceremonial bit of a leg, but has purchased a bacon cheeseburger for himself.” followed shortly by: “Not sure how the producers missed watermelon as a laugh line.” Chicken for blacks. Watermelon as a laugh line.

            And Horist, friend to all Black people, can’t see potential harm?


    Tom, given Horist’s double-down, your investigative reporting on the facts of the tape, he is being a racist. I thought systemic, asin he thought he was being funny, but given the double-down, this is overt racism. Maybe not meant to demean blacks, some blacks may even find it funny, but Horist is using racist stereotypes to demean Biden. Biden was not racist to order folks what they felt like eating.

    This was wrong and there should be a walk-back.

    Funny note, I always love how racists are so stupid as in cutting their nose to sprite their face. They use watermellon to make fun of blacks. This means if you eat watermellon, you must be or favor blacks to eat the food they make fun off your race for. So, probably, a good racist does not eat watermellon. Watermellon is God’s gift to rich and poor alike. Anyone can afford it, grow it, it’s prolific, and all men, rich or poor can enjoy it. There is nothing finer than a cool watermelon on a hot day. Ripe, sweet, watery and fun, it’s one of God’s better pleasures designed for all men, all races, all religions. And with modern logistics and grocery stores, we can have it 12 months a year now. I say GREAT if the rucking facists think it a funny food worth demeaning people about. More for us!!!

    Again, great investigative reporting Tom, Horist needs to learn to be able to read the tea leaves, this one is over.


    Horist should know firsthand the subleties of racism and should recognize that he just participated in furthering said racist stereotypes. Many years ago, living next to WV, us MD-ers loved a good WV joke. As I became woke in the 80’s., I noted that I too was being racist in these WV jokes demeaning an entire people based on geography. You know the jokes: “how do you tell the richest guy in a WV town? Most broken refridgerators on the front porch….. Or most cars on cinderblocks in the front yard….” You get the drift. Still funny to me, but I don’t tell them anymore, have not for decades now and I feel better for it.

  7. larry Horist

    Tom and Frank … My commentary was not racist in intent or in fact. Regardless of your personal opinions. There was a lot of media response — and virtually all critical of the video for patronizing. It was tone deaf. I used a humor approach. Virtually everyone who has responded to the commentary has been positive — including a number of Black friends. They got a huge laugh out of the video in the “are you kidding me?” spirit — which was my reaction when I first saw it. Among the many articles, I thought the headline from the Western Journal summed it up. “Biden Hit with Backlash for Viral Post with Black Family; Things Get Worse When Viewers Notice What Food He Bought Them” by Rachel M. Emmanuel. Your defense of the video and your completely off-the-mark response to my commentary — including bogus accusations of racism on my part — seems to put you guys in a very small group. You guys are using a race card that is rather worn and dog-eared.

    • frank stetson

      Horist, your recent March 3rd reply is biased and mostly single-sourced opinion of the silliest kind that is not verifiable at this time.

      FYI: I never said you were racist or that your intent was racist. You are wrong there as I did say:

      “ He may have been alluding to racism, but did not say it. Weasel words….”

      “No one thinks you’re are a racist. Tom just pointed out that your highlighting Biden serving chicken fingers to blacks while eating a bacon cheeseburger himself an odd choice of words until your watermelon joke put it all in perspective. You fucked up and used racist stereotypes to define blacks.”

      You like to call that humor and, according to you, all your black friends think it’s really funny. Blacks, chicken, watermelon, really funny to Blacks huh? Not to mention the stereotype is fried chicken, not chicken fingers which were invented well after the stereotype was initially created. So you streched the fried chicken stereotype to chicken fingers. Of course, one might strengthen the stereotype if one added watermelon to the mix. Oh wait, you did that too.

      After you kept refuting, obscuring, and diverting, I did add: “If you can’t see the potential racism in your words here, then YOU ARE A RACIST” and yes, I think that is a valid opinion given your reticence to accept that some might be offended by your stereotyping blacks to gain political advantage. You may not be a racist, you may be friends to millions of blacks, but your statement is racist, and your continued support makes you a racist.

      Your main defense is that you have helped blacks, a claim Strom Thurmond made as he never apologized either. But he did recognize and admit he did it. You will not. And your non-statistical anecdotes like “virtually everyone agrees with me” can be matched by either Tom’s or my “everyone agrees with me too.” It’s the old “some of my best friends are…” faulty logic.

      As to your sourced material: The Western Journal is an extreme far right media bias with dubious factual reporting given the multitude of lies, incorrect facts, and misinformation they are credited with as documented by the factcheckers. I am not sure what, if any, professional credentials the author has, but certainly she is NOT a professional journalist. Rachel E’s story titled: “Biden Hit with Backlash for Viral Post with Black Family; Things Get Worse When Viewers Notice What Food He Bought Them” sounds pretty damning until, if you actually read it, you read that it’s a few folks on social media. The opinions of a few cherry-picked posts for flavor. Same folks friendly to Horist perhaps.

      Basically, Emmanuel and Horist are getting the news from social media posts. Can you imagine if I reported the news based on PBP posts. What Horist would call that?

      Newsflash: most people think Democrats are demon communists who want to turn your little boys into girls according to ten posters on PBP…..

      BUSTED again Horist. This is not support for your racist comments.

      • frank stetson

        Folks: while valid facts and news may be posted on social media, social media is NOT facts and news.


        But we got it Horist. It’s not racism if you and your friends think linking blacks to fried chicken and watermelon is hilarious. Make fun of Biden by stereotyping Blacks. Especially forceful if you can find a handful of bo-hunks on X that report the same. Then it must be newsworthy as fact.

        Fact is, Horist, IMO you are not a racist, but this piece could easily be viewed as racist by many. Your sources are basically people who agree with you, not any sort of valid, statistical fact base. And your published source is a biased set of frequent liars. To the right.

        We need to move off reporting from the blogsphere and renew reporting from a set of sourced facts, double sourced always, triple or more for the important stuff. And we should condemn those, like Horist here, who fall below the line on journalism 101 professionalism to make their do-re-me.