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Biden Operative Implicated in Voter Fraud Scheme

Biden Operative Implicated in Voter Fraud Scheme

Dallas Jones, political director for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign in Texas, has been accused of participating in a ballot harvesting scheme in Harris County, TX.

This is the same county that is planning to send mail-in ballot applications to 2.37 million potential voters regardless of eligibility.

Testimonies submitted to the Supreme Court of Texas this week also name state Senator Boris Miles (Jones’s former boss), Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, and political consultant Gerald Womack as participating in the scheme.

Former FBI agent and private investigator Charles Marler was first contacted about the scheme by witnesses in December 2019. His sworn testimony explains how ballots are obtained from “the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless, and from unsuspecting residents’ mailboxes,” filled in out favor of Democratic candidates, and completed with a forged signature. 

According to Tyler James, an employee of Mr. Ellis, the scheme expects to produce as many as 700,000 forged ballots.

At least two witnesses told Marler that employees at the Harris County Clerk’s office are aiding the scheme by  mixing the forged ballots in with the legal ballots.

Former Harris County Clerk Diana Trautman allegedly knew of the scheme and resigned abruptly in May so that she would not be arrested for election fraud, adds Marler.

A separate testimony submitted by former Houston police officer and private investigator Mark Aguirre corroborates the accusations:

“I have in my possession videotaped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.”

Similar schemes have been exposed in Texas in the past, meaning the infrastructure for fraud is already in place. 

Earlier this year, Harris County Interim Clerk Chris Hollins was sued for sending mail-in ballot applications to everyone, regardless of voter eligibility. Last week, a local GOP ballot security official emailed Hollins to let him know that Harris County was incorrectly training election workers on how to process mail-in ballots.

According to Marler, the law enforcement agencies investigating the scheme will be unable to prosecute crimes until well after the November election. If these schemes are taking place throughout the country, Russian interference is the last thing we need to worry about. 

Author’s Note: This is exactly what Trump has warned us about, though I didn’t expect it to come directly from the Biden campaign. Mail-in voting leaves the nation vulnerable to fraud. And now we have evidence that the Dems are taking advantage of this vulnerability to boost Biden’s chances of winning. Despicable. 


Biden Campaign Operative, Texas State Senator Accused of Mail-in Ballot Fraud

Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County 

Biden’s Texas political director accused of being involved in illegal ballot harvesting 




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  1. Dan Winright

    The dumbocraptic party is the party of chaos and corruption. Obstruction and destruction. So of course CHEATING IS THE DUMBOCRAPTIC CREED.

    • Cynthia Traylor

      And this crook will probably never see the inside of a prison cell

  2. Clarence Turner


  3. Robert Turner

    I agree 100 percent

  4. Steve Ford

    Are we to expect anything different from the leftist Demoncrats. It seems business as usual is the order of the day. In the most fortunate event that we have all three branches turn GOP……..I feel it would be time for the Convention of States to ensue with their fantastic agenda, and to lay in place legislation that would reign in the Democratic Party, and or label them a terrorist organization. Something should be done as this country cannot stand another 4 years of the filth and violence that has come out of the Democratic party. WE THE PEOPLE…..should pack the voting booths on November the 3rd to send a final message to the left that WE are not going to put up with the criminality of the left.

  5. John

    Let’s see vote harvesting, collecting signed ballots and filling them in for the candidate ur working for, discarding ballots filled out in favor of the opposition candidate where have I seen this kind of blatant cheating before? I remember! It was in a federal house race in southern North Carolina in 2018 and it was the republican incumbent at the time he was disqualified had to vacate and a new election had to be called leaving that district unrepresented for nearly a year…I would say the cult of trump has cornered the market on election cheating and fraud. I don’t think this will end til the us is integrated into the Russian federation. Then we can fully enjoy watching political enemies mysteriously falling out of windows shooting themslves in the back being poisoned etc won’t it be great!!! You hypocritical mother fuckers!!!

    • Richard

      Stuff it up your a$$, you hypocritical MF. Democrats are by far the party of voter fraud and have been for many years, hence their opposition to mandatory Voter ID. That would put a significant halt to anyone trying to do this type of thing, regardless of affiliation.

      • Donald King

        You are absolutely correct.

  6. Gary Shaw

    Nothing unusable about this. All the dems know is cheat and scam and scam and cheat!!

  7. Rich

    Poor little Johnie, you’re still soiling your panties over the 2016 election.